What Will Make You End Relationship With Your Sugar Daddy

Ending a relationship is not an easy thing,  also in the sugar daddy and sugar baby world.
Let’s hear the voice from real sugar babies, what will make you end your sugar relationship?

What Will Make You End Relationship With Your Sugar Daddy


Answer 1:

Well, basically, if my sugar mama wants me to do some stuff I don’t wanna do, like take a strap on, fuck a guy, any sort of gay stuff, isn’t going to happen.
If the money stops coming in, well, that would end the sugar relationship too, because I’m no longer getting the benefits I want, so I’m not going to continue giving up benefits if I’m not getting mine.
Plain and simple.

Answer 2:

I’ll end it if they ask me to do ridiculous things especially if I’ve said no. Plain and simple. No good communication? No-go.
If they pressure me or rush on something? Guess what? DONE. I currently can’t travel to meet up with them so hopefully, they’ll understand that I can’t come and see them I don’t have my license, nor do I have my temps.
If they won’t leave me alone about coming to see them, after they know I can’t, well, it’s goodbye.

Answer 3:

Pressure in a situation I’m not comfortable with, disrespect, abusive behavior, etc.
As long as, between us, we can create a safe and happy environment where we can both enjoy the situation/relationship and are happy in the agreements made then there should be no room or disrespectful behavior or to make the other person uncomfortable.
This is a standard I would assume but of course this is over time and must be discussed in the beginning as well as values and wants.

Answer 4:

If my sugar daddy disrespects me or asks me to do something I’m not comfortable with and keeps pushing me to do it.
That would make me automatically end the relationship.
I don’t like being pressured or forced to do something so I won’t continue to talk to you if you keep doing these things to me… that really concerns me when they do. I mean it just ruins everything.

Answer 5:

There are lots of possible things to make me end a relationship.
If my daddy were to treat me as a sexual object or disrespect me sexually I would want to end it.
If my daddy were to cheat on me or try to entertain other females while we were in a serious relationship, I would want to leave.
Another thing that would make me want to leave is if my sugar daddy were to force me into sexual things I’m not okay with doing.

Answer 6:

Overstepping boundaries. I feel as though it is extremely important to set limits on a new relationship like this.
There is no wiggle room for a level of disrespect of that boundary. Also, this is a give and takes relationship but you have to keep it 50/50.
Make sure it is fun and fair to both of you. Communication is a big part of it, as a normal relationship.
How can you feel great.oif you aren’t 100% comfortable.

Answer 7:

If my SD can’t be honest with me is the biggest thing.
All I ask for is honesty, you’ll get a whole lot farther if you just tell me the truth. Communication is next.
I know SD has very busy schedules, but if you can’t find the time during the day to send a quick text or call then it’s not gonna work.
I don’t expect you to be able all the time, but I do want to know you’re thinking of me throughout the day.
Another thing is disrespectful speech or actions. We are both adults, there is no need for either of us to act disrespectfully towards one another.

Answer 8:

For me, multiple things can make me end my relationship with my daddy.
Like communication, if we don’t communicate I don’t see us going forward as communication is the key to a healthy relationship.
Secondly, I need him to treat me right not to treat me like some kind of trash.
He must show that he respects me & make me feel wanted and appreciated not like I’m forcing myself to him.

Answer 9:

I ended the first (virtual) relationship after he didn’t give the sugar we talked about before.
That was a dealbreaker and he didn’t explain why or didn’t send it later. Without a word, he vanished and that made me angry.
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry xD In a face to face relationship the rules are the same as in a non-SB/SD one. Respect, communication, time…if he doesn’t respect my wishes and boundaries, I’ll shoot him on the moon.

Answer 10:

What would make me end my sugar relationship??…. Well for me it’s not being able to keep your word on what you tell me.
I don’t like liars so just be straight forward with me. Lying to me would get you dropped like a five dollars foot long.
I don’t like being forced to do things that I don’t like or want to do. So I would have to say being too forceful and a liaison is why it would not work for me.

Answer 11:

Well, I don’t like to be pushed into doing anything that I would t want to do. I hate it when I get lied to, ignored, or no affection.
I’m not into anyone who does any hardcore drugs either. It’s a complete deal-breaker If there is someone else if they don’t get along with children, not a dog person, or travel a lot without any contact.

