Electric Blanket vs Mattress Pad: How to Choose the Better One

Choosing between an electric blanket and a mattress pad is more a matter of personal choice rather than an exact science. Though both have their advantages and disadvantages, the final choice of which one is right for you entirely depends on what will be the most beneficial to you, your family and your life style.

The electric blankets are by far the more popular option of the two in the United States, but the mattress pads have begun gaining steam in the recent years. Many consumers may find electric blankets far easier to use, as mattress pads have to be fitted correctly, and if they are not, they may end up not functioning properly or even breaking altogether.

What’s great about the mattress pad?

When fitted properly, however, mattress pads can actually last longer than the electric blankets. Because the mattress pad is fitted, it experiences less wear-and-tear in terms of being pulled or wadded, like what may happen with electric blankets.

Because the mattress pad does not move, it does not risk of being balled up and overheat as is sometimes the case with electric blankets and this is especially vital for those who are restless sleepers.

When sleeping on the mattress, you may at times feel the heating wires in the mattress pad, which can become uncomfortable and distracting. The electric blankets, such as Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece electric heated blanket, have an ultra-thin heating wires that are almost impossible to feel, which may make an electric blanket a somewhat more comfortable choice.

Both products, the electric blanket and the mattress pad are very low energy consumption, so whichever you may choose as the right one for you, it will save you money. There is not a lot of difference between the energy consumption of the electric blanket and the mattress pad, as both use very little energy to heat.

In terms of warmth, having a mattress pad may make you a bit warmer than an electric blanket. Since the heat radiates upwards from the mattress pad, it is retained around your body, and trapped by your blanket or a duvet. Your cover or duvet stops the heat from escaping upwards, thus trapping it around your body and keeping you warm.

By contrast, half of the heat radiated by the electric blanket escapes upward, and you are heated only by the bottom of the blanket that covers you. This is why the mattress pad may prove a bit hotter over time

The mattress pad can also be therapeutic for those who suffer from arthritis, joint, back pain and similar health conditions, as it heats consistently and evenly throughout the night.

Although there is no known issue to indicate safety concern, if you have a memory foam mattress, you may need to check with the manufacturers whether it is okay to use heated mattress pad or a heated blanket.

Some mattress manufacturers do not recommend using heated mattress pads on their beds, while some do, so make sure you check whether your mattress can be used in the combination with either.

Heated mattress pads are as safe as the electric blankets, though there can be a fire hazard if the warming pad malfunctions. Because the mattress pad is fixed to the bed, if any overheating happens and there are no safety measures included in the product, the mattress pad can overheat the mattress and there can be a fire hazard.

This should not discourage you from getting a mattress pad, however, it is advisable that you make sure that you buy a good quality heated mattress from a reputable manufacturer that is safety tested and tried.


Overall, whether the matters pad is better than electric blanket, or the vice versa, is based entirely on a personal choice, lifestyle and needs. Electric blankets are portable and thus ideal for those who wish to bring their warmth around the house, but for those who prefer maximum warmth during the night may find the mattress pad more appealing.

In terms of warmth, you may fare better with a heated mattress pad, and we give a point to the electric mattress pad’s therapeutic heat qualities. In terms of comfort, you may feel more comfortable having an electric blanket and you may bring that comfort outside of your bed.

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