Eminem Net Worth 2019: Age, Kids, Wife, Career, House, Awards

What is Eminem Net Worth? His Age, Kids, Wife, Career, House, achievements

Title Description
Last Update 2019
Net Worth 2019 $210 Million
Real Name Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Occupation Songwriter, rapper, record producer, & actor
Date of birth October 17, 1972
Age 46
Height 1.73 meters
Weight 68 kg
Ethnicity American
Kids 3
Residence Warren, Detroit
Citizenship American
Source of Wealth Rapper/Hip-hop artist
Education High school drop out



Eminem, also known as slim daddy, is the undisputed king of rap music who had extremely humble beginnings. He is one of the best and wealthiest rappers of our time whose hit songs never get outdated.

The talented rapper exhibited an interest in music at age four. He first began rapping at the age of four, and when he became older, he further developed it’s rap skills which arose as a result of the rap battles he had in school.

According to IMDb, Eminem reportedly sharpened his skills by studying the dictionary to learn new words[1]. Although Eminem discovered his musical talent at a very young age, he had a tough time in school. He was academically not blessed and failed ninth grade three times, which made him drop out of school.

Rise to fame

After dropping out of Lincoln high school in ninth grade, Eminem focused on sharpening his music talent. At that time, the rapping industry was filled by black rappers who rejected Eminem because of his race. As a result, Eminem grew up in anger, which was evident in his first album, Infinite, released in 1996.

Having come from a musical family, Eminem started singing at the age of 14 after being recruited by several rap groups. Given that he was a high school dropout, Eminem knew that he could only earn a living a professional rapper.

Even though he only sold approximately 1,000 copies of his first album, Eminem never gave up, and he continued pursuing his dreams of making music.

In 1997, during the Rao Olympics in Los Angeles, Eminem caught the attention of several labels due to his incredible rap style, which was so unique.

In 1999, Eminem released her second album, The Slim Shady LP, which raised his fan base further. There was a significant improvement in the sale of his second album, which totaled to more than 10 million sales copies worldwide.

In his 2000 album, The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem sold more than 22 million copies worldwide. In 2002, Eminem had his first No. 1 hit with the song Lose Yourself. As his fame continued rising, he went on to release several more albums.

Professional Career

Eminem is among the few white rappers who have broken the glass ceiling to become successful in rapping, an industry that is mostly filled with black rappers. Eminem was a subject to racial hatred in the battle rapping within the US.

Before becoming a successful professional rapper, another issue that Eminem faced is that he was constantly bullied at school because of his small body, and found it challenging to make new friends.

But Eminem knew he was responsible for changing the game entirely and understood that his success rate relied on his hands.

As of January 2019, Eminem’s net worth stood at $210 million and the wealth is attributed to his hit songs such as “Not Afraid” and “Airplanes” which won him BET awards.

The talented rapper also has an impressive resume as far as acting is concerned. He has acted in films such as “The Wash 2001, 8 Mile 2002, Jumper 2008, and The Interview 2014.

Apart from raping and acting, Eminem spends a good time venturing into other areas. He has developed a mentoring program that aims to raise the careers of upcoming artists.

Since he gained fame, every song produced by Eminem has received positive reception, and as a result, music icons such as The Weeknd, Chance The Rapper, and much more have cited Eminem as the artist who influenced them.

Awards & Achievements

As a veteran rapper, Eminem has a lot of accolades in his more than a decade career. As of 2018, Eminem had won 15 Grammy Awards. Additionally, he had been nominated 43 times, and has also won honors from the MTV Video Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, among others. Eminem was also named the artists of the decade in 2009.

Just last year, 2018, Forbes Magazine named Eminem as no. 4 richest rappers. The magazine further named Eminem as the best-selling rapper of all time after selling millions of copies of his music during the 2000s.

Eminem net worth as of June 2019

With a net worth of $210 million in 2019, Eminem is among the richest rapper in the world, joining the club of Dr. Dre, Sean Combs, and Jay Z.

Eminem’s net worth has been boosted by sales of his music albums and collaboration with a number of veteran artists you can think about, including Ed Sheeran, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Drake, Justin Bieber, and much more.

Like many other celebrities, Eminem’s money doesn’t come from just music. He also makes money from endorsement deals and business ventures. The rapper also earns income as a producer, director, and writer.

