How to Disassemble a Norelco Shaver in 5 Simple Steps

How to disassemble a Norelco shaver

There is an increasing number of people who feel satisfied with Norelco shavers. As one of the best products today, they are very easy to re-charge and clean. However, you may find some difficulties when using the battery, especially replacing the shaver batteries since they are originally soldered to the control board. This is the factory setting.

Please follow the steps below to remove the heads of the shaver, as well as the cover.

1. Separate the shaver razor and the charging base, or you can have the cord unplugged from the shaver razor. Press the release button at the head and have the head open.

2. Have the bracket, the locking one, turned to the right. You can find the bracket near a frame that protects the razor from the head. Has the frame separated from the razor and bracket lifted?

3. Have the razor head lifted one by one and watch carefully their origin place. Have the head flipped one by one, so you can have the head separated with the cutter.

4. Now, look at the Torx screws and move both of them using a screwdriver on the razor side. Next, have the razor turned over so you can get the head facing down.

5. Use your fingers to lift the cover. In some products, you may find extra screws near the razorback, which is commonly called rubber backing. It is originally attached to the product. You need to pry the backing off using a special screwdriver. When dealing with these products, you need to use a Philips screwdriver with 4 heads, not the ordinary driver, which only has 2 screws.


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