Answer 12:

If my sugar daddy wanted more than agreed or if he cheated. An agreement must be put in place so we both know what the expectations are.
If he breaks that agreement then that’s it. Abuse would also make me leave. Verbal, physical, sexual.
Any kind of abuse in front of people and neglect. If I am not getting what is agreed out of the arrangement there is no need to stay.

Answer 13:

I’m pretty straight forward and understanding, however, I am not a prostitute or escort I’m not here to sell sex or myself.
Mutual respect is something I’m very big on and in ANY type of relationship, this should always be a foundation.
If I was to be disrespected in any shape or form will cause me to end it or asking for actions that are not of me or my nature.

Answer 14:

Not much would make me end it short of a few things. Such as but may not be limited to lying, disrespect, the pressure to do things I am uncomfortable with, and disregard for others.
As long as they are the person they originally presented to me and we both make each other happy and comfortable in whatever way we choose to…then I would keep the relationship going until we both decide it’s run its course.

Answer 15:

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest thing that would force me to end my sugar relationship would be an overly controlling sugar mama! While submission is acceptable in some cases.
It would be very unhealthy to involve myself in a controlling situation with an individual who lacks the ability to compromise and uses sugar as a method to ease a challenging situation.

Answer 16:

What would make me break up with my sugar daddy, would be either cheating or abuse will not stand for that and I will not stand to be lied to and messed around on because if you want something serious then you need to focus on our relationship I’ve been through it all so I’ve learned my limits sometimes you just have to walk away but as long as there’s no abuse and cheating then everything’s great.

Answer 17:

What would make me end the relationship is if my sugar daddy pushes me to do things I don’t feel comfortable doing, and doesn’t expect too much from me, I need my space but another thing that will make me leave is if he is with me for sexual reasons as I am not a sexual person by nature and I’m still a virgin and would like to keep it that way until I trust a guy completely.

Answer 18:

Pressure. I don’t want or like to feel pressured into uncomfortable situations. I want somebody that I can talk to and they can talk to me.
Don’t make me feel like I have to show you something in order to get your attention.
I know my worth, and if you’re going to make me take off my clothes in exchange for attention, I’ll just find somebody else to talk to. It’s all about respect.

Answer 19:

I think if my sugar daddy wouldn’t be able to satisfy my financial needs it would be an end and I want him to respect me totally.
He shouldn’t force me to do anything that I don’t want to or he should not treat me like anything. So if he does that it will be the end for us.
Whatever he does and all we both should be agreeing to it. But the most important is money and respect.

Answer 20:

This is very simple….someone who has a mindset that they “own” me. Or believe they have “paid” to belittle or abuse me!!! I am me!!! I love me!!! I’m not willing to be somehow “bought” out of my personal beliefs attitudes or opinions …
The idea of paying me to change is gonna get you NOWHERE!!! I’m secure with what I’m doing for my own personal development and have no interest in changing the path I’m on!!

Answer 21:

I’d say any type of violence, physical or verbal. That’s the top one for me. Also if my SD doesn’t want to or can’t understand boundaries I’m gonna call it quits.
I don’t expect love but respect is golden. Respect for others’ rights is peace!! No respect no sugar. But not everyone is on the same page, some SD gets burned like that. That’s life though . . .

Answer 22:

wow I mean I feel like this is only going to be a repeat of others. If I feel disregarded by him I will not be happy and if after communication is felt and nothing changes I will leave the relationship.
If I feel afraid because he becomes violent, aggressive, or abusive, I will leave the relationship.
If I feel disrespected by him and he doesn’t apologize and change I will leave the relationship. The same thing with cheating.

Answer 23:

I would end and have ended sugar daddy relationships, because of only a few things.
First, if any situation seems like a money-laundering scheme I would end the relationship and report the daddy.
A second thing that would cause the relationship to end is if I found out that he had lied about his information or that their pictures were fake. I usually would stick it out.

Answer 24:

When a person makes you feel uncomfortable that’s when you start to want to get out of that relationship with the person.
Also if the person is stingy with his money or dates or anything, in general, it probably will most likely not work out.
I would love someone who gives more than takes and that’s what it takes for someone to keep me around 100% of the time.

Answer 25:

If he uses foul language with me like S***t or B***tch intentionally and unapologetically that will definitely make me leave.
If he treats ever hits my son and hurts my son in any way. If he disrespects me in front of my peers and my son I will leave.
If he chooses to have multiple sugar babies and doesn’t let me know and I find out for myself that will be the time I will leave.

