CyberSecurity Engineering: What You Need to Know  

As the future shifts towards the internet of things, the risk of cyberattacks is high. As such, cybersecurity engineering is essential to learn to prevent cybercrime.

Although businesses are the most vulnerable, individuals are not immune to cyber-attacks.

Beside exposing one to the financial crisis, a cyber-attack can publicize confidential data.

In this article, we delve into cyber security and the best method of approach.

Before plunging into the topic, it is critical to define cybersecurity engineering.

What is cybersecurity engineering?

Cybersecurity Engineering is the development of systems to protect computer systems sustaining a network.

As such, the degree readies students to maneuver complex network models.

Given the nature of its units, the course is ideal for students that are strong in math and sciences.

By studying cybersecurity engineering, students get various skills as listed below:

  • Researching and developing solutions to matters affecting networks.
  • Developing mathematical algorithms to avert threats across the cyberspace
  • Assessing systems for vulnerabilities and anomalies
  • Auditing network connections and security systems
  • Inspecting the sustaining code for programs and fixing glitches that hackers may exploit.
  • Installation and configuration of network security architecture.

How marketable is cybersecurity engineering?

Given the primacy of networks in implementing the IoT, cybersecurity ranks among the most marketable skills.

With the rising risk, it will be paramount for companies to have security protocols.

As such, the demand for skilled cyber security architects is projected to increase. Owing to the limited number of data security engineers; there is a vast void to fill.

The scarcity of data specialists, in turn, brings a high demand with huge salaries. This being the case, cyber security engineering ranks the most marketable now than ever.

Why is cybersecurity engineering necessary?

Increased hack reports

While some cases go unreported, there are tons of amounts of news available.

For instance, tech-giants have suffered massive blows on their reputation due to hacking.

Given the risk of cyber-attacks, it is critical to learn how to shield yourself from data breaches. Among the many options, CSE proves a surefire method to keep cyber threats at bay.

Besides learning how to prevent data breaches, the course teaches trending hacking tactics. By learning the tactics of hackers, you can proof yourself from hacking attempts.

Industry regulations

Given the impact of attacks, regulating bodies insist that companies adapt control protocols. This move will avert huge losses and help to create a conducive environment for business.

The high cost of data breaches

With a predicted loss of $2 trillion in 2019, companies are in hot pursuit of data security engineers. Despite the enormous demand, the supply of cybersecurity engineers is low.

As such, cybersecurity engineering ranks among the marketable career options in 2019. A testament to the need for professionals is high salaries and vacant positions. Among the attacks that made headlines include:

  • The Epsilon breach ranks among top attacks which hit powerhouses and cost a whopping $4 billion.
  • In 2017, the Equifax security breach made news as the hackers made away with the personal data to 145 people.
  • The 2012 attack on yahoo which exposed the credentials of more than 453000 user accounts.

Cybersecurity engineer careers and salaries

According to Glassdoor, the annual wages for certified cybersecurity engineers is $129,847. However, this figure varies depending on the field of specialization.

The salaries for each category in cybersecurity narrow down as follows.

  • A cybersecurity analyst makes an average of $80K.
  • An information security analyst attracts a pay of $ 81K.
  • An information security engineer makes $ 114K.
  • Network security engineers rank second with an annual estimate of $83K.
  • Cybersecurity engineers take in an average salary of $170k yearly
  • Lead software security engineers top the list with a pay of $230k on average.

Role of cybersecurity engineers

Before plunging into cybersecurity engineering, it is essential to grasp their responsibilities. Among the roles network security specialists play include:

  • Configuring secure network connections
  • Developing and implementing cloud-based security systems.
  • Assessing systems for vulnerabilities and anomalies
  • Auditing network connections and security systems
  • Inspecting code that sustains programs for glitches that hackers may exploit.
  • Cooperating with the security department to define security protocols.
  • Educating fellow employees on secure networking protocols.
  • Updates and administration of high-level security plans for in-house security infrastructures.
  • Identification of threats and development of suitable defense measures to avert the dangers.
  • Management of the security response team
  • Installation and configuration of network security architectures. These may include firewalls, router ACLs, web content filters, and Demilitarized Zones.
  • Observing and responding to Intrusion Detection System (IDS) cues and anti-virus alerts.

