Cougar Life Reviews: My Personal Experience with Cougar Life

Here’s My Personal Experience with cougar Life & What to Expect?

Does the mention of older women whet your appetite? I know, to some extent, younger men are attracted to older women. That is not wrong, provided you play your game within the rules. Dating an older woman can be fulfilling when done in the right way.

Also called cougars, older women can unleash untapped happiness into your life. However, it would be best if you got the right women. The problem always arises when you don’t know the right place to get them. Older women aren’t found along streets or bars. They don’t flirt either. Find them online.

Cougars frequent online sites where they know they can be easily found. Such a place is; cougars life.  The website was established in 2006 with the principal aim of introducing older ladies to young men. The site is impressive, right from the design down to the usage. Not an inch of the site will disappoint you.

Want to know the best part?

There is an app. The app offers similar features as the website but with much easier access. The layout is 100 percent the same.
Besides, the number of women is astonishingly high. So, you can find your match within the shortest time possible.

If you have a thing for curvy older women like I do, well, cougar life is the place for us. The services by this site are one of a kind. That’s why this website is far ahead of its competition.


It takes less than five minutes to have an account. Nothing difficult. You can’t get lost.
What you require is an email you can verify, a user name, and a password.
However, like any other dating site, you need to give your personal information and agree to the terms before gaining access to your account.
The information you give must be genuine. It will help land your matches quickly. For instance, state that you are young men looking for older women and provide reasons for your decision.
There is a small section where you have to write about yourself. It would be best if you gave a solid description. The advantage of cougar life is that you have to write what you are looking for instead of other sites where they have the terminologies to select.
When you specify the age, it makes it easier to find women you are interested in.
You can add your photo as you sign up, though it is not a must. That also applies to the caption or the greeting for your profile.

Cougar life User interface

I find the cougar life website easy to use. The clarity and conciseness of the site are unmatched. It communicates its meaningfulness and function in a precise manner.

What’s the best part?

The rate at which you get feedback is high. That is to say, this site is highly responsive. Once you press a button, it loads at demon speed.
The most outstanding thing is the beauty of the site. It is amazingly built. When you log in, the first thing you get on your dashboard is the pretty faces of the cougars. The stand-out teal and pink colors make the site appealing to the eye. This leaves you with a retro feel.

Profile setting

Setting your profile is the most important thing. After signing up, you might have given some information that is not selling well. It is time to change it. Besides, you might want to add some more photos or additional info. You have that opportunity. Everything is as easy as 1, 2, 3…
Visit the account settings. Locate your profile picture and click on it. It opens up a drop-down box. Find the settings buttons, and click. It opens up the accounts setting as below.
Each of the tabs shown above has some set of information that you will need to update. For instance, you need to verify your email. It is simple. Click on the Accounts tab, then click email verification.
For a quicker way of editing your profile, click on the “my profile” icon on the dashboard and then find a tab labeled “edit your profile.” Besides, on the lower left side is a list of quick links. Click on the “My profile – edit” to customize your profile.

Part of my complete profile appears as below.

The layout of the website makes it possible to give an informative overview of a person. By looking at the profile, you know where the person comes from, age, and body type.

Contact making

The site is well-built to make communication easier, for instance. You can instantly find a date for a night by clicking the “find a date tonight” button on the mid-left side. You can further refine your results to find a match.  Also, you can use the search function to get a partner.

Subscription Pricing

If you want to enjoy older women dating cougar life, you have to upgrade to premium bundles. This offers you unlimited messaging and access to numerous cougars of your liking.  There are three subscription plans.
The site also offers mobile access at a one-time access fee of $5.
The subscription plans above come with benefits, including a premium membership badge, exclusive viewing access, and you become a recommended member, i.e., when a new cougar signs up, you feature in the recommendation list.
The methods you can use to make payments include PayPal and credit card. The credit card statement you get will read CL media.

Cougar life Privacy

When the cougar site was built, it put into many security features. One of the most standouts is privacy settings. You can locate this setting through “My Profile.”

Cougar life Members

The site is well established. This is depicted by a large number of individuals already on the site. Currently, there are over 7 million users, and the number is still growing. This makes it the largest dating site that is dedicated to introducing young men and older women.
In a single month, the site receives up to 600000 thousand visits. Of this number, the United States accounts for 350000 visits.

Unique features

  • Gifts: Other sites have virtual gifts. Cougar life has gifts too. The difference is, you pay for the gifts. For you to send a gift, it means you are interested in the person.
  • Find a date: This a small icon that allows you to find a date on a particular night. The site makes it easier by showing the number of cougars who are in for a date. This is shown in the top left corner. I have none for tonight. Phew!
  • Private photo gallery: This is an exclusive gallery where you store your dear photos. You can only share with those you would like.

What I loved about cougar life

It is open to people from all over the world.
Quick sign up; typically takes less than 5 minutes (one-step registration process)

  • The search function is free.
  • Free users can send flirts and can see member’s profiles and pictures
  • Has a Q and A section
  • You can easily change your profile information.
  • Organized layout
  • The site is full of women looking for sex

What I disliked

Much as the site is lovely, it comes with striking shortcomings. One of them is you cannot save your search filters. You have to set them every time you search. It is a cumbersome process.
Also, the services are costly. Every message you sent, you pay for it. It costs credits to send a message. Without credits, you can only flirt, i.e., send likes. Similarly, if you want to send a gift, it costs you some credits. For example, sending chocolate hearts costs you five credits.
And lastly, there several fake profiles on the site.

How to Delete Cougar Life Account

It is easy to get rid of your account. Click on your profile picture and then locate the account setting button. Click on the account.
You can choose to hide, deactivate or delete your account. Hiding your profile means all your data will be removed from search engine only, but you can return the profile when you need. Your messages and photo will not be removed.
On the other hand, deactivating your account removes your profile from search engines, hides your profile, but you can restore your account by logging in within 24 hours. Your messages and photos will not be removed.
Choosing to delete your account means you are no longer interested in the account. Your data will be entirely wiped from the system.
When you hit the “delete my account” button, you have to give reasons on this page,
When you are done with the reasons, rate the account before clicking the “continue button.”


Cougar life offers unmatched services to its subscribers. Undoubtedly, the site is one of the most frequented by young men who want to get hold of older beautiful ladies. Similarly, older women register and build their profiles in the hope of landing on capable young men.
Notice that older women who register on this site or app are independent. They have their confidence and experience in various spheres of life. As such, they need the best men, men who can take charge. If you build your profile well, you can be that young man.
I find this site amazing. It guarantees results. It is easier to search, though you can’t save your search. The search mechanisms are pretty straightforward. This exposes you to matches with few clicks. However, you have to part with some good amount of money to impress your perfect match.

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