Effects of Infatuation: How Can Infatuation Be Destructive?

Ideally, we all have experienced some blissful infatuation at some point in our lives, constant preoccupation with someone, instances of daydreaming, smiling like an idiot, having butterflies in the presence of someone, turning a normal conversation about an apple into an excuse to discuss their glittering eyes or even raising your hopes too high than what it seems to be.

Generally, infatuation can be viewed as the state of struggling with incredibly huge and deep feelings for someone.

In relevance to an article by the Harvard Department of Neurobiology, infatuation can be very destructive and, at times, cause people to overestimate the overall outcome.

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Effects of Infatuation

Some of the effects of infatuation incorporate, to mention but a few:

  • Results to Intolerable Behavior: Ideally, for an infatuated individual, they take it upon themselves to take responsibility for the expectations that they carry for their own negative reactions. Instead of understanding their fantasies and adjusting themselves positively, they bring it upon themselves to engage in different tragic and intolerable behavior. Infatuation results in someone feeling that they deserve much better than they are currently offered. In other instances, infatuation might also result in staking, which is an appealing behavior and intolerable.
  • Infatuations Might Result in Disappointments: As stated in the text above, infatuation might result in raising your expectations too high and hoping for a better or rather colorful outcome. Infatuation makes you feel a strong passion towards an individual and assume that that feeling might last forever but what we normally forget is that the feeling doesn’t last for long. It is ubiquitous for us individuals when we experience something intense or even profound for one reason or another. We end up doing what another individual can do with the same situation, building up an eternality with that person. Ideally, both time and the future cannot simply live in the same moment, and that way, you end up been disappointed.
  • Infatuation Has A Shelf-Life: Generally, infatuation is based on fantasy, and the reality around it can not be maintained for a longer time. Infatuation is in such a way that it’s filled with irrationality and idealization, and this way, once’s the reality of the situation creeps in. You become aware that your feelings are inappropriate as well unfounded. Apparently, once you start a relationship based on infatuation, then many are when the relationship becomes boring, and the blame game kicks off.


How Can Infatuation be Destructive?

Most people always deny that infatuation is normally a passing could and that it doesn’t last long. They are normally convinced that infatuation can be another name for love at first sight; little do they know that infatuation is only scrambling their brain to the point of being extremely destructive.

  • Infatuation can be extremely flaw-blindness, which is normally very destructive.

Fantasies which is a form of infatuation, do quite many things to your brain and body, and one of those major things is clouding an individual’s judgment. The first times or rather encounters with an individual are normally very enticing and absolutely wonderful; nonetheless, their chances are complete and almost perfect are normally very slim. To this effect, it’s clear that they can be easily blinded by infatuation.

  • Infatuation Might Result in Forgetfulness

Ideally, infatuation can easily result in a brain crisis where your brain narrows down to a scope of a singular focus which eventually tunnels your vision. This is to mean when your brain is preoccupied with thoughts of someone new. The chances of dropping off its list of priorities are very high, and for instance, if you had the intention of dropping by grocery as you head home, then you might end up forgetting since your mind will be so much preoccupied.

  • Infatuation Results to Insecurity

Ideally, infatuation can cause serious anxiety and more so since you are too much focused on impressing someone else. As a result, you end up turning your anxieties inwards that way, focusing on bettering your imperfections. This might reach the point that you take things too personally, and things that were normal to you indefinitely become bothersome.

  • Infatuation Might be Exhaustive

Again, infatuation can also result in extreme destruction, and more so when you find yourself having sleepless nights. Most of the time, you could lie down for more than three hours without sleep and all because you are thinking about someone new. The truth is that infatuation weakens your body and mind and, at times, daunting.

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Conclusively, infatuation can have a series of effects on an individual and result in destructive outcomes overall. People must understand infatuation is a temporary thing that many are the times that can result in extremely destructive outcomes.

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