EuroChef Air Fryer 2.2L Review

Do you want an honest EuroChef Air Fryer 2.2L Review? Watch me rip apart this fryer. The features I like/Didn’t and my honest verdict.

When Coco Chanel said that you need a little black number, I have a strong suspicion she was talking about this guy.

The EuroChef Air Fryer has a distinctly sleek and smooth feel with its classic black exterior. This potent kitchen partner once again harnesses the power of the newest convection technology in order to bring you healthy, deep-fried foods with a crispy exterior and a soft and succulent center.

As with every new air fryer that makes it onto our shopping aisles, we were eager to take this one out for a “test drive”. Here’s our take on it:



  • Go With the Flow
    They’ve done it again! The circular convection technology ensures that the airflow stays consistent and, this, in turn, ensures that food cook through evenly.
  • Super Simple
    Have you ever had that sneaking suspicion that you must be doing it wrong when something seems too easy or simple? Well, you can expect that feeling when you start playing around with this appliance. We found it so easy to use that we barely needed to look at the instructions. It’s pretty much self-explanatory just by looking at it.
  • When You Can’t Stand the Heat…
    There have been a few murmurs that some air fryers emit a lot of heat. Whilst a little bit of extra heat is welcomed in winter, things can get a little too hot to handle during summer. The EuroChef doesn’t seem to have that problem at all.
  • More than Enough
    You’ll be surprised what you can pack into this puppy.  If you’re a Tetris champion you will easily be able to make meals for the entire family. We (and we are not Tetris champs) managed to squeeze in anything between 4-6 pieces of meat.
  • New Generation
    This product leads the way to a new generation of healthy fryer cooking. Most of its cooking is done without using any fat or oil whatsoever and, when necessary on the (very) rare occasion, requires only a tablespoon to create the perfect deep-fried meal.
  • Skip the Drive-thru
    In a hurry? Now you don’t need to rush to your nearest takeaway joint, and you can give your conscience a break with a fast, home-cooked meal. We made fries in an average of 9 minutes and an entire chicken was roasted in about 30 minutes.


  • Cleaning Calamity
    As with most of the fryers, we found that this one was no exception when it comes to cleaning the basket. Even though the parts and utensils are manufactured to clean easily, we always struggle with the basket.
  • What’s the Difference?
    We couldn’t help but compare and ask the question: Is this a copy and paste version of the Philips Viva that has simply been rebranded? The similarities in product features and design are overwhelmingly obvious. However, for such an attractive price – we aren’t complaining!
  • Tray Trouble
    They say you learn from your mistakes, and we certainly did. Please remember to put it on a flat surface before releasing the tray or you’ll drop the base.

Product Features

Circular convection technology - EuroChef air fryerThis fryer has incredibly basic and easy to use product features (just don’t make the mistake by thinking that this makes it less efficient than a fryer with fancy knobs, buttons, and screens).

You can set the temperature and time as you please with its simple controls. It has an automatic shut-off function (or a forgetful function as I like to call it).

The cooking utensils and parts are dishwashers safe to keep dishwashing anxiety at bay. This product comes with a separator and a roasting rack.

The separator enables you to cook multiple foods simultaneously and the roasting rack is especially handy when it comes to cooking chicken.


Price and Value for Money

EuroChef 2.2L Capacity
In this case, it’s not the more expensive appliance that’s the most effective. This fryer is very affordable compared to a Philips or a Tefal and the quality of its cooking is a nice surprise if you thought the cheaper price predicts its performance.

We’re also very impressed with its customer care and how the manufacturer handles any potential issues with their products.



270 mm wide x 310 mm high x 350 mm deep.



This sleek operator has an outstanding cooking capacity of 2.2L.


What Can You Cook?

healthy air fryer EuroChef
Everything. I honestly think we were so surprised and impressed that we started pushing the boundaries almost into the realm of the bizarre.

We made chips, chicken, samoosas, schnitzels, spinach and cheese pasties and even though it’s well known that a fryer isn’t made for baking cookies, we made some Anzac biscuits that weren’t bad at all.

Those of us with toddlers couldn’t get them to stop eating our chicken nuggets, and it was clearly their favorite finger food.


Final Verdict

We judged a fryer by its price tag. When we entered testing, we were sure that the quality of this fryers’ cooking would be as basic as its control panels.

We couldn’t have been more wrong! This was one of the fryers we had the most fun with and I would definitely recommend purchasing this appliance.

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