Cosori 3.7 QT Air Fryer Review

Among the best kitchen inventions, the air fryer ranks the most efficient as it aims to curb negative health implications associated with traditional oil dipping. This being the case, you can enjoy your deep-fried meals without falling victim to weight and cardiac issues.

While a variety of options are ideal for any shopper, the market abounds with both functional and poor quality fryers. This being the case, it is essential to learn the specs of various sets to figure out the one that best suits your needs.

In this article, I will discuss various features I found outstanding in the Cosori air fryer 1500-watt.

Here, I will delve into issues ranging from but not limited to the capacity of the set, the energy efficiency, speed, and various features that stood out with this air fryer.



  • Cooking: Unlike many air frying sets in the market, the Cosori air fryer ranks among the few that provide for preheating. As such, the fryer takes lesser time to prepare meals while ensuring even cooking of the meals.

While many devices are adopting new features to help gauge the cooking time, I liked the shake reminder employed by the Cosori fryer. As such, you can efficiently time your foods cooking time and prepare meals that are evenly fried.

In addition to this, the fryer features eleven presets which help you select the ideal cooking settings for various meals. Also, I liked the warm function as it allowed to keep food warm for longer (a feature that can be rivaled by few sets in the market).

  • ¬†Wattage: Before delving into the wattage and speed of preparing meals, it is vital to know that wattage does not imply efficiency. However, this means lesser cooking time as the sets emit a substantial amount of warm air.

With a 1500-watt, the Cosori air fryer ranks among the best options you can engage in the market. To maximize the efficiency of this set, you may place meals in the basket to cook at a go.

If the meals vary in cooking time, consider placing them by their cook time, thus preparing many meals at a go. However, I would not recommend this set for a family setting as it limits the amount of food you can cook at a go.

  • Cleaning: Among the significant challenges offered by air fryers, cleaning ranks top on the list. Since the Cosori air fryer was detachable; however, it was easy to clean various parts of the fryer both by hand and using a dishwasher.

Since the air fryer is made of PFOA free material, you are assured that the material won’t chips off and find its way into your food.

While the basket is non-stick, I also applied some oil before placing meals on the basket, thus avoiding any meal from sticking. However, I avoided various soap products as they would react with the interior causing chipping off.

  • Design and interface: As is the nature of Cosori air fryers, the design of the Cosori 3QT Airfryer offers a challenge to most of its counterparts. With basket dimensions of 7. 5×7. 5×3. Five inches, I could easily prepare meals for up to three people without cramping the gadget.

What pleased me with this air fryer, however, was its smaller dimensions as compared to its counterparts. This allows for placement on smaller kitchen countertops and does not limit you from using your countertop efficiently.

However, I recommend placing the fryer near a window to expel the hot air that is emitted as the machine is in use. Also, the basket slides into and out of place easily, allowing you to use the device swiftly.

The automatic switch-off function ensures that your food does not overcook hence preventing mediocre tasting meals. In addition to this, the set does not conduct heat, therefore it does not put your safety at risk of burns.

  • Cookbook: While I have not engaged the cookbook for many meals, it ranks the most comprehensive cookbook among the many I’ve encountered. With a plethora of recipes at your disposal, it is unarguable that Cosori materialized their claims for two meals for each day of the year.
  • Warranty- among the top customer service functions employed by Cosori is the two-year warranty. This prevents you from running into huge losses in case your fryer is damaged. However, it is critical to note that the warranty does not cover damage arising as a result of user negligence.
  • Ease of use- besides having a well-labeled interface, the set has options for the popular cooked meals, thus reducing the need for calculations. As a result of this feature, you can swiftly change between meals and tune your fryer to the required presets.
  • Feature-rich- among the selling points in a Cosori Airfryer 1500-watt review, the features at one’s disposal are what differentiates it from its counterparts. With an auto shut offsetting, a warm and shake reminder, the set offers ample help in ensuring you prepare quality meals.
  • To acquaint myself with various features, I engaged the guide to weigh the options I would employ to better my cooking experience.
  • Non-stick interior- as is the nature with many fryers in the market, you expect to handle chip offs and plastic smell when engaging the sets. With the Cosori fryer, however, you have assured a leisurely cruise without having to handle unpleasant odors or plastic shipping off into your food.
  • Price- with the many features the set offers, it is a surprise it costs less than $100. As such, you need not max your credit cards to purchase an air fryer that suits your needs.
  • Size- The size of this fryer proves a limiting factor in family settings. As such, it is ideal to invest in a broader set for a family exceeding three members.

Editor’s Comment

While some reviews have raised concerns about cooking various meals, I would recommend drying off your food before cooking with the Cosori 3 7 QT Air Fryer. As such, the food gets ample time to cook without having to consume a lot of time.

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