Do You Want to Be a Live-In Sugar Baby? Why?

Live-in sugar baby  is more and more popluar. It’s a new kind of sugar babies. Why there are many grils want to be Live-in sugar baby ? Let’s find out:
Live-in sugar baby
Answer 1:
I would enjoy being a live in sugar baby! I mean, yes I do have my own place, but there’s something nice about sleeping next to someone and waking up with them and cooking for more than one person. That being said, there are difficulties with co habitating and I’m sure schedules would be hectic, but there are scenarios in which it wouldn’t be a bad situation to be in.
Answer 2:
I would love to be a live-in sugar baby! Somewhere I have this maternal instinct that needs to be taken care of every now and then and live in will be the perfect way to do that…I love cooking and cuddling at night- after nasty, amazing sex of course- and listen to people about their work, hopes an dreams, fears and likes..listen to songs or just dance together to no music or just look at stars lying in each other’s arms. Universe never disappoints.
Answer 3:
I wouldn’t be opposed to being a live-in sugar baby! I know how to keep things fun and I always have good surprises. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a beautiful woman that can take your mind off of the craziness in the world? Good nights with good fun can make anyone happy! I want that in my life and a wonderful sugar daddy could make all of that enjoyable.
Answer 4:
I wouldn’t mind staying a few nights or even a week but as far as everything goes u never know it just depends on what we have going for each other an how deep are connection is . I’m always down for anything and everything 😘 if he makes me happy enough I’d probably do anything for him I’d take care of all the wife duties daddy needs and if staying with him is one of them well looks like I’m in business 💚
Answer 5:
I would love to live with a daddy, but I need to learn how to live on my own as well. It’s kind of a fantasy to live as a boy toy in a daddy’s house, but we need to be practical and understand that I can’t live my life in that way forever. I would definitely give it a shot if asked, but I would never ask to live with a daddy myself. I try to live with a level head.
Answer 6:
I’m a little 50/50 on this one. I would love to be a live in sugar baby IF I could still work and have my own life. I also think maybe a sugar daddy could turn into a real relationship.. maybe? That would be sweet 😇🌸 I would say no to the living arrangements if I wasn’t able to keep working and maybe even see guys on the side IF the daddy didn’t want a serious relationship.
Answer 7:
Not ideal. I just have a kid and don’t want him in the mix but i would have no issue with my sd getting me a place then coming over or visiting me sometimes. Id love that I don’t have a lot of friends tbh so id never be against it i am a canna sugar baby and i know there are a few daddies who toke as well i hope to find one soon lol. But yeah live in wouldn’t be bad if i didn’t have my kid
Answer 8:
I wouldn’t want to be a live-in sugar baby. Don’t get me wrong, some women would kill to have that opportunity but it’s just not for me. I think that would feel similar to being a slave or just a trophy wife😂 I may be on this site but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to accomplish or explore things on my own. I love adventuring by myself too much. It’s wonderful to be accompanied in a nice house by another person but at the same time, I love getting lost and traveling to new places.. There’s some peace in being independent.
Answer 9:
Well, depends on the daddy love relationship. If sugar daddy is willing to compromise, why not? Also, depends on how well the chemistry is. I believe there has to be a great communication, and understanding. It has to be an agreement from both parties. That meant the relationship is getting a little bit more serious. Once the sugar daddy tells you that you only be his, that means you got yourself a man.
Answer 10:
Unless am more sure sûre than the Word sure its self, I wouldn’t want to be alive in sugar baby. I wouldn’t want to feel intimidated by fear of loss of indépendence. I also wouldn’t like to appear clingy and needy. I would love to spend as much time together , but also keep thé chase of intimacy glowing. What if sugar daddy has developed a cavity? Do i become homeless? That’s thé fear
Answer 11:
The idea of living and severing my daddy gets me excited! I am very passionate when it comes to some one I care about. I love cuddling and spending time with the one I love I always wanted more of a traditional home setting, where I cook for my daddy, he comes home to the smell of food a clean house and me with his plate one the table ready to be devoured like me 😉
Answer 12:
I would love to be a live-in Sugar Baby. My Sugar Daddy and I would be able to get to know each other’s wants and needs so much more that way. My Sugar Daddy would always come home to dinner on the table, clean house, laundry done, etc. Then after my son was in bed and asleep, my Sugar Daddy and I can enjoy each other’s company, watch a movie or play a game, cuddle, have amazing sex, etc.