Answer 26:

I’ll end the sugar relationship if it’s solely based on sex or if he starts making me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
No amount of money is worth your life or safety.
Also, I’d end the relationship if he starts getting aggressive or making threats. That is a big red flag that shouldn’t be taken lightly. And also I’d end it if he falls short on his promises!

Answer 27:

I think that the only reason I would end a relationship is that I sense some kind of danger or that we aren’t compatible anymore.
I mean, I would do my best to keep my sugar daddy pleased but sometimes it just doesn’t work out and we shouldn’t force it.
It would be a shame if it ended too soon but I would make the most of our time together and treasure it.

Answer 28:

If there is any dishonesty in our sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship I would end it. I tend to give people chances however I understand some people can take advantage of someone like me.
I am personally a very loyal and honest person and these virtues are very important to me. I seek this in all relationships.
Trust would be broken and we all know how this goes. People should be honest.

Answer 29:

Basically when my Sugar Daddy won’t be able to pay the amount of attention that I need. I love to get spoiled a lot.
And of course, if his liquidity ends. Oh and I’d totally end the relationship with my Sugar daddy if he’s disrespectful and just treats me like I’m one of 100 girls.
He should never stop treating me like a princess/queen. Think we can all relate.

Answer 30:

For me personally, I’d end the relationship between him and I if he wanted to do something that I was not comfortable with.
There are other little things that would cause me to end the relationship as if I feel like I’m pulling teeth to have a conversation with him or if he has lied to me.
If he lies once then I’ll think about if he will lie again…

Answer 31:

Somethings that would make me end a relationship with a sugar daddy is being pressured into doing something they know I would not to do.
If they are unaware of the fact that it would make me uncomfortable I can not blame them for asking but I
refuse to be disrespected if they already had the previous knowledge.
Also, lying. Whether it be about finances, who else they are “seeing”, or really anything.

Answer 32:

I think for me, I would end things if there was disagreement about what the relationship was, or if my sugar daddy asked me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with.
I believe that this relationship is a two-way street and that it should be mutual, so if there are differing ideas on what the relationship is or one person doesn’t want to be in it anymore that it should end like any other relationship.

Answer 33:

For me to end my relationship with my Sugar Daddy would have to be something serious like trying to force me to do something I don’t want to do. Lying to me and not being honest.
Being in a relationship means you have to trust each other but once the trust is broken it’s hard to get back. You can’t buy your way back in when you have messed up something good.

Answer 34:

Personally and honestly if a sugar daddy decides to do things I am not comfortable with them I won’t want to continue a relationship with that person.
I also would not want to continue if they were trying to force me into behaviors or activities that I don’t want to be a part of. Or if they start acting obsessive or “creepy”.
I feel like in those cases it is better to walk away and save more conflict.

Answer 35:

I think if it is a real sugar relationship, not a scam, etc what would end it is a sd not respecting boundaries and rules.
I don’t personally mind if they lie to me, even though I prefer they don’t.
I don’t mind them having other sugar babies. I don’t mind getting “underpaid”, but my boundaries need to be respected.
Online another note if I no longer need the extra help, I would tell them, and ask them to remain friends and such.
Remaining friends is important to me.

Answer 36:

What would make my relationship end? Good question, for me it would be a couple of things. Him asking me to do anything outside of my comfort zone repeatedly.
I don’t mind the first question because how well he know if not asked, but if I say no, then table it. If I bring up as something to explore then okay, we can talk.
Another thing is asking for pics of anything related to piss or poop……yuck yeah no thanks. And being an ass.
I’m not talking about being assertive and knowing what you want I’m talking about calling names or being rude.

Answer 37:

If I get pushed too far out of my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying new things, but to an extent. If my sugar daddy is constantly persisting me to do something I’ve repeatedly said I’m not comfortable doing, then I will end our relationship.
That will just show me that you do not care about my feelings or the way I feel towards a certain situation.
In the end, it’s all about respect, so if you can’t have respect for me, then we’re done.

Answer 38:

I’m very picky and would end a relationship for many reasons! I would want someone who is honest and respectful above all.
If I was asked to do anything I’m not comfortable with I would expect my limits to be respected, and that
not being true is a complete deal-breaker for me. I would also potentially end relationships if I’m not receiving enough special attention from my Daddy.
I want to be important to you and treated like a little treasure.

