Do Personal Injury Lawyers Always Win?

One mistake people often make is assuming good lawyers never lose cases.

When you are looking for a lawyer, there are important points to keep in mind:  even the best lawyer cannot win every case, and even the best lawyer cannot guarantee he will win your case.

However, there is much you can do to increase your chance of a successful outcome.

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Cooperate With Your Attorney

The answer to the question “Do personal injury lawyers always win?” is no, but cooperation is essential if you want to win.

One of the easiest ways to cooperate is to always be honest with your lawyer.  Provide all the facts and information he asks for, and never withhold information.  Even if you find certain questions intrusive or embarrassing, truthfulness is essential when you want to win your case.


Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

A lawyer who is experienced in personal injury lawyer knows what clients should and should not do.  Instead of attempting to second-guess your attorney, simply follow his advice.  Examples may include not talking to insurance agents or other people about your injuries, not trying to obtain evidence on your own, or not giving information to anyone without your lawyer’s approval.

Following his advice can prevent mistakes that could sabotage your case.  Your lawyer is the expert, and there are reasons for everything he says.


Communication Is A Key To A Successful Personal Injury Case

When you want results, you need good communication with your lawyer.  While you should not bother him with trivial questions or comments, nor expect him to be available 24/7 to answer your calls, your lawyer should be willing to communicate with you when you have an important question or concern.

The partnership between you and your attorney should work both ways.  You should be willing to respond to calls or emails in a timely manner or schedule a visit when he wants to see you in person.

Even if you have a busy life, or are recovering from your injuries, a prompt response can mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

He would not be trying to contact you unless there was an important reason.


Be Interested In Your Case

While some clients make the mistake of constantly pestering their lawyers for information, others sit back and do nothing at all.  Neither of these approaches is helpful.

While you should not take up your lawyer’s time when it is unnecessary, you should also not act as if you are not interested in your case.

When you decide to hire a lawyer, it is the ideal time to ask questions.

Based on his experiences with similar cases, he can provide all the information you need about your particular situation.


Benefit From A Personal Injury Lawyer

Some personal injury cases are settled out of court, while others are taken to court.  Whichever option your lawyer advises is in your best interest.

In some instances, out of court settlements are the best options because you will receive compensation.

You do not need to worry about losing the case entirely.  However, the settlement you are offered may not necessarily be fair.

Your lawyer may want to take it to court so you receive what you actually deserve.

This is one topic on which you should rely on your lawyer and his expertise.

While there are many reasons to hire a personal injury attorney, his experience is one of the most important reasons.  It is sensible to allow your lawyer to make this decision.


Have You Chosen The Right Attorney?

Your question “Do personal injury lawyers always win?” is one key to choosing a good lawyer.  Your lawyer may express an opinion based on similar cases and details of your case, but he cannot guarantee a win.


There are additional keys to selecting the right attorney:

  • Ask for information about his qualifications, experience, and record with similar cases.  A good attorney will not hesitate to provide this information, but you should feel free to verify it through other resources.  You can check online reviews and testimonials, and attorney profiles.  If you know anyone who has worked with this lawyer in the past, you can ask them about their experiences.
  • Your lawyer should be interested in you, and interested in your case.  You want to know he will actively work on your case, and not delegate much of it to paralegals or partners in his law firm.  If you have found a good lawyer, his interest will be clear during your first consultation.  Instead of dismissing your concerns and questions, he will provide straightforward answers and advice.
  • Your attorney should inspire confidence and trust.  When you hire a personal injury lawyer, it is more than asking someone to do a job for you.  A lawyer who puts his best efforts into winning your case will make a huge impact on your life.  It can mean the difference between a healthy, financially-secure future, and coping with the effects of injuries with no help at all.  When you know you can trust your lawyer, you will not hesitate to give him all the information he needs and follow his advice.
  • Good lawyers are straightforward about their fees.  Some of the best personal injury lawyers accept cases on a contingency basis.  You will only pay your attorney if he wins the case.  This can make your personal injury lawsuit a less stressful experience.

Personal injury lawyers do not always win.  There are too many factors involved for a lawyer to know the outcome in advance.

This does not mean you should hesitate in hiring a lawyer, or worry about the financial cost if your case is not successful.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, it can greatly increase your chance of a successful outcome.  You can appreciate your lawyer’s hard work, and feel optimistic about your future.


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