Answer 13:
I would love to be a live-in sugar baby. It would be different, but I’m open to trying new things. It would help me out in so many ways. We’re both benefiting from it. I know how to make someone’s day a bit better, and my sugar daddy gets a spontaneous woman to come home to. I would let my sugar daddy do his own thing, while I take care of my business.
Answer 14:
Although being a live-in Sugar Baby sounds sexy, adventurous and fun that doesn’t seem like something I could do at this point in my life. I am living on campus next year and think that is the best for me with navigating classes and developing relationships with classmates and professors. I would love to meet up with my Sugar Daddy at least three times a week but I would also have to work that out with whoever I am in the SD/SB relationship with.
Answer 15:
I have been wanting a platonic relationship with a daddy, but this would be great. Making him meals, like breakfast in bed, making coffee, helping him around the house, and giving hi support any time he needs it wouldn’t be ideal for the both of us, I would presume. There are obviously pros and cons to everything, but for him, the pros definitely weigh out the cons for the both of us.
Answer 16:
I could never be opposed to living with the right person , but I do in joy my independence. I have been pretty self sufficient for a long time and I have recently build a new home that is paid for. Life has been very good to me ,But the one thing I desire the most is something that money can’t buy and that is A long term relationship with someone like minded
Answer 17:
I would LOVE the opportunity to be a live-in sugar baby! My goal as a sugar baby is to live worry free and satisfy my daddy, and living with him would make it so much easier for the both of us😊 I would keep myself busy all day while waiting for him to get off work and then I could help him to relax. We would be more comfortable with each other and be much more aware of each other’s needs and how to satisfy them.
Answer 18:
No, I would not like to be a live-in Sugar Baby. I understand that when having a ongoing arrangement we live totally different lives and schedules. In order to keep our personal lives separate it would be beneficial that we both had our separate living quarters. I would not mind spending some nights at his place and visa verse. But there would definitely have to be a few days where we are separated, just so there is no confusion on the relationship.
Answer 20:
I would love to be a live in sugar baby. I am struggling to find the real sugar daddies though. I have always wanted to know what it feels like to have a sugar daddy and have that possibility to live with them and adjust to the lifestyle of them. I am hoping to one day find the perfect sugar daddy that is real and wants to have that special feeling and connection with me.
Answer 21:
At the moment since I am currently enrolled in college, I would not be able to permanently move in with my future sugar daddy until later on in the future, but I can spend multiple hours with you, and sleep over and after our first initial meetings, if we click and you enjoy having me around, we can discuss moving In together if that’s where the relationship leads.
Answer 22:
I don’t prefer it because I don’t want to feel financially trapped, like I’ll be homeless and penniless if I leave. But if things started to get more serious, I wouldn’t mind too much giving it a try. I have in the past and let me say, I’m the perfect house wife (without the ring…yet). I keep the house so clean for you after work, not great at cooking but ill get better. And me being there would make it so much easier to relieve you stress from the day. (Really good at massage..and other things)
Answer 23:
It depends. I don’t want to not have to work and I don’t want to be controlled but it could all be fun! I would have to think about it and it would depend on who it was. My only concern would be if everything took a turn for the worst and the relationship ended then I would be stuck homeless and moneyless with no one to turn to. But other than that, as long as I am respected I don’t see why not.
Answer 24:
It would be great to be a live in sugar baby because with that we can definitely have our own love nest and nothing to bother every time we will meet up. It would also be convinient for both of us when the arrangement is discrete or we will be more comfortable in our own place. Living together would give us more time to know each other well and deep so we can understand each other well and would give way to knowing each personality as well.
Answer 25:
I wouldn’t want to be live in sugar baby because it sounds too fake thru the video. I would prefer interaction with my sugar daddy. Eye contact & body touch make a lot more different compare with video. Spoil your sugar baby not just about the money or show the sexy photos only, it’s all about caring, listening, feeling & enjoying together with each others.
