Drake Net Worth 2019: Age, Kids, Wife, Career, House

Title Description
Last Update 2019
Net worth 2019 $150 Million
Real name Aubrey Graham
Occupation Rapper, songwriter, and actor
Date of birth October 24, 1986
Age 32
Height 5 ft 11
Weight 172 lbs
Ethnicity African-American
Kids 1
Residence Toronto
Citizenship Canadian
Source of wealth Rapper/Actor
Education High school graduate



“Hotline Bling, In My Feelings Challenge, God’s Love,” and much more… these are some of the top hits from Drake that has made his name become a common household name.

The talented rapper popularly referred to as Champagne Papi or Drizzy is one of the most successful rappers in the hip hop industry, boasting of an excellent music career that spans for more than a decade and scooping some of the best hip hop awards.

Even though Drake is one of the richest rappers alive on the planet, his childhood was characterized by hardship, and it was characterized by divorce and lack of parental love.

Drake’s parents separated when he was five years, making him live with his mother in Toronto. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham then moved to Memphis leaving Drake behind with his mother, Sandi Graham.

Drake dropped out of school after constant bullying in school due to his strong religious standings that arose because of his mother’s Jewish ancestry.

After dropping out of school, Drake decided to focus on his acting career. Drake’s love for music stems from his father, who had incredible drumming skills, but his acting skills used to overshadow his rapping before the transition.

At the beginning of his rapping career, Drake wasn’t in good terms with his father who openly rejected his bid to start rapping. But as years passed, their relationships improved and the dad began supporting him.

Road to the limelight

Drake’s first mixtape in 2006 was the beginning of his breakthrough, serving as an opening to Drake’s music career.

Shortly after launching his first mixtape, Drake met Jay Z who became his primary inspiration towards pursuing his music career. A year later, Drake launched his second album and his third album in 2009.

Apart from Jay Z, some notable artists that helped to shape Drake’s career include Lil Wayne who’s had significant contributions in the mapping arena.

Drake established a close relationship with Wayne to later collaborate in some of the most popular songs. Drake was then officially signed under the label Young Money Entertainment, which helped him to rise to stardom.

Drake’s debut album in 2010 dubbed ‘Thank me later’ which went platinum and topped the US Billboard 200 further contributed to the rise of this music star.

In 2012, Drake had another significant milestone in his life after deciding to complete his high school studies. Drake graduated with a high school diploma after being out of school for ten years.

Since then, Drake has collaborated with some of the most veteran artists in the music industry such as Rihanna, Eminem, Dj Khaled, and Chris Brown.

Drake rose rapidly to become a renowned recording artist with his sales proliferating and his identity recognized all over the globe. With these achievements, Drake happens to be among the top-rated rappers with an outstanding net worth.

Drake’s Profession Life

After launching her first mixtape in 2006, Drake’s fame began growing and he received different endorsements from companies which gave him excellent returns.

Drake received an endorsement from Whataburger and Burger King Restaurants. Moreover, Sprite also endorsed Drake for a purple drank concussion which primarily featured sprite as its principal ingredient.

Drake is also a global ambassador of the Toronto Raptors after his endorsement in 2013. Drake was then handed some significant roles in the management of the team to ensure that the image and legacy of the organization improves.

Additionally, Drake also boasts for founding his recording label with Oliver El-Khatib. The primary objective of establishing this recording label involved nurturing of young artists.

October’s Very Own popularly abbreviated as OVO gained much recognition and is a record label that has some of the best albums since it started in 2012.

As an entrepreneur, Drake expanded Virginia Black, which is a whiskey brand launched in 2016 with over 3,000 sales in the first distribution week.

Publicized in some of Drake’s songs and his influence, Virginia Black Whiskey received a positive reception. Virginia Black also features in commercials for publicity as well as a means to boost the sales.

Awards and Achievements

All these accomplishments come with something to recall. Winning 4 Grammy awards in 42 nominations, Drake way towards the top involves a great level of resilience. Being one of the most accomplished rappers, Drake received awards during his acting days too.

Out of 81 Billboard music awards nominations, Drake managed to win 27 awards adding on his success in the music industry. Out of 532 total award nominations, Drake holds 123 wins in total.

In 2019, Drake scooped 12 awards in the 2019 Billboard Music awards including top song and top male artist to set a record in the Billboard music awards for totaling 27 awards.

Drake’s net worth

According to Forbes [1], the 32-year-old Canadian artists has a net worth of $150 million as of January 2019, coming at number 5 after Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Diddy, and Kanye West. Apart from singing, Drake has several investments, including the remunerative Virginia Black Whiskey, real estate investment, and tours.

Drake’s Net worth by Years

Year Net Worth
2019 $150 million
2018 $140 million
2017 $90 million
2016 $70 million
2015 $60 million
2014 $40 million
2013 $35 million
2012 $25 million
2011 $15 million
2010 $10 million


Drake’s Family/Love Life

Like many other stars in the music industry, Drake has tried to put his relationships private to avoid public scrutiny, but some aspects about him have always surfaced. Even though he has been rumored to be in relation to models and fellow celebrities, Drake is still single.

In 2017 after Drake crossed paths with Pusha T, Pusha revealed that Drake was a father to her kid, something that Drake came out to accept the claims in an album he released in 2018 titledScorpion.

Drake, like any other star, has a lot of haters and has faced speculations and rumors about his dating life. He has had an on and off relationship with Rihanna and even had some close relationships with Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, and a Canadian Sophie Brussaux, who is the mother to his son.

Drake Lives a Luxurious Lifestyle

Drake has achieved celebrity status which is associated with wealth, money and fame. With money comes luxury, which is why Drake has a taste for finer things. These are some of the most expensive items he owns:

  1. Owl Chain Drake brags an owl chain which is presumed to cost $120,000 having over 100-carat diamonds and a kilogram of gold. Drake also owns other expensive jewels and wears them in concerts, tours, or when making public appearances.
  1. Bugatti Veyron Being one of the fastest sports cars, Drake coughed over $1.2 million to get this car designed in Germany but manufactured in France. With a top speed of 250 miles per hour, Bugatti is one hell of a luxury that puts Drake in the millionaires club.
  1. Gold Jordan’s – With a speculated cost of about $2 million, Drake went for these shoes made out of gold. The Canadian artist has an impressive shoe collection featuring latest design shoes. His sense of fashion mostly sits well with college students who greatly admire his personality.
  1. Residence  – According to money.com, Drake coughed out a whopping $7.7 million to get the YOLO Estate, which is one of the most expensive things owned by Drake[2]. With a massage room and some of the most beautiful pools, YOLO Estate is one of the best lavish homes, only reserved for the millionaires.
  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom – Although Drake has numerous luxury cars including Bentley and Audi, Rolls Royce Phantom is the most lavish car that he owns which cost him $400,000.
  2. Toronto Mansion – This mansion, built on a $6.7 million parcel of land in his hometown is one of the best properties to look up. Including saunas, massage parlor among other facilities, Toronto Mansioncommands a good deal for a budget.

Drake and Philanthropy

Drake has achieved celebrity status, and he knows that it is the society that gave him the achievement. With an estimated net worth of $150 million, Drake dedicates most of his earnings to the poor. This is something that was evident in God’s Plan music video, where Drake came out to interact one on one with his fans, giving away nearly $1 million to house helps homeless children, the poor, and college students.

Final Take

With his humble beginnings, Drake has undoubtedly created something out of himself. His journey has not been an easy one, but the resilience got him somewhere. Being another promising artist, Drake still stands as one of the most successful music artists with a lot to even expect from him.

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