Cybersecurity engineer requirements

To qualify for a cybersecurity engineering job, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Enough experience in threat recognition and development of security protocols.
  • Ability to familiarize with updated security protocols and update existent systems.
  • Skill in various programming languages.
  • You must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer engineering/science.
  • Knowledge in data protection trends and security protocol implementation. This may include taking subsequent classes to maximize the security of networking infrastructure.
  • A proper grasp of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model and well-known ports.
  • One of five potential security-related certifications. Alternatively, you should have the capacity to get a Public Trust security.
  • Mastery of networking with the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack
  • Strong attention to detail with an analytical approach and outstanding problem-solving ability.
  • Experience with Firewalls (functionality and maintenance), Office 365 Security, VSX, and Endpoint Security.

The future of cybersecurity engineering jobs

With the application of networking to business models and gadget automation, the need for cybersecurity personnel is projected to rise. As such, it is the ideal time to study cybersecurity to gain a place in the increasing market.

Trends in cybercrime management GDPR (general data protection regulation)

To achieve a safer business environment, the EU established the GDPR. This regulation requires businesses established in the EU to adopt a cybersecurity plan. Although many companies are non-compliant, this move holds a promising future for adoption.

Cloud security

Since its start, cloud storage has gained a big market and changed business operation. Owing to its success, cloud storage ranks the most vulnerable to attacks.

As such, companies are bound to create security protocols that govern cloud storage. This will avert security threats and make the data on the cloud secure against hackers.

Online schools for cybersecurity engineering

While a degree is a testimony of your skill, many graduates wind up performing under the employer’s expectations. As such, employees now award more primacy to skills as opposed to the papers.

This being the case, one can gain certification and reach their ideals in the job market. Among the plethora of online schools, however, few offer quality skills updated to meet the market needs.

As such, recognizing the right institution for cybersecurity education is critical. Among the many options, these rank the best online destinations for data security engineering.

1)     George Mason University- Virginia

cyber security GMU

Cybersecurity GMU not only bears a considerable pass out rate but also delves deep into data security. Given the quality of their graduates, the university assures you quality study focused on current issues.

To ensure that students are equipped for the job market, their courses encompass of:

  • Modern Telecommunications
  • Database Fundamentals
  • IT in the Global Economy
  • Information Security Fundamentals

2)     Colorado Technical University

colorado technical university: cybersecurity engineering

Being a leader in matters Information Technology, the CTU proves an ideal place to study cybersecurity engineering online. Like the former, the course delves into current data threats and methods to avert them.

As such, graduates can comfortably navigate the data security arena ad come up with working solutions. With 51 general education credits, 88 hours in core computer science and 44 cybersecurity core hours, graduates can acquaint themselves with data security.

The course also encompasses communication skills to ensure better communication in the job market. This unit helps students better express their ideas, thus performing optimally in their fields.

Unlike its counterparts, this course is a cauldron of various data units. By mastering each data unit, graduates can work with any network and fix glitches that can be targeted by hackers.

Proof of its quality, the course outcomes for this program are aligned with ABET educational standards.



Cybrary is another excellent option to study cybersecurity online. By infusing theory with practicals on an online lab, this course gears students in the right trajectory for success.

Unlike its counterparts, this course takes up to six months if you adhere to 10-hour study sessions daily. Like cybersecurity GMU, the Cybrary pass out is relatively high, thus assuring students to score a chance at the job market.


With the future geared towards the (IoT) Internet of things, much has to change in data security.

This being the case, acquiring a cybersecurity engineering certification is a significant plus. Cisco, CompTIA, are ideal options for introduction to the cyber realm.

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