How to Disassemble a Norelco Shaver in 5 Simple Steps

As one of the ideal items today, they are really simple to re-charge and also tidy. You might locate some troubles when making use of the battery, specifically changing the electric razor batteries because they are initially soldered to the control board.

1. Different the electric shaver razor as well as the billing base, or you can have the cable disconnected from the electric shaver razor. Press the launch switch ahead as well as have the head open.

Have the brace, the securing one, transformed to the. You can discover the brace near a framework that safeguards the razor from the head.

3. Have the razor head raised one at a time as well as view thoroughly their beginning area. Have the head turned one at a time, so you can have the head divided with the cutter.

4. Currently, consider the Torx screws as well as relocate both of them making use of a screwdriver on the razor side. Next off, have the razor passed on so you can obtain the head encountering down.

Utilize your fingers to raise the cover. In some items, you might locate additional screws near the razorback, which is generally called rubber support. You require to tear the support off utilizing an unique screwdriver.

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