Answer 39:

I would end things if he was pushy or dishonest. I think boundaries are important! If my SD were to push my boundaries, that would be the end.
Honesty is key in ANY type of relationship whether it’s friendship, SD/SB, dating, etc.. Also, possessiveness is a big no-no for me.
I will have friends and a life outside of our arrangement. I hope he has a life outside of us as well!

Answer 40:

I think a few things spring to mind, for instance, if he was pushy with things not in my comfort zone then I would have to end the relationship.
Being rude is another big no go for me, I don’t think there is much need to be rude or disrespectful and that’s one thing I don’t tolerate.
Constant let downs on plans and lying would also push me towards ending a relationship!

Answer 41:

One reason if you fall in love knowing that that relationship will never blossom you have to learn to walk away say thank you be appreciative for all the toppings and all that you’ve had together and be able to pull yourself out of it that be one reason another reason if the person’s aggressive abusive that’s just sick and that’s unhealthy and it needs to be small enough to walk away and the last reason that you can walk away from a relationship with a sugar daddy it’s taking its toll it’s time the relationship is and it sometimes you grow apart.

Answer 42:

Usually, a change in circumstances is a reason for an arrangement to end, or in a more non-ideal scenario, boundaries being crossed or being disrespected in a manner that I believe to be intentional.
If the personal needs of one of us change and can’t be met by the other person, that would be a reason to end things, but I think it is all dependent on the situation.

Answer 43:

Breaking our original agreement without a conversation. Lying is a for sure no. I’m honest to a fault and if you can not be the same with me then that’s a red flag.
Definitely disrespecting my space and my time. If I’m not comfortable with something, which is rare, and you are not empathetic to that and try to force me into a situation I’m not comfortable with, I will definitely end things.
All it takes is a bit of communication and if the communication isn’t there, that’s a problem.

Answer 44:

If my sugar daddy asks me to do something that I don’t really want to do, I’ll end up the sugar relationship.
Because if my sugar daddy pushes me for things I have not to agree with it will end it.
And if this relationship makes me feel bad, why would I stay?Being a sugar baby, I’m not only for money and I also want to be respected and treated nicely.
Crossing boundaries is the quickest way for me to end ANY type of relationship. I’m a very laid back and easygoing person and I don’t have too many lines to cross so when you cross them, I’m done. Another big one is lying.
It doesn’t take much to tell the truth. As long as you’re honest and respectful of any of the few limitations I may put on the relationship everything will be fine.

Answer 45:

What would make me end my sugar relationship would be any form of lying or pushing me to do something I don’t want to do. It’s all about comfort and honesty in a sugar relationship.
I also don’t like games so if you’re stringing me along and we never meet up and you keep messaging me to do things for you without any compensation, that is not something I put up with.
I aim to please my sugar daddies and mommies but within reason. If I make them happy, he/she will make me happy.

Answer 46:

If he insisted on me doing something I didn’t want to do /didn’t feel comfortable doing. If he tried to force me into things when I’m not ready.
If I’m feeling a lack of respect and equality. Any kind of sexism. Any kind of racism. Any kind of neglect for my feelings.
Inconsistency. Rude behavior, degrading behavior. Anything without my consent.

Answer 47:

I think for me it would be if my sugar daddy put me in a position I don’t feel comfortable being in. Or making me do something I don’t want to.
Also, I think any abuse of our agreement would add to it and lying. I’m a very honest person so that would be it for me.
Lastly, I think if I got into a serious relationship with somebody and I told them about my SD, if they were against it depending on how serious it is And what their reasoning is then I would.

Answer 48:

Personally, something that would make me end my sugar baby relationship with my sugar daddy would definitely be if my sugar daddy tries or tries to make me do something that I do not want to do especially if I’ve said no already before.
I understand that they are giving you money but they’re also getting things in return for that money except for things you don’t like.

Answer 49:

I would end with my sugar daddy if he does not send you money or spoils you at all. That’s a BIG no no.
Also, who are very cocky, not sociable, and forces you to do something that you are disgusted by or just not want to do at all.
It’s a simple thing to do, impressing your sugar baby is not hard at all because all we want is someone who is successful with money and who has the sweetest personality that will support you.

Answer 50:

Definitely, if I’m pressured into something I am not comfortable with or if the connection is offset and we cannot agree on anything.
I believe conversation is something that is very important when it comes to pursuing a companionship with your sugar daddy because if the conversation is stale and you cannot communicate with each other on an intellectual level it won’t work.

