Curse Spells: How to Put A Curse-Spell on Someone You Don’t Like

Do You want to learn how to cast Curse Spells: How to Put A Curse-Spell on Someone You Don’t Like? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide you can do yourself.

There is a curse, there is a curse-spell. Just like prayers, there are a lot of people out there who don’t believe in curses, while those who believe in it easily mistake it for curse-spells. Meanwhile, in a simple term, it is not every spell that can be regarded as a curse-spell; but once anything is called a curse-spell, then it is a spell. Don’t get confused yet, I’ll explain further.

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What Does a Curse Spell Mean?

How To Surprise My Boyfriend For No ReasonThough people mistake a curse for a curse-spell because of their synonymity, yet there is an undiscardable thick line between a curse and a curse-spell. In fact, by the time you understand the vital difference between these two powerful words, you will realize how deadly and dangerous it is to mistake one for another.

I will start by making you understand that a curse, which is just a strong bad wish ordinarily pronounced onto someone, can be easily escaped or bypassed by the cursed person even without taking any effort against it. What this means, in a nutshell, is that an ordinary curse may not come to pass on the person being cursed. But on the other hand, a curse-spell, which is habitually backed up by some spiritual powers, usually sticks to the person the curse-spell is being placed on. What I mean in essence is that a curse spell is the catalyzed, tougher, stronger, spiritually inclined, and the certainly effective version of an ordinary curse.

Now that you know the meanings of the two terms, and of course the difference between them; you may be wondering if it is possible for you as a common man to actually place a curse-spell on someone, as you’ve already been informed that it involves invoking of spirits.

Who Can Place a Curse-Spell?

How to Cast a FREE Wicca Protection Spells From EnemiesHistorically, there is a mythical belief that; before you can place a curse-spell, you must be a wizard, you must be into witchcraft, it is compulsory you are a sorcerer, or you must be a warlock. This is not only misleading, but also authoritatively false. You can be none of these occultists and still place a potent and strongly effective curse-spell on anyone who bullies you. As long as you are a human being and can speak with your mouth, you are quite good to go ahead and rain a curse-spell on that person threatening your peace, by following some simple steps.

Steps Involved in Placing a Curse-Spell on Someone

Learn in [9 SIMPLE STEPS] How To Cast a Love Spell on Someone For Free.The quick reminder I have for you before we proceed is that; do not forget that placing a curse-spell on someone is beyond the natural, it is beyond the physical realm which means it involves the unseen spirits – it is spiritual. There is no much reason for you to be scared, by the way, you just must be careful while performing the occultist act in these few and effective steps:

  • If you already have the intuitive thought that placing a curse-spell on someone will be best done at midnight, then you’re right. Every step must be carried out in the middle of the night when almost everywhere is silent, and when darkness has taken over your part of the earth. Sit on your bed, floor or any plain surface to form something like a letter L in a dark room, then pronounce the statement; “evil live evil” again and again for over a minute. Now that the process has begun, view in your mind, the picture of the person you want to place the curse-spell on until he/she appears to your inner eyes.
  • Immediately you can see the image of this person you intend to punish, visualize a brutal incident on him/her. For instance, visually imagine him being crushed to death by a truck or oversee him in a pool of blood after a terrible accident – just any form of punishment you want for such a person. Remember you’re not alone at that moment as there will be spirits working via your mind from the moment you pronounced the statement up there, so if you don’t want the person to die in real life, don’t visualize death because this is no joke and shouldn’t be taken as one.
  • The next thing you do is to rejoice in your mind, over the agony of the person for a couple of minutes. During this moment, the spirits that are with you in the darkroom will be preparing the harm done in your mind into real life. The more you rejoice in your mind, the more effective the result you get in real life.
  • To crown the process and perfect everything, summon the unseen powers of the darkness by whispering this affirmative statement; “powers of the darkness, complete this! Mulkrin, you have done your work”. Then maintain a perfect silence for like a minute, and make sure you want to sincerely punish the person, then await the evil.

The name “Mulkrin” you mentioned in the last affirmative statement is beyond an ordinary name. It is the name of a globally known occultist Damien Mulkrin, who is famous for his evil doings. Mulkrin is not an ordinary person but a paranormal professional who people refer to as the “Devil Incarnate”. His name has been haunted that at the mention of the name, the spirits of the darkness are triggered, and they listen, hence the need for it.

Why Place a Curse-Spell on Someone?

Free Psychic Question Answered Immediately No Credit CardYou may be wondering; of what use is the curse-spell when it is obviously a bad thing? Let me quickly let you know that there are a lot of useful things in the world that are equally bad things if viewed from another point of view, or when used in the wrong way. A very typical example is fire – we are all aware of the usefulness of fire to human yet how destructive it can be sometimes.

I think you should be able to reason along with me now if I say there are tons of reasons you need to place a curse-spell on someone. There are several relatable situations whereby some people will indirectly bargain for a curse-spell from you. In such a situation, all you need to do is to release the full wrath of curse-spell on them because not everyone deserves your mercy.

Looking beyond the globally preached moral of patience, the undeniable truth is that the only thing that truly makes one happy when one is being cheated, terrorized, tormented, or bullied by a superior person whom one has no physical power to conquer, is nothing but vengeance. Yes, the psychologists confirmed that when you revenge an evil done to you, or avenge the unfair act done to your loved one, it relieves the pain you feel to an extent. How do you revenge or avenge when your tormentor is above and beyond your physical reach? Well, the usefulness of curse-spell comes in.

There is a scenario of two friends, one has a job while the other did not. The one that had a job tried all he could to convince his bosses to employ his friend which he successfully did. The friend resumed and started earning, of course, his poverty story changed.

Few weeks into the job, he began to plot a graph on how his friend who helped him to get the job would be sacked, just because he was feeling inferior whenever he saw him as a senior at work. Well, he successfully got him trapped and implicated which resulted in the helper’s joblessness. Position yourself as the friend who helped the other friend, are you not thinking of casting a curse-spell on him already?

The Possible Risks of Casting Curse-Spell

51 Mind-Blowing Signs and Symptoms that Reveal Your Psychic Abilities and Here's How to Awake themEither good or bad, everything we do on earth comes with one risk or the other, even to be alive is a risk. There are always some risks associated with every spell, therefore curse-spells too have their own risks.

  • Though the spirits of the dark works with one’s mind but they as well consider what you profess with your mouth, so it is risky to make mistakes of saying one thing when you mean another. This can lead to harming the wrong person.
  • The risk of the curse-spell back-firing. In a case where the person you want to curse has control over the spirits, or he/she is well grounded spiritually, you stand the chance of harming yourself instead of him/her. So, you have to be aware of the spiritual level of the person you’re dealing with.
  • The risk of failure. There are tendencies for you to miss a step or more in the process of carrying out the spell, or you pronounce the affirmative statements wrongly, this can lead to its failure. The best thing is to learn the process very well before you dive into practicing it.

Taking all the necessary precautions into account is frankly advised, as some curse-spells cannot be revoked or undone after an error has been committed due to negligence.


There is an African proverb that says; “If you decide not to do evil again, those who want it won’t let you rest”. Letting your enemies go unpunished is an invitation letter for him to harm you again. There are times when karma will fail to avenge for you, so you need you to help you out.

Stand for yourself and use what you must punish the wicked ones who seem unquestionable in their wickedness. It is obvious that some people deserve whatever evil revenge that befalls them.

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