Dating an Aries Man: Are You the Right Companion?

How everybody approaches love is different. But for an Aries man, it’s love at another level. Be ready for surprises and unique moves.

An Aries guy [1] never stays still. He is always doing something.

Therefore, he needs a partner who has similar capacity: innovative, adventurous, and can keep the flame burning for the longest time possible.

Does dating an Aries man sound difficult? Well, how committed are you? Also, can you cope with his pace?

That said, you need to have special features to fit such a profile.

Let’s explore the truth about dating these unique people and how to keep them close.

The truth about dating an Aries man

Desirable traits of an Aries man to a Capricorn woman
Complicated, passionate, and dedicated are the three words to keep in mind when you approach these guys. They’ll turn upside down your romantic life, which implies an unforgettable experience.

Here are core things you need to know.

Life will never be boring again

These guys are always on the move. Something must occupy them. Staying still isn’t part of their DNA. This makes their life fun and well planned. On your part, you need to keep up the pace and communicate openly – it keeps the situation comfortable and fresh.

They need to be assessed

Much as these guys are egotistical, they need to be told when they are doing something right. This gives them the confidence to keep the flame burning.

If you are the type of lady who likes keeping thing to yourself, you might find this a bit challenging. The easiest way out is always to say a simple thank you, especially when he goes out of his way to do something great. Can you buy him a gift, let’s say, flowers?

Such an action signifies that you care, and since they are passionate people, it will make them happy.

They get restless too quickly

Getting antsy is normal to an Arian man. This makes them very active members of society. You need to be cautious to keep him happy.

For instance, if you are watching TV shows, he gets irritated quickly. So, give him a few hours on TV then head out for a walk. You can even go for a hike.

Adventurous life

Dating an Aries man means you’ll spend most of your time on spontaneous adventures. Aries men love outdoors.

They prefer hanging outside the house with the people they love. They never plan. It comes about spontaneously. If you date them, do not hesitate to bring about people when you are outdoors. This makes him happy.

With the right partner, they love for life.

Finding the right person to hang out with can be very difficult. But, once they stumble on the right woman, they prefer long term stints.

While the majority of men find causal dating as a great past time (Aries men included) but these guys like honesty, dedication and making things work.


Perhaps this is a feature that ladies like the most. An Aries man is critically loyal to those he loves. They like to involve loved ones in their life activities. However, getting into their inner circle can be difficult if they do not trust you.

If you fall in the hands of these guys, they expect a similar measure of loyalty from you. You need to be honest with them.

Accept his friends as they are as a family to him.

They work hard and smart

An Aries man is a workaholic. The reason for this is that they want to be the best. They are always motivated to give smarter results at every activity they participate in. Remember, an Aries man needs recognition.

When you are dating an Aries man, expect him to work long hours. Moreover, he’ll be stressed and agitated at times, but he will always think about you. He puts the same passionate efforts in his relationship.

Many ladies might find the workaholic nature of Arians as a turnoff point in their life. Advice is, take it as their strongest point –unique personality.

Aries men are straightforward

If an Aries man is not interested in what you are saying or in you, he will not waste your time. If he isn’t passionate, he lives.

He likes living his life to the absolute fullest. That implies if he is dating you, play along.

If you try to change the situations, you’ll be straining him, and this won’t end up on the good note.

Always remember that spontaneous, adventurous, and open-minded people at times need their time alone. Be ready to offer this valued time to him. Give them this personal space to do what they need to do when alone. If you nag them, they get angry quickly because patience isn’t part of their life.

Best practices on dating an Aries man

Cardinal point to put in mind is that the Aries man loves to lead. Do you know what their symbol is? A ram. This gives them the motivation to grab every opportunity by the horn without a second thought. That makes them action-oriented individuals.

As a woman, you need to match up to such character to be able to satisfy these demanding guys. For ladies, being high in energy and following how they move is the best move.

That said, let’s see how a woman can win over these restless rams.

Be confident about your ideas

Arians are confident. So, they need women who are confident about what they say. Those who believe in their mental abilities to do something. Shying away from issues or dismissing them without finding a conclusive answer is a turnoff point in the life of an Arian.

Take care not to be overconfident. This so in cases where you might be tempted to overlook other people’s idea or look down upon them. This will cast doubt on their decision to love you.

Be innocent but attractive

The most desirable character that Arians look for in a woman is innocence, but sexy. Does that sound contradictory?

It is in every woman’s character to dress well. At times, men get jealousy when their women are admired. This can create a serious problem.

Keep your emotional or mushy side only for him. Dress well when you are going out with him, but this is to impress him alone.

Be open-minded

The truth is, some women have a closed up mentality. They see solutions to problems from one direction only. Arians are spontaneous and adventurous. When you date them be ready for innovations.

Thrills and adventures will come your way either expectedly or unexpectedly. If you love the outdoors more, then you’ll be a perfect match for this type of guy.

Turning such activities down can have a significant impact on your relationship.

Managing tempers

An Aries man is easily irritated and has an explosive temper. More so, he likes things his ways. The best part is much as his anger is explosive; it is short-lived. Such a man needs a woman who can manage this temper.

The best way to achieve this is by being able to manage his expectations accordingly. Remember his tempers is short-lived, so do not bear grudges against him. He forgets what he did to you quickly.

Always resolve issues by talking about. Understand his personality and try to work with it.

State and show your loyalty

An Aries man is a sincere, loyal, and dedicated man. If you date him, he expects you to give him what he is giving you in equally measures or even more. Any signs of deceptions in a core recipe for him leaving you. So while dating an Aries man, you need to be open with him. All the time, show him that you are on his side. Do it genuinely.

Remember, he cannot tolerate what doesn’t interest him.

Do not be possessive and conditional

Laying down conditions can be a great way to ruin a relationship. Being possessive can indicate how concerned you are about your partner. With Arians, this can create a rift if it is overly done.

They love their personal space.

These guys like outdoors, and if they are in a relationship with you, they truly are dedicated to you. If you try to doubt it, they feel bad and may find someone who appreciates their nature.


Dating an Aries man is, without a doubt, a fascinating thing. You will have a life full of new ideas –never boring. You will walk places you’ve never walked. However, the rule is, you must have high levels of energy to tag along always.

If you are a sports person, you like hiking or any outdoor adventures, count yourself a perfect match with Arians. They love outdoors and numerous friends.

If you are lucky, he will let you into his inner circle, and here is where the best relationship thrives. Keep in mind that these individual are born leaders. If you have a similar characteristic, it might be a problem. Contradicting him can lead to the collapse of the relationship.

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