Does A Paralegal Certificate Expire? When to Renew it?

Does a paralegal certificate expire? The paralegal certificate is a credential which expires automatically five years after it is achieved or earned.

However, any paralegal is entitled and has the right to ensure their certification has been renewed.

The certification renewal, however, has some requirements which differ according to the organization. There is a continuing legal education that must be completed by every paralegal before renewing their certificate so if asked does a paralegal certificate expire, yes it does.

There are offered exams by every organization which provides the standardized paralegal experience, knowledge, and skills assessments. This way is one among many which can be used in the court, by the colleagues and clients, paralegal employers, and others in accessing if one is qualified for a renewal of the certificate. When such organizations offer certificate renewal To the concerned, they ensure the credentials are recognized universally because no nation has official and unique credentials.

To be precise, the paralegals are asked voluntarily to obtain professional certification, and there are still many paralegals who are enjoying their work with benefits, yet they don’t above have the certification. Most paralegals prefer to earn recognized credentials nationwide, so they prefer themselves as they have invested, and they are also able to make themselves distinguished from other colleagues who are paralegals.

Before acquiring a renewal of certification, there should be distinguished preparation needed where the paralegals can take the courses or even from small study groups so they can revise for the exams they will be sitting for.

There are more benefits for one to be certified nationally than those of exam preparation demands. When one acquires a new or renewed national certification, they can get some benefits like the increased salaries, promotions, peer recognition, opportunities for mentoring and teaching, more opportunities for jobs, among many more apart from personal satisfaction which you will gain when you complete this process of certification.


Professional Certification Differs From Academic Certification

The paralegal certificate exams are offered either by NALS, NALA, and even NFPA which are not the same as the earned paralegal certification which is through the universities of colleges. These paralegal certificate programs are perfectly academic, and they are handled differently, not like other programs.

The paralegal certificate explains how the students behave, and the way they handle their concepts and that is why when you wonder if does a paralegal certificate expire? You should know it does and should be renewed immediately.


National Certification Leads To Higher Salaries

Apart from showing the current potential current employer about the Professional commitment with the desire for pursuing continuing education, also there is good financial education for financial decision.


Certification Levels

The paralegal primary certification concerned for his and entry-level cover all the competencies which include the basic entry-level certification can cover all the careers like substantive law, procedural law, verbal communication, written communication, and ethics. All these law office technologies and legal document preparations are the basic benefits you can have with the paralegal certification.


Paralegal Reading

The three certifying bodies of the national certificate can offer primary certification for The mid and entry-level professionals that can be able to meet minimum requirements for them to sit for The certified exams.

There are made provisions that will make paralegals who are experienced without much education can be able to qualify through earning the, or mid-level experience.

The CP credentials are earned through some processes, and they are;

  • Qualifying to Take the CP Exam

The paralegal needs to achieve for one among the below requirements so that they become eligible to be in for CP exams. The paralegal must either:

  • Graduated for an approved program of ABA
  • Graduated from degree associated program
  • graduated from an approved program of paralegal
  • Graduated from the paralegal studies post-baccalaureate program of certificate
  • You must have completed one of the paralegal programs, which includes about 60 hours, where about 15 hours should aim up to substantive legal courses.
  • Graduate from a bachelor’s degree in any field and have at least one year of paralegal experience; must also include at least 15 semester hours of substantive legal courses.

Experience of Seven years of high school diploma as the paralegal officer where a minimum of 20 hours is spent for continuing legal education in the latest two years.


  • Appl location For CP Exam

There is an examination application form for all the certified paralegal aspirants where they should pay a cost of $250 if they are members of NALA and a cost of $275 if they aren’t the members. After receiving the notification which regards about the eligibility of sitting for the CP. Examinations, then the student needs to specify together with PSI to get qualified testing centers in the state or even country.


  • Sitting For The CP Exam

After the students are fully admitted to the program, there is give part exam course. Which they need to complete and they include the below. The should know ethics, communication both the verbal and nonverbal communication, capitalization, punctuations, and good grammar, good vocabulary, word usage and also spellings, good composition and written correspondence, techniques and preparation for both written and clients interviews.


  • Renewing The Credentials For CP

There are needs for renewing credentials for CP, which is for 5 years. So that one can fully renew, they need to complete by a minimum of 50 hours so that they can continue with legal education, that consists of about legal ethics took for five hours.

The legal education which is continuing mostly qualify and some of them can be paralegal program teachings, visiting the seminars and attending conferences, with the webinars which are offered by various private organizations and NALA.

All these are concerned when one completes the classes in the known college or university and achieves the credentials for paralegal certification.



The question of does a paralegal certificate expire is yes it does. However, there is a room for renewal, and one can renew after five years. The certificate has many benefits which encourage people to renew since they enjoy working as professionally qualified paralegals.

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