The Best Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerators for 2021 Review

Looking to buy The Best Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerators for money? Look no further, here, I have researched and compared top contenders and narrowed down to ONLY the 6 perfect one most homes’ needs.

Dual-zone beverage refrigerators are ideal for those who intend to keep a wide collection of beverages for short and long term storage.

Beverages such as red and white wine need to be stored at a certain temperature, light, and humidity to maintain their original taste.

The Dual-zone beverage refrigerators are highly recommended for storing beverages because they create a perfect environment for your beverages for both short and long term storage. They are also bigger and can comfortably accommodate a wide collection of beverages at once.

But with numerous dual-zone beverages refrigerators on the market, finding one that suits your need can be a daunting task.

If you plan to buy a dual-zone beverage refrigerator, but you are confused about which one to buy, today you are in the right place. We have researched on your behalf and listed the 6 best dual zone beverage refrigerators.

We considered some of the things we considered when compiling this list, including the refrigerator temperature range, cooling technology, energy efficiency, type of cooler, noise level, customer reviews and ratings, and price.

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The TOP 6 Best dual zone beverage refrigerators for 2021 Review:


1. Phiestina 15-inch dual-zone cooler refrigerator

Best Dual Zone Beverage RefrigeratorsPhiestina 15 inch dual-zone cooler refrigerator is ideal for both short term and long term beverage storage. This dual-zone refrigerator can fit almost anywhere, thanks to its ergonomics and compact design.

The high tech compressor and air duct system that it features ensure that cool air is transferred to every corner of the cooler to cool your stored beverages. The front vent ensures efficient heat dissipation for efficient cooling while a nice kick plate design enhances its appearance.

This refrigerator works in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This is important because it allows you to achieve the perfect temperatures without guessing.

This refrigerator also allows you to set different temperature zone for your beverages for optimum cooling. This means that you can set a different temperate for wine and a different one for beers.

The upper zone’s temperatures range is 40-50 degrees F and is ideal for storing white wine, while the lower zone temperature range is 50-66 degrees F.

The reverse door hinge that it features allows you to use the left door hinge if necessary to reverse the door opening.

The Positives:
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • Large wine and beer capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Advanced compressor cooling an air circulation
The Negatives:
  • Its shelves are quite weak


2. Whynter BWR-171DS 17 bottle dual zone refrigerator

Best Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerators

Are you searching for a stylish and functional dual zone beverage refrigerator to store your finest bottles of wine and beer?

If yes, then Whynter BWR-171DS 17 bottle dual zone refrigerator is a perfect choice for you. Its wide temperature range of 41°- 72°F allows you to store a wide range of beverages.

The top zone can store up to 6 bottles of wine, while the bottom zone can store up to 11 bottles of wine. Each zone temperature can be adjusted independently from the digital temperature control.

All black cabinets, sliding shelves, and stainless steel penned glass doors make this dual-zone beverage refrigerator very attractive.

It will not only keep our beverages cool, but it will also complement the overall look of your house.

The open door warning system that features will let you know if the refrigerator has been left open for more than 60 seconds.

The stainless steel door is not only durable but its shiny appearance makes it stand out from other conventional products. The protective coated tempered double pane glass door that it features helps to protect the refrigerator from UV damage.

The Positives:
  • Digital temperature control with LED light for seamless temperature control
  • Double pane glass door for UV protection
  • Dual zones for storing different beverage varieties
  • Powerful compressor cooling
  • Five removable wood flat slide out shelves
  • Reversible door swing
  • Built-in/freestanding installation
The Negatives:
  • Some customers complain that it is quite noisy

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3. Whynter 62-quart dual zone beverage refrigerator

Best Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerators

Whynter 62 quart dual zone beverage refrigerator is perfect for people who are searching for a portable dual zone beverage refrigerator.

Its compact design makes it perfect for car home, RV, and camping. With a dual temperature zone, you can set one zone as a freezer and the other as a refrigerator or at any other temperature that meets specific requirements.

This refrigerator can be plugged into both AC and DC power at the same time. If AC and DC are plugged simultaneously, then the AC will become the source of power.

Whynter 62 quart dual zone beverage refrigerator cools to between -8 degrees F to 50 degrees F.

This dual-zone refrigerator functions well even when it is 30 degrees tilted. The solid outer powder-coated steel housing protects the refrigerator against damage while the drain plug allows easy cleaning.