Answer 26:
I do own my own home currently. If I were to he a live-in baby I would retain ownership of my home due to the fact you never know what the future holds. I would love to be a live-in if distance was an issue just to make it easier, my daughter would love to live in a new city or state, she tells me this often. My daddy deserves to know that I am here to make him happy and if he needs me 24/7 then so be it!
Answer 27:
I would not want to be a live in sugar baby but I would like to be given access to the home so that I can take care of it, cook for him, be there when he needs that human touch that he only craves from me. The only time I would move in is if he wants more from me as in a wife. I want both of us to have our own times unless we both feel otherwise!!!
Answer 28:
Well I could be either one it wouldn’t really matter be nice that way we can get to know each other better and enjoy each other in each other’s company so we can learn what each other likes or dislikes are and how we would handle certain situations so yes live in Oregon live in would be fine I like to get to know a person before I just jump in the ocean.
Answer 29:
I never close myself off to an actual romantic relationship but I also am smart enough to know I will not find that in everybody. Primarily I’d want to be a live in sugar baby so that I can attend all the schooling I want. I currently am a third year student at the University of Florida, and plan on attending graduate school after my graduation. I continuously strive to better myself, and one of the greatest ways in which I’ve found to do so is through furthering my education .
Answer 30:
I’d be willing to be a live-in sugar baby, if I still had free reign on my time and given my own space. I’m very independent so I’d rather not have so many “rules” per say. Curfew, who’s allowed to come over, all of those are a given when living in someone else’s home. Who my friends are, what I do with my time when not with Daddy, and who I communicate with, those are not.
Answer 31:
Living with someone even just a friend is a hard thing to do because you feel like you have no space, but living with my sugar daddy I think I would do after it had been awhile an I had got to know him. one reason is because he would be the one helping me with money so why not help me living together an I can cook dinner for him, give him my affection an support an I don’t have to do it just on certain days when we see each other.
Answer 32:
I would not want to be a love in sugar baby, all of this is based off of money and if I can’t financially support myself i am trapping myself and relying on someone else I do not truly love. If I fell in love how ever that would be different. But overall I would definitely not like to be a love in sugar baby because it financially traps You, makes you feel like you cant do anything by yourself too.
Answer 33:
I wouldn’t want to feel like a slave for anyone so I wouldn’t prefer live in,just get out together but if things change and get more serious I will actually love to live in with my sugar daddy all I will need is honesty and Money.If you think money can’t buy happiness actually you didn’t know where to go is everything in this world. lol.
Answer 34:
I’m really new at this so i would say have to get to know the other person pertty well before anything like that happened. Once it has gotten to where were comfortable and have an understanding of each others values and boundaries, i say sure why not? 😉 i mean whats life without taking a chance. Would love to have fun meet someone decent and he has to respect women in general and not treat them like crap.
Answer 35:
Honestly, if I was really attracted to my sugar daddy and we had a boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship beyond the allowance I wouldn’t necessarily say no to it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t like to feel trapped just to be able to make an allowance from someone if I was not attracted and miserable because then I rather struggle than be stuck somewhere miserable.
Answer 36:
I wouldn’t want to be a live-in sugar baby. Don’t get me wrong, some women would kill to have that opportunity but it’s just not for me. I think that would feel similar to being a slave or just a trophy wife😂 I may be on this site but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to accomplish or explore things on my own. I love adventuring by myself too much. It’s wonderful to be accompanied in a nice house by another person but at the same time, I love getting lost and traveling to new places.. There’s some peace in being independent.
Answer 37:
If possible i would love to live with my SM, but i also don’t want to depending on her for everything. Still need to be independent woman and need her to help me. I believe she also have a privacy life that no one can bother, and i appreciate it. Even living together with someone u care about is some what of happiness. But as long we still have great communication, that’s more than enough.
Answer 38:
I would love to be a live in sugar baby!! For starters I love to cook and cleaning is a simple task. I would be willing to do anything for them as long as I would be able to get a little bit of freedom throughout the week. I’m also into being a slave for a master and if my master wants me to live with him then I will do as my master says without any hesitation!
Answer 39:
I would not be livie in sugar baby, unless I genuinely started to fall in love with the man that I was seeing. Most of the time the daddies that I date are 50 and older, so they are not very attractive nor handsome, but they have fat pockets. That is why I would not live with my daddy, because I would be miserable and not happy if I’m not physically in mentally attracted to him.