Highlights of Eminem’s Career

  • Superbowl commercial for Brisk iced tea (2011)
  • Billboard Music Awards, an album of the year (2002)
  • Academy Awards (Best original song)
  • Brit Awards (Best International Male Solo Artist, 2003, 2004)
  • Best rapper alive (2008)
  • Billboard Music Awards (Artist of the Decade) 2009.
  • MOBO Awards (Best International Act, 2010)
  • Best Ra Album (2011)
  • Billboard Music Awards- Top Rap Artist (2014)

Eminem’s Family/Love Life

Eminem hasn’t had a smooth love life. He was married twice to Kimberly Scott, but they called it quit in 2006. Eminem has three daughters from different mothers; Hailie Jade, Whitney Scott Mathers, and Alaina Marie Mathers.

Eminem Net worth by Year

Year Net Worth
2019 $210 million
2018 $190 million
2017 $181 million
2016 $170 million
2015 $159 million
2014 $126 million
2013 $110 million
2012 $97 million
2011 $85 million
2010 $70 million


Assets Owned By Eminem

Love him or hate him, Eminem has defied all odds to become a successful rapper of our time. Just like other celebrities, Eminem has a taste for finer things, including jewelry, houses, and top-end vehicles.

  1. Ferrari 430 Scuderia [2]: – This is among the top range lavish car that Eminem owns. The car is estimated to cost $270,000.
  2. Ferrari 599 GTO [3]:– The car is estimated to be worth $371,000 and is only preserved for the small club of rich celebrities.
  3. Audi R8 Spyder: – The car is estimated to cost $143,000 and it’s considered a high-range vehicle because of the amazing features.
  4. Clinton Township Home: Eminem bought the house in the early 2000s at the cost of $1.5 million. This massive mansion boasts of state-of-the-art design and other luxurious amenities.
  5. Diamond Necklace: – The diamond necklace is thought to be worth $450,000, and Eminem gave it away at a concert to his die-hard fan.
  6. Rochester Hills Mansion: – This massive mansion was purchased over a decade ago at the cost of $2 million. The mansion has post-modern upscale amenities including parking slots for up to 12 cars.

Eminem’s Endorsement Deals

Apart from rapping and music production, Eminem has tons of endorsement deals that have boosted his net worth. Nike is the first veteran brand that Eminem endorses. The hip hop artist is often spotted wearing Nike brand, especially Nike Air Max 95.

Because of his close connection with Dr. Dre, Eminem is often spotted wearing Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. These stylish headphones were launched in 2008 and have become favorite among the people because Eminem always rocks them.

Eminem also endorses the Kangol Army cap which matches his outfit very well. Whenever he goes shopping, interviews, or in performances, the rapper often wears the cap to promote it.

The famous rapper also has a gorgeous dressing sense that blends his personality. He is a role model for most teens because of his incredible shoe game, sunglasses, and watches that he wears. As the hip hop star performs on stage, he is often spotted wearing G-shock watch and hoods.

Eminem and Philanthropy

Eminem has achieved celebrity status; he has wealth, assets, money, and fame. For one thing, he hasn’t forgotten to give back to the society that molded him.

Eminem heavily gets involved in philanthropy through his The Marshall Mathers Foundation that helps disadvantaged youth in his home state of Michigan. Through the foundation, funds and donation are provided towards supporting the youths in various ways and the intervention of emergencies and national disasters.

Additionally, Eminem is associated with UNHCR to support humanitarian work globally. Eminem donates annual contributions to the organization to help refugees and other humanitarian work such as food crisis, disaster, healthcare crisis, and other life-saving aid.

Facts about Eminem

  1. He has been in bad terms with the authorities because of some of the profoundly abusive lyrics.
  2. He is the fastest rapper alive and holds the Guinness world record.
  3. He used to be bullied at school and developed severe health complications. He overcame the bullying by dropping out of school to focus on music.
  4. Eminem is left-handed, and as the myth states, all left-handed people are a genius. That is the case with Eminem.

Final Words

Eminem Net Worth estimated to be over $210 million in 2019, the rapper has proven to be the most successful rap artist of our time. He’s inspired many artists with his career in music, and presently Eminem is one of the most respected figures in the rap industry.

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