Do Paralegals Go to Court With Lawyers?

A review on whether do paralegals go to court with lawyers

You must be wondering on whether Do paralegals go to court with lawyers. The answer is yes, paralegals do go to courts with lawyers and attorneys.

A lawyer will be assisting a paralegal in structuring their various affairs so that they can end up accomplishing the goals they have set.

Generally, paralegals should consider seeking the help of a lawyer, his advice and opinion in case you are having any legal question, a problem or a plan.

A lawyer can assist you when you are having a short question which you need to ask or a small task which you need to do.

There is no necessity of hiring a lawyer for a period which is long or extended and will not have to wait until you get a problem so that you can consider contacting a lawyer.

A lawyer will be helpful in the provision of legal assistance about the various particular positions options.

He will be negotiating with different people on your behalf and will also be advising you on your legal responsibilities and rights.


Situations where the lawyer is helpful

Lawyers will help provide assistance and valuable information in very many situations. Do paralegals go to court with lawyers? They work hand in hand with paralegals.

Some of the situations will be including when there is a need for expanding your business. When you are running a business which needs clear definition, seek advice. There is a need for preparing the will or in case you need advice concerning tax planning.

A lawyer will be useful in advising you concerning the legal consequences of getting into any relationship with anyone including business partnership and marriage. A lawyer can assist you if you are planning on selling or buying a house.

You should contact a lawyer in case you feel your marriage is ending when a person does a mistake which results in an accident or even in a situation whereby you have been charged with a crime.

Besides, you can seek their intervention when you unfairly lose your job or in case there is a family member you dies and you need to demand of his pension fees.

There is also the necessity of contacting a lawyer in a case whereby you are being involved in a lawsuit or when not feeling comfortable with paperwork which a person needs you to sign.


Situations where paralegal will be helpful

Paralegals are licensed by the law societies in their various cities and countries.

They are permitted only to provide various legal services and presenting persons in the following areas:

  •  Claiming on small issues which involves Court litigation
  • Traffic offenses and any other kind of offenses which are under the Provincial Offences Act that are often heard in Provision Offences Court.
  • Small criminal charges which are under Criminal Code whereby the maximum penalty is not exceeding imprisonment for six months and those that are mostly heard in Court of Justice.
  • Statutory Accident Advantages claiming which are covered in the Insurance Act for many minor injuries because of accidents resulting from motor vehicles.
  • Hearings which are done before administrative boards and administrative tribunals which are including Tenant Board and Landlord, Insurance, and Board and Workplace Safety.

The Paralegal Association is the greatest professional association of the licensed paralegals. Its mandate involves presenting the paralegal’s interests in all provinces. Role of paralegals


Types of paralegals

They are two types of paralegals who are in existence. They include:

  • When paralegal is choosing to get into corporate work, the major issue will be preparing documents including shareholder agreement. Stock options, financial statement, and employment contracts. The paralegal will be useful in reviewing government regulations, reading legal journals and researching on law publications. Majority of paralegal work is usually accomplished while people are outside the courtroom unless the client is being involved in a lawsuit which is connected to various corporate matters.
  • Litigation paralegals are known for reviewing client information to help in ensuring accuracy, researching past similar cases and also sorting evidence documentation which will normally be used in courtroom trials and legal hearings of paralegals work.

Various kinds of paralegals are involved in doing extensive work. Litigation paralegal is mostly involved in preparing a case when it is going to the court.

A paralegal is very necessary when supporting an individual to an attorney since she or he is the one carrying out all kinds of background work involving any case and all kinds of trials.

She or he could be involved in reviewing the questions which may be asked and what the reply of the witness should be.

She or he could also be asked to stay back with the witness until they are called to give out the witness.

Major reason for a paralegal to help the attorney is because of her or his intimate wisdom on the case. They can end up presenting various perspectives to the present attorney which could be closer to jurors reaction as the reaction is moving on.


Paralegals’ Roles and Duties

Litigation paralegal will be going through various documents to help in evaluating and analyzing various facts to help in determining the validity and relevance of the presented evidence. This is done through the removal of all kinds of evidence and retention of only the relevant information in a given case.

While they will possess an analytical and sharp mind, there will be a need for a litigation paralegal to have increased interpersonal skills which will assist attorneys with various negotiation strategies and in searching for facts as well as communicating with clients who are stressed.


Situations to handle yourself

Not all the present legal situations are requiring the lawyer’s assistance or any paralegal. For instance, you may consider going to traffic court or else go to Small Claims Court. They are also negotiating a small apartment lease on their own. When the situation ends up becoming worse or more complicated, the lawsuit value becomes very important. It is therefore advisable to consider contacting a paralegal or lawyer who will be willing to give you advice or assistance which will greatly help you.



Your question on whether do paralegals go to court with lawyers is now answered. It’s now upon you to consider who to work with.

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