Easy Witchcraft Spells: 9 Easy Spells to Make Your Life Better

Spells are not all about causing mayhem and destruction of lives and properties. Use witchcraft spells for good, and I would be showing you how to do it. In today’s post, we would be talking about nine easy spells to make your life better. You don’t believe me, well keep reading and see how it turns out.

The history of witchcraft spells has a lousy reputation. But that does not mean all witchcraft spells are all bad. A magic spell is magical, so you’re dealing with things out of the ordinary. Your expectations from witchcraft spells should also be out of this realm. This easy spells we would be talking about today you can cast them very quickly. So, you do not have to worry about making time for the spell. I get we are all busy, and casting spells shouldn’t take all the little time we have for ourselves.

So, make use of this easy spells anytime, and anywhere. As long as you want to improve your life, and make it better, these easy spells are for you. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the business of today. Let’s understand some basics first.

What are Easy Witchcraft Spells?

Easy Witchcraft SpellsEasy spells are spells that you cast with so much ease. They are called easy spells because they are natural. Easy spells are also considered to be a powerful witchcraft spells. Because they are natural does not mean they should be looked down on. Easy spells are as effective as other spells.

Easy spells are easy because you can use them during an emergency. When you need to call out a spell for something fast, easy spells always come out handy. Most easy spells do not require any ingredients while other easy spells require at least one ingredient to cast.

Why would you want to Cast Easy Spells

Why would you want to Cast Easy SpellsCast easy spells for the same reasons why you cast other spells. Easy spells are cast to help solve a problem. A lot of people indulge themselves in casting easy spells because it is easy.

Many times people would tell you casting a spell is too tricky. At times, they would tell you the ingredients you need are scarce. Some conditions attached too some spells are too much. But don’t worry, because with these easy spells you can cast spells without too much hassle. Basically, in most of the spells, all you’d be needing us your mind and one or two ingredients.

The Risk Associated with Performing Easy Spells

Burning your enemy’s name awayThere are very minimal risks associated when you cast easy spells. Because they are easy spells, and little or no ingredients are needed to conjure the spell. So, when next you’re casting east spells you can relax your mind.

Easy spells have a funny way of tricking people. At times people think because they are easy spells they have no risks at all. On the contrary, there are risks involved and care has to be taken each time you cast easy spells. And most adhere by the instructions of the spells to avoid a lousy ending story.

How to Cast Easy Witchcraft Spells

Now, let’s get into details of how to cast these easy spells. We would be taking a look at nine easy spells today. We would also be talking about how to cast them.


Cast the mirror message spell anywhere. All you need is to get a hold of a reflecting surface like a mirror. You can use the mirror message to send a note to a particular person of your choice.
To cast the mirror message spell:

Just breathe heavily on the mirror to form a fog on it. Then draw a pentacle on the mirror. Below the pentacle write the name of the person you want to send a note. Below the person name, write your message. As the fog vaporize, so does your message too vaporize to the person you are sending the note.



The think of me spells one of the easy spells you can cast when you miss someone. Or you can cast this spell when you want someone to think of you. This person can be your family members, your partner, or a friend. All you need to cast this spell is the picture of the person you miss.

To cast this spell hold the picture and imagine your environment go quiet. Then picture a golden and white light shining on the picture. Stare deeply into the picture, especially the eyes. Then think of what you want the person to feel about you. Allow your emotions to take over you as you do this easy spell.

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When you’re talking about easy spells, it’s not complete without talking about the introvert spell. The introvert spell helps to boost your confidence. So, whenever you’re about to face something or someone or a crowd that gives you a chill, cast an introvert spell.

To cast this spell, all you need is your mind. Go to a quiet place and close your eyes. Focus your mind intensely on what makes you happy and comfortable. Then say these words, “all I need is within me. I have the power of the universe. I am magic.” After saying these words, know you’re good to go.



If you’re a kind of person that gets scared of the night. Or perhaps you feel paranoid someone wants to hurt you. Well, you can cast this easy spell for protection at night.

To cast this spell, you would need to get crystals. What you would do next is to give the crystal an intention of what they are to do. Put the crystals on a table close to your bed. Then close your eyes and imagine the crystal shooting into the sky. As soon as you can picture this, your spell is complete. So you can sleep in peace knowing that your hex would protect you.



The cleansing shower spell like other easy spells is a spell you can cast very fast. You can use the cleansing shower spell to do away with negative energy. Perhaps after arguing with someone, or a disappointment. Instead of feeling low, you can cast the cleansing shower spell to feel better.

To cast this spell, you need to close your eyes. Then breathe in and out deeply. Imagine a shower of water pouring down your body. Imagine the water flowing from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. Then repeat this chant, “I am free. I am clean.”

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The morning drink ritual is an easy spell you can cast every time you about to enjoy your favorite drink. It does not matter which drink you’re about to enjoy. Be it a cup of tea, or coffee, or just a soft drink.

To cast this spell, pour the drink you want to enjoy into a cup. And as you pour the drink into a cup, think of what you want to achieve for that day. Then say this chant, “Forces of the universe, I conjure you. Do unto me as I will in my heart.”



The intention jar spell can be used to achieve the things you want to achieve in life. This spell s seen as one of the easy spells. Intention jar spells only require you to have a jar, a notepad, and a writing material.

To cast this spell, place the jar, the note pad, and the writing material in a place you can see at least twice a day. Anytime you have an intention, write it down and drop it into the jar. The occasionally pick a paper and meditate on it.



People usually charge their water by keeping it in the sun or moonlight for several hours. The charged water is a potent elixir. But at times, the eating period can be a pain in the ass. So, the charged water spell is an alternative way of charging your water.

To cast this spell, place your hand over a jar of water. Then imagine a very bright beam of light shining down on the jar. Spend some few minutes imagining this. And in no time, your water would be charged.



If you feel you are not attracting as much money as you want, don’t worry. You can cast the money magnet spell to change the course of fate. Just need a citrine crystal to cast this spell.

To cast this spell, place the citrine, crystal in your wallet, and you’re good to go. You can also put a green crystal in your wallet; this would also work just fine.



In conclusion, cast easy spells when you feel you need something urgent. Or when you do not have the time for a long process. Or you don’t want to go through the hassle of going through a long process. Whatever the case may be, easy spells works and they are free of charge to use them.

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