Answer 51:

Well, I fill that if my sugar daddy is abusive or all-controlling, that to me is a big flag to say step away from this daddy!✌
Life has thought me many lessons and one is that you treat people the way you would like to be treated, despite how much money one has.
In the end it “all comes back to you”. Taken from my all-time favorite singer Ms.Janet Jackson.

Answer 52:

What would make me in the relationship is if you stop helping me or about Bill like he’s taking care of someone else so much and is not relying mostly on me I feel like that could be the end of our relationship because I need help in the sugar daddy need help too so I can bill for fill his needs if he’s taking care of someone Else’s I will get jealous then end it.

Answer 53:

Well, If my sugar daddy asks me to do something that I don’t really want to do, I’ll end up the sugar relationship. Because if my sugar daddy pushes me so hard, I will feel uncomfortable.
And if this relationship makes me feel bad, why would I stay?Being a sugar baby, I’m not only for money and I also want to be respected by my sugar daddy.
Yeah, so if my daddy doesn’t respect me, I will end up this relationship. Also if I were to get in a serious relationship outside of this I would probably end it.

Answer 54:

What would make me end a relationship with my sugar daddy is if I am treated in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable.
Being a sugar baby, I’m looking for both money and a relationship. Why would I stay in a relationship that I feel uncomfortable in? My relationship with my sugar daddy should be of one with compassion and respect.
It’s these two things that keep a good and healthy relationship going.

Answer 55:

I think what will what would end it is the loss of trust 10 lost of communication and working together as a companion partner whatever you want to call it friendship but honesty is the best way to do A relationship so let’s keep it that way without trust there can’t be any type of relationship I think so but trust is earned quickly and can be taken away quickly。

Answer 56:

Sugar daddies disrespecting my boundaries! I want to respect him as should he respect me.
I would hope my sugar daddy would understand if I am uncomfortable with something. And if he isn’t then he isn’t the one for me. I want to have a positive experience and no negativity.
Another thing that would end my relationship would be if my sugar daddy was too aggressive.
Assertiveness and aggression are two different things.

Answer 57:

If my sugar daddy starts mistreating me that would make me and it. Like him talking down to me as if I’m a child or putting his hands on me in a way I don’t like would really make me want to end it.
But possibly the thought of trying to force me into doing something I don’t like or seeing other sugar babies behind my back would make me unable to continue the relationship.

Answer 58:

If the sugar daddy is not who they displayed to be will end the relationship quickly. Lying is a huge deal breaker as well as not clicking with the other person should be a deal-breaker as well.
You should never lead someone on, everyone has feelings no matter how much money they have.
Honesty is the best policy and without it, things will go south quick!

Answer 59:

Something that would make me end the sugar baby relationship is like if it’s just too awkward and weird for me and I feel uncomfortable around him I wouldn’t keep it going as I would just let them know like hey I don’t want to see you anymore that or if there’s just too much drama I don’t want to be in the middle of it also if we don’t connect very well there has to be a spark we’re I feel amazed by you.

Answer 60:

I would end my sugar relationship due to them lying and being fraudulent about who they are and what they are about, If I’m not feeling it I’m not faking it, Although money can’t buy happiness I’d rather do all my crying in a Porsche so I would consider the luxuries but keep it real or I’m keeping it moving! Another thing is they weren’t meeting my satisfaction and my needs for the life of luxury… there wouldn’t be any reason for me to be with him or her.

Answer 61:

I think in my case what would make me end the relationship would have to be either mutual disagreeing or simply the fact that the daddy is being too pushy to make me do things that I simply do not feel comfortable doing.
Daddy can have a say in what we do or where we go, but in the end, there have to be boundaries, and daddy has to respect the sugar baby’s limits.

Answer 62:

What it would take for me to end my relationship between my sugar daddy is if he is pressuring me to do something I’m not comfortable doing and will not listen to me if I ask him not to ask anymore because I’m not comfortable with it. They should be able to respect your boundaries and respect that you’re not going to want to do everything. I understand it’s their money, but if I don’t want to do it I don’t want to be pressured to do it either.

Answer 63:

If my daddy ever made me feel uncomfortable or ever pushed me to do something I wasn’t okay with doing, I’d try to talk to him first and if he didn’t understand, I would end it. 2, I would end it if he wasn’t holding up his end of the deal. 3, I entered a relationship with someone. 4, if it was a mutual agreement to end the arrangement. I hope I never have to lose my daddy, but sometimes it happens.