The internal LED light allows easier access to the refrigerator in low light conditions.

The Positives:
  • Compact and portable
  • Support AC and DC
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Dual temperatures zone
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
The Negatives:
  • Small capacity

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4. Wine enthusiast 48-bottle evolution series dual zone beverage refrigerator

Best Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerators

If you are looking for a dual-zone beverage cooler that will keep your favorite wine and other beverages cool until the next drink, the Wine enthusiast 48-bottle evolution series dual zone beverage refrigerator is what you need.

This high capacity dual-zone refrigerator can accommodate up to 48 bottles of wines at once. Its incredible space saver design allows it to store many wine bottles without consuming a lot of space.

The temperature control system that it features allows you to store your favorite wines at their proper temperature.

The fact that this refrigerator is dual zoned means that you can store different beverages at different temperature settings. The dual-pane tempered glass door that it features helps to enhance insulation and visibility.

The Positives:
  • It can hold up to 48 bottle
  • Digital display to track the refrigerator performance
  • Dual temperatures zone
  • Space-saving design
  • Energy efficient
  • Dual cooling zones
  • Freestanding or built-in
The Negatives:
  • Quite noisy

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5. Lanbo lockable dual-zone refrigerator

Best Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerators

Lanbo lockable dual-zone refrigerator is an all in on beverage cooler for soda, beer, and wine. It is dual zoned, meaning that it has two separate cooling zones.

The left zone s cools beverage to between 41 degrees F and 64 degrees F (perfect for wine), while the right zone has a cooling range of between 39 degrees F and 50 degrees F (perfect for storing soda and beer).

The left zone can store up to 18 bottles of wines while the right zone can store up to 55 beverage cans.

Both zones have their own temperature control panels. The touch control panels are easily accessible for easy control and monitoring of the refrigerator. The shelves on the left zone are made of wood, while those in the right zone are made of steel wires. The shelves are removable to allow you to store large or odd-sized bottles.

Lanbo lockable dual-zone refrigerator has a ventilation system on the bottom, meaning that you can install it as a permanent built-in system if you want. The powerful compressor with cooling fans distributes air evenly for efficient cooling. The carbon filter included helps to maintain clean air conditions by preventing odors from invading.

The Positives:
  • High capacity: can store 18 bottles of wine and 55 beverage cans
  • A powerful compressor that distributes cool air evenly.
  • User-friendly digital controls
  • Its stores both cans and bottles
  • Energy efficient
  • Removable shelves
  • Carbon filter that maintains clean air conditions
The Negatives:
  • It is quite noisy when the compressors are working

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6. Kalamera 24-inch dual-zone beverage refrigerator

Best Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerators

If you are looking for an energy-efficient, durable, and space saver dual zone beverage refrigerator, Kalamera 24 inch dual-zone beverage refrigerator is the perfect choice for you.

This dual zoned refrigerator uses advanced cooling technology. The built-in whisper-quiet compressor that it features maintains cool temperatures for a long time, with fewer stops and starts.

You can enjoy a drink with your guests while sitting next to the cooler without worrying about annoying noises.

The embedded carbon filters help purify the air by removing odors, thus providing perfect reservation conditions for your stored beverages.

The stainless steel tripped layered tempered door with LED lighting helps to enhance insulation and visibility. It also makes your home more home attractive.

This dual-zone refrigerator can be free-standing or built-in in the dining, kitchen, or entertainment area in your house.

The temperature memory function allows the cooler to restore the set temperature in case of a power outage. This is important because it prevents sensitive beverages such as wine from going bad because of temperature fluctuation.

  • Super quiet
  • Elegant design
  • Embedded carbon filter to purity air
  • Freestanding or built-in installation
  • One-touch control
  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Removable wire racks
  • Temperature memory function
  • Lahr storage space
  • None so far


Final verdict

A dual-zone beverage refrigerator is a great device to purchase if you want to keep your favorite beverages in their best condition by maintaining a steady temperature.

Additionally, they are also very attractive spacious and allow you to control each zone’s temperatures independently.

However, the dual-zone beverage refrigerator that you purchase matters a lot. If you want to maintain your favorite beverages’ original taste, you need to purchase a dual-zone beverage refrigerator.

The dual-zone refrigerator that we have listed below are among the best on the market. They are compact, easy to use, energy-efficient, and durable.


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