Elemental Magic Spells: Elemental Spells List and How to Perform Them

Elemental magic spells mean magic spells involving air, water, fire, and earth. Very few people can control one of these essential elements.

Although there are some people, who can control more than one of these elements. People who can control one or more of the essential elements are called masters.

In today’s post, we would be talking about spells. Spells that involve the use of at least one of these essential elements. So, use these elemental spells for your gains. But ensure you adhere to the instructions to avoid complications.

Before we continue, let’s understand the “what” and “why” of elemental magic spells. Later we would talk about the risks associated with elemental spell.

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What are Elemental Spells?

What are Elemental Spells?Elemental spells are spells that are cast with one or more essential elements. All the spells that are cast today involve one or two essential elements. You would agree with me that most spells are cast with either fire or earth or water and even air is inevitable.

An elemental spell that involves all four elements is usually so powerful. So, it is advisable to be cast only by masters. There are four basic elemental magic spells. Elemental spells include the water spells, air spells, fire spells, and earth spells. You can cast anyone of these elemental spells to get what you want. So, your want is what will determine the type of elemental magic spell you would cast.

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Why would you want to Cast Elemental Spells?

Why would you want to Cast Elemental SpellsElemental spells are most often cast because of how powerful they are. Most often, elemental spells are cast to solve severe problems. Elemental spells can be used to improve your life. Elemental spells require so little ingredients to cast. Elemental spells are used when all other spells seem not to be working. Most times, elemental spells should be the last resort to solving a problem.

Elemental spells are usually cast to solve a problem within a twinkle of an eye. When you want a spell that can solve your problem very fast, elemental spells is just perfect for it. When you cast an elemental spell, it goes straight to the root of the problems and fix it. Other spells would first locate where the problem is before fixing it. That’s why other spells take time to work. But an elemental spell would permeate your very being and fix the problem from its root. Some problems are so severe that only elemental spells can break the bonds.

The Risk Associated with Performing Elemental Spells

The Risk Associated with Performing Blessing SpellsAre there risks associated with performing elemental spells? Yes, some risks are associated with casting elemental spells. It is important to take extreme care when casting an elemental spell. Adhere by the rules to avoid complications when casting elemental spells.

The risk of casting elemental spells can be as expensive as costing you your life. Because of the severity of the risk, elemental spells are cast by masters. Take for instance, when you cast a water spell; if not done well you could get drowned. The same applies when casting other elemental spells as you can get consumed by the elements. So, if you are scared or having a double mind about elemental spells, do not try it.

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How to Cast Elemental Spells

So, after the discussions of what elemental spells are all about to let’s talk about how to cast it. We would be looking at how to cast four different spells. So,  let’s talk about the elemental spells in details.


The water spells is a type of elemental spell that involves you controlling water to do your will. Water is the essence of life. Without water, many things that exist will not exist. So, if you can control water, you can control most of the things on earth. The elemental water spell would help you achieve your desire to control water.

  • To cast the water spell, you would need to cast the spell with your hands in water. But please do not just go straight to a river to cast this spell. So, when you dip your hand in the water, you would have to say the water chant to gain control of it. The more you say the chant, the stronger your connection with the water.
  • The water chant goes like this, “water water, I call thee. Yield to my voice and do my will. Water blue as the sky. I control you with my mind.” As you say this chant wave your hand in the water. At the same time, you say the chant focus your mind on what you want to do.



The air elemental spell is another one of the elemental spells that work instantly. Air is found everywhere around us. So, when you cast the air spell, you cannot lack the critical ingredient for the spell. Although sometimes it might seem as though you are not making any progress with the air spell. But you have to keep giving it a try, and it would all come to you eventually at the end of the day. No matter what it is you want to achieve, the air spells would always be of help.

  • To cast the air spell, you may need to go to a location where you get exposed to much natural breeze. Preferably a mountain would be just perfect. When you’re there, you need to focus your mind on what you want to achieve. Make sure you get your mind ready and focus too. Then when you’re ready, say the air chant to start controlling the air.
  • The more you say the air chant, the stronger your connection would be too controlling it. The air chant goes like this:
“Air, cool breezy air, yield to my voice. I control you with my mind and control you with my body. Give me your powers, and I shall do with it as I will.” After saying this chant for some time, you’re good to go.



The elemental fire spell is one of the elemental spells you should take caution. You can hurt yourself if you do not cast the fire spell properly. Fire is the primary ingredient that is used in forming the foundations of the earth. Fire is used to reshape and reform things. So, you can use the fire spells to reform and reshape anything you want when you have control of it.

  • To cast the fire spell, you would need to have a fire source. The fire does not need to be so big. Just a small and moderate fire would be just perfect for the fire spell. But please be very careful, so you do not hurt yourself. You have to set the fire in front of you. Then stir into the fire.
  • At this stage, you have to say the fire chant. As usual, the more you say the fire chant, the more your connection would be. The fire chant goes like this,
“fire, fire, the burning flame of this fire, I call on your power and seize control of you. You are under my command, and you will obey me.” As you say this chant, make sure your mind focuses on the spell.



Let us look into the earth spells. The earth gives everything ground to grow and flourish. Without the earth, everything that exists would not exist the way they do.  The earth, on the other hand, can be seen as a medium that gives a breeding ground to life. So, having control of this means you can quickly get to the root of anything and do with it as you will.

To cast the earth spell,

  • you have to place your hand in the dirt.
  • Then you need to close your eyes and imagine your self covered by a thick forest.
  • Imagine your self with the earth and controlling it.
  • As you imagine you need to say the earth chant as many time as it would take to give you complete control.
  • The earth chant goes like this,
“Beautiful earth, give me my heart desire. Earth, earth, here I am, consume me and let me take control of you.”
  • Allow whatever emotions that come to your mind take control of you.



Casting elemental spells are so effective that it always works and are dependable. When you cast elemental spells, take caution because it is that powerful.

Don’t let yourself get consumed or overwhelmed when you start controlling any one of the elements.

Stay safe and control the elemental spells only when it is imperative. If you have doubts about casting elemental spells do not cast it.

Stay clear from the spell until you are bold enough for it. When you are bold enough used the elemental spell to solve your problems.

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