Answer 64:

Falling in love I would stop everything so I can be fully happy I love choosing something that makes you happy or if I fall in love with a regular person even if it no sex because I would feel bad for my partner because I know what I am doing and those are the only reason I would stop because I love being spoiled and money but I Will need it if I trust the person.

Answer 65:

Well to be honest.. if I don’t feel like we connected or if I don’t feel comfortable after talking or even meeting the person that would be good cause to end the relationship.
Also if we make it passed initial contact, if he asked me to do something that I didn’t feel comfortable doing I would end it as well. So basically if I don’t feel comfortable it’s over haha.

Answer 66:

I will end things without a doubt if my sugar daddy is disrespectful! Respect is a big deal in everything for me.
I am a very well manner educated and respectful girl, so I will expect nothing less from the person I am dating.
Also, I really dislike selfish people, so if my partner is selfish and all for themselves the relationship really will not work.

Answer 67:

One thing that would make me end my sugar daddy arrangement would have to be him asking for something that I couldn’t give to him or him asking something of me that I know I would not be able to bring myself to do.
Me personally, I wouldn’t be able to give him children or a full-on marriage until after I graduated from medical school. I would cherish my sugar daddy but I will not throw my dreams away for anyone.

Answer 68:

I think I would end the relationship if a. I don’t feel comfortable and b. if it’s going into a direction that I just don’t want it to go e.g. asking you to do things that are out of your “agreement” etc. Or when he becomes abusive whether it’s physically (which I don’t wish for anyone but there are a few peeps who had experienced it) or emotionally.

Answer 69:

Well, If my sugar daddy asks me to do something that I don’t really want to do, I’ll end up the sugar relationship. Because if my sugar daddy pushes me so hard, I will feel uncomfortable.
And if this relationship makes me feel bad, why would I stay?Being a sugar baby, I’m not only for money and I also want to be respected by my sugar daddy.
Yeah, so if my daddy doesn’t respect me, I will end up this relationship.

Answer 70:

Pushing boundaries that have already been agreed on. There’s nothing worse than doing something you don’t feel comfortable with so arguably the most important part of a sugar relationship is empathy. Is one person is arrogant and not understanding, it simply won’t work.
At the same time, there needs to be an interesting chat; someone thing to keep the relationship going.

Answer 71:

If my daddy becomes physically or verbally abusive I will leave him alone. I don’t sign up to be in a dangerous situation. I want to be treated like a princess, not a punching bag.
Also if my daddy stops taking care of me or says he’s running out of money I’m leaving.
I didn’t sign up for a broke daddy either. If my daddy has a crazy wife who found out about me I’m leaving.

Answer 72:

If things weren’t working out then I would assume that the relationship would end mutually. Or at least I’d hope so. There needs to be trust, friendship, respect, and companionship.
If those things aren’t brought to the type of relationship agreed upon then there would be a reason to end the relationship.
Of course, if your sugar daddy just plain ends it himself. What could you do? Right?

Answer 73:

Simple things can make me end a relationship with somebody I don’t think that I’m easy too upset or anger but a couple of things can really set me off like pushing me into things I don’t want to do or not understanding where I’m coming from I just can’t be in a relationship where I’m being controlled outside of the bedroom but if it’s behind closed doors I don’t mind talking about it.

Answer 74:

Dishonesty. No question. I’m a total easy-breezy kind of gal. Not much bothers me. But I can’t stand it when someone hides things from me or just flat out lies to me.
Cruelty is a deal-breaker too. Playing and teasing, talking dirty 😉 those are all in good fun, but intentional cruelty outside of role-playing is very unsexy.
That’s pretty much it for me. Basically just don’t be an ass and I’ll worship the ground you walk on. It’s all in good fun after all.

Answer 75:

I think, like any kind of relationship, respect is one of the key points. If I say no to something, an act my SD would like me to perform, and he continues to push… I would not be happy.
I think disrespecting me and harassing will be the end of the sugar daddy relationship. On the other hand, ignoring me would also end it.
I need attention but not to be looked after and stalked every minute of the day. Not enough space will be the end of it.