Answer 40:
I would love to be a live in sugar baby. I’m new to this all and had no idea that was an option. I’m very excited to see how this goes. I would be perfect for him and i imagine it would make things alot easier so he doesn’t have to worry about bringing me in town every other day (he’d want to see me that often I’m sure). I’m for being a live in i think it’d be fulfilling for us both.
Answer 41:
To be a live in Sugar baby would be nice in idea however i have great commitments where I live now unless they (SD) come to me or I know i could still be able to visit where I am now. Its Great in theory but not in practice. Traveling would be most preferred as i can always come back. If we shared a house or condo and you came every time you were in LA that would be moat ideal.
Answer 42:
I’d love to try a live-in sugar baby situation, because it’d be fun to spend time with your sugar daddy and get to know him or her more and actually get to see what type of person they are, and depending on the situation you could probably be living in a nice condo or something very nice. There are also good benefits to living with your sugar daddy.
Answer 43:
I would love it! I’d live in a pretty house and have a comfortable lifestyle while also living with my lover. It’d be so convenient and it’d be like the girls next door, what a dream! I’d actually like something more like that where I’d have an older man take care of me while I went to school and I’d take care of him at home. The regular affection you’d expect and housekeeping.
Answer 44:
I would like to be a sugar baby because it helps me a lots as mentally, physically, and financially. I am far away from my country and have been living by myself for 1 year. The life here is not so easy and I still feel lonely or helpless although I have made new friends here. I still have a lot of difficulty in my language, culture, and financial. Meeting a sugar dad make me feel not lonely, also gives me lots of fun and excitement, and financial offer to achieve education goal. I just need someone who can company with and show me new world, but being a sugar baby has more benefits and it’s fair enough 🙂
Answer 45:
Not at all. Where is the fun in that? Living together usually turns into monotony and boredom on both sides. Then one party suggests they tie the knot, and now you share everything… like money. There’s something a little bit sexy about having a sugar. Once you live together, some of the excitement is lost. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?
Answer 46:
Yes, I personally would be willing to be a live in sugar baby. That way we would not have to travel to be able to see each other. It would be way more convenient. I believe it would also be cheaper in the long run as for not having to pay towards to sets of monthly house payments or rent. Also the monthly water, gas, electric, etc. Would also be just one instead of two!
Answer 47:
b It would be nice to live comfortably. I am entirely open to long term. Having someone who appreciates me is what I want, everything else is a luxury. I can cook and clean very well. I am very independent but I would like to have someone by my side for support. I kind of want to be a housewife. A sexy housewife that is! I just want to be able to cook dinner in the nude haha!
Answer 48:
No. I have dreams and aspirations that i hope to pursue while continuing my sugar baby lifestyle. Hopefully my sugar daddy would be understanding of this and admire my drive. I would want emotional and financial support from my sugar daddy, but I don’t need him to take away every sense of my independence. I still plan on working hard for what I want.
Answer 49:
At the moment I would not be interested in being a live-in sugar baby because I enjoy my own space as well as my own company. Having said this, I would be happy living near by so that we could see each other regularly in order to get to know one another. Living separately also makes it more exciting- I can get all dressed up and ready to go out on our dates in my own time, and he can do likewise.
Answer 50:
I feel as though living with a sugar daddy would be slightly difficult, but if the timing is right and we truly enjoy each other then of course why not?!!! Of course my SD would have to get along w my 100 pound Rottweiler since he’s part of the package 😉 but lol I don’t see why not? A relationship with a sd is like a normal one w extra perks imo and in a normal relationship I would prob eventually move in with them. Of course that’d only be if we truly get to that point.
Answer 51:
In MY opinion (everyone else is entitled to theirs☺️), no. I believe that the majority of attraction around a Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship is mystery (on both sides) so by living in the same area, it removes that pre-mentioned mystery around both people. Obviously if both people feel that it would bring their relationship forward and benefit both sides, by all means do it. I myself would not be completely opposed to it but it would definitely take time and trust.
Answer 52:
I want to be live-in sugar baby because first thing he can be 100% sure that he will be the one and only my sugar daddy because all the time I will be taking care of him his place and make him feel relax and comfortable when we together…. we can have more time together have fun together and always be happy together I would love to taking care of him.

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