Difference between a Cold Press Juicer & A Normal Juicer?

When you’re used to purchasing fruit juice from the store, finding the best juicer can be a bit difficult.

Many of them are perfect at making vitamin-packed healthy drinks, and others are best at serving up dips and combinations. Here are two major types of juicers a cold press and a normal one.

We’re going to tell you through the differences and similarities between a cold press juicer and a normal juicer to ensure you make the right choice.

Which is the best cold press juicer or a normal juicer?

Cold press juicers

Cold press juicers run somewhat differently than their normal equivalents. You may have to chop the fruit first, but cold press juicers gradually press fruit with excellent progress.

And You can have to stay further, but the slower method indicates that cold press juicers will remove more materials. So, fewer nutrients are going to be wasted.

The terms of nutrients, cold press, juicers are cold for a purpose. Owing to heat and degradation, enzymes and vitamins in juice break down even quicker.

The cold press juice is expected to be further nutritious and has a higher life span. You’re also going to get a delightfully appealing opaque hue that allows you to want to step deeper in.

That’s important to note that cold press juicers can produce more from leafy materials like kale, which you can quickly recognize from the strong, bright look of your juice.


  • Most of the nutrients
  • the slightly darker color in juicing
  • Hardly any juice, just plain juice
  • Collects more juice from the crushing process
  • Relatively silent can be used without upsetting the housemates.
  • Less pulp than a normal juicer
  • May split nuts to produce nut milk


  • Typically, more costly
  • It takes longer to make a similar volume of juice.
  • Prepping: the ingredients must be cut into small parts to be extracted.

Normal juicer

This is nice to have a normal juicer in your kitchen while you’re in a hurry to go out. One of the main advantages is that there is practically no planning time required.

Although normal juicers have a fast-spinning blade, you don’t need to rely on cutting materials. Most of them are strong sufficient to juice the whole apple!

Although these juicers quickly cut the ingredients instead of processing them, they’re even quicker than cold press juicers.

They’re simpler to wash, too. Many normal juicers feature removable protected sections of the dishwasher, while the pulp is also routed through an easy-to-clean micro-sieve. So, there was no washing required.


  • Quick production of juice
  • Typically, the price is lower
  • Reliable: You don’t have to dig fruit and vegetables to get into the machine.


  • Speed creates heat and a lack of nutrients
  • As noisy as a machine
  • Returns a substantial volume of pulp
  • Hard to disinfect, food is trapped in a mesh filter over a period.
  • This generates quite a piece of juice foam at the tip.
  • Not just as practical juicing greens
  • Unable to manage nuts


Select the correct juicer is all about understanding what features and advantages each juicer has. If you make a lot of juice rather than a simple glass, check for the ability. Many juicers have a half-liter volume, but much larger juicers can yield up to 2 liters.

If the cleaning method is your greatest hang-up, select a healthy dishwasher juicer. It will spare you bags of time to clean pulp, and you’ll be abler to adhere to your natural juice routine.

Some juicers have a pre-clean feature that operates by dumping water in. This extracts stains from the cap, and the edges of the juicer make washing simpler.

Also, search for the extraction rate to stop losing so many of these beautiful materials. A cold press juicer or a normal juicer will extract more than 80% of the juice from the components.

They can be a little significantly more expensive; they will save you money over the long term. We hope you’ve considered this article to be incredibly beneficial.

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