Answer 76:

There are numerous things that will either force or lean me to end a sugar daddy relationship.
Considering I have been through a few relationships there are key things I like and do not like. Some sugar daddy has more benefits then others (more money, more frequent visits, higher attention rate, and are more understanding) I’ve been in a relationship where I am forced to do all of the work.
If our schedules conflict too much, or they aren’t understanding or go against the agreement I am more likely to give up and/or leave the arrangement.

Answer 77:

What would end an SB relationship for me is if the SD was pushy and forced me into doing things that I was not comfortable with.
Also, things as simple as no chemistry or communication could end a relationship. Both people in the SB/SD relationship should be getting enjoyment and benefits out of it.
It is important that both people are satisfied and happy.

Answer 78:

Disrespect. Violence. Neglect. Are the top things that would make me end a sugar daddy relationship. Being
in any relationship where these things occur would have to end. Since I’m an open and honest person, I would expect the same from my sugar daddy.
Communication is important. It will only serve to strengthen the relationship between us and make it more fulfilling for both of us.

Answer 79:

DISRESPECT… The fastest way to end a relationship. LACK OF RESPECT. Lack of communication. Lying to me. I’m simple and honest and expect the same from anyone I meet.
The closer I let you in my world the more I EXPECT the above items from those in my circle. These are the high morals I hold for myself and expect it in return from you.
As simple as Truth and Honesty are they are hard to get from people today.

Answer 80:

For me personally, something that will end a relationship immediately is if there is lying involved.
An online app is such an easy way to scam others, which isn’t fair because so many people are on here to actually find something.
I have to be able to develop trust with you and if you can’t provide that and want to waste each other’s time, go to another app!

Answer 81:

It could depend on many things. Lack of trust, communication, respect, etc. A relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy is different from normal relationships but there are things that just cannot be different. Mostly the things I mentioned earlier (trust, communication, and respect) Then there should also be boundaries.
When one doesn’t want to do something, you cannot force someone to it. Something that would definitely put me off is when the person just isn’t a good person.
Whether it just them being rude to me or others or even them being criminals or extremely mentally unstable that’s something that I find uncomfortable.

Answer 82:

Unwanted sexual attention, pointing out all my flaws, bad hygiene, condescending attitude, any sort of repeated rudeness, dishonesty, being clingy, possessiveness, wanting to be involved in every aspect of my life, constantly wanting me to leave or call out of work because “I can pay you better”…the list goes on forever.
Daddies, this stuff can (and has) ruined otherwise perfect relationships before. Please be clean, be nice, and be respectful.

Answer 83:

There are a couple of things. Pushing past my boundaries of what I’m comfortable with, whether that be verbal or physical.
Disrespecting me either face to face or to others. No communication. Like I am fine with not being the only one but I sure as he’ll better know about the others.
And honestly, if he is boring. I can make my own money the type of sugar I’m looking for is the fun kind.

Answer 84:

There are a few different things that for me would signify needing to end a Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship.
One of those things would be if my Sugar Daddy was lying to me. There has to trust in a relationship even if it isn’t in person.
Another thing would be if my Sugar Daddy stopped communicating with me well or ignoring me.
One of my biggest pet peeves is being ignored so that would be a 100% no go.

Answer 85:

A few things that would make me end my sugar relationship are: (1). Daddy is disrespectful (2). I’m being forced into something that I don’t want to do (3). I’m not being taken care of as I deserve (4).
Daddy does not mentally stimulate me or holds my interest (5). Daddy is overbearing and too controlling (6).
Daddy doesn’t make me feel special like the princess I am.

Answer 86:

Things that would end the relationship would be lying to me in any fashion. Being abusive whether it is mentally or physically.
Poor communication skills as in not being interested or someone that’s hard to talk to. I like to have fun and I love roses …i just want a daddy that wants to love on me and shower me…and can tell exactly what he wants.

Answer 87:

Hmm…. If he tried to “own” me because of financial situations. Which I would NEVER let it get like that. But, yes. HUGE deal breaker. I wear what I want. Do what I want. If we decide to tale it further romantically, yes. He may have a day but not the final word.
That has to be earned. Maybe that’s just me, but I like a level of trust without the money before being “owned”.

Answer 88:

If respect isn’t given back, if someone makes me incredibly uncomfortable, or if the chemistry just isn’t right.
Also if it begins to get awkward, honestly I feel like it’s mostly so situational and with me, it’s always a discussion before the end.
I feel like it’s supposed to be two-sided and as my SD you deserve to know how I’m feeling too, so whatever issues I have you’ll always know.

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