Does Green Juice Make You Poop?

Many juices can help people poop as they contain water, fiber, and nutrients, regulating bowel movements. But for many people, there is a fear of drinking green juice and having to run to the toilet. Now I will let you know that you can safely drink a green juice or make you poop.

Does green juice make you poop?

Yes! Green juices make you poop as they contain dietary fiber, which helps in proper digestion. The large quantity of water helps in softening the hard stool and keeps your body hydrated. Green juices help you to relieve constipation because they contain fiber and water.

They contain fiber

As fresh juices do not contain all of the fiber but still contain a little fiber, it helps you in proper digestion. Even though a person eats a whole fruit and vegetable or drinks blended fruit and vegetables, they are consuming all of the fiber and nutrients, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Green juice contains fiber that passes through the digestive system and helps the digestive system healthy. It promotes regular bowel movements and a healthy stomach. So, in that case, people who have constipation problem should intake more fiber from drinking green juice.

They contain water

Plenty of water and juices can help relieve your constipation and makes your digestive system proper; it softens the hard stool and can easily pass. Dehydration leads to constipation, but drinking many juices and water can make your digestive system properly and make you poop. Green juices contain fiber and plenty of water, which help relieve constipation and make you poop, which is good for a healthier life.

What should you do if green juice makes you poop?

If green juice is making you run to the toilet, then it is not a big deal for sure it is cleaning your stomach from toxic foods, and also, you are getting plenty of fiber and nutrients. Drinking green juice can only be troublesome if the pooping gets out of hand, and it makes you run to the toilet more than 2 times. If green juice is causing you to run to the toilet more than two times, you should stop drinking it.

However, if you have a fear of pooping and you don’t want to drink green juice, then it is wonderful, but in my opinion, juices are a great deal to intake fiber, water, and nutrients as much as you can. Green juices promote regular bowel movements, which will make you poop and cleanse your stomach from toxic foods.


Eating a complete fruit and vegetable is a good intake in your diet as if you are eating whole fruit, you are taking all the vitamins and nutrients. Drinking a blended juice is a good alternative as it is too enriched with all the nutrients and fiber. Green juices are good for constipation problems and keep your body hydrated. They are an ideal replacement for whole fruit and vegetable. Pooping is not a big deal if you are getting plenty of water and nutrients, which will keep your body hydrated.



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