Falling in Love With Sugar Daddy?

Falling in love with sugar daddy? Is anyone has the same answer with you? Let’s find out:
Falling in love with sugar daddy
Answer 1:
Falling in love doesn’t have to mean one certain thing. people love their friends, their family, if I were to love my sugar daddy, it’d likely be a platonic love affair. I love people that I grow attached to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I love them as my significant other. I do believe I could fall in love with my sugar daddy. But i don’t think i would ever be able to love him/her as a person I could potentially marry. I’d be too concerned with the doubt that maybe i grew to love him for his money. Not who he is as a person. I know its unlikely the case, but I would always doubt myself.
Answer 2:
You can’t help who you fall in love with And a sugar daddy would be easy to love They spoil you treat you right take care off you they are kind generous… what’s not to love If you don’t feel your self starting to love your sugar daddy I’d say he wasn’t doing his job properly. There’s lots of types of love and I don’t think Loving your suga daddy is wrong.
Answer 3:
With the right sugar daddy, yes! It’s hard to judge sometimes because they normally have more than 1 sugar baby or they are married. But for the select few who are just with that one SB I can see no problem with falling in love with someone who is there for you and supports you in any way he can. I would say that falling in love isn’t one of those things you can really chose to do but it would be nice if the SD or SM had the same feeling or affections on the matter.
Answer 4:
No one can control what their heart decides to do. With that being said i would try not to due to the fact that our relationship is a contract and can end at any time. I would want to be open with my daddy, i always believe in complete honesty, if a daddy and i were to pursue a relationship, it wouldn’t mean anything if it was built on lies or secrets.
Answer 5:
Your heart is it own mind and if you fall in love with SD there is no law saying you can’t find love I think that would be the greatest thing that could happen to any one is to find true love ❤️😘 who care where or how you find live what matter most is that you both love one another and respect each other that is what counts not how you found it just be happy that you found some to to love and be Happy 😄😂 .
Answer 6:
Would i fall in love with my sugar daddy? Well obviously that isn’t the plan at first but I can’t help who I fall in love with if it’s my sugar daddy and it’s meant to be then so be it I mean he already knows a lot about me becuase I would have had a connection with him already. he is also supporting me so if I fall in love with my sugar daddy then so be it.
Answer 7:
There’s no way of knowing if you will or won’t, nothings wrong with love, as long as it’s mutual. I’m not looking to fall in love but if it happens hey it happens. Someone would have to be a damn deity to make me fall in love though, I am not an easy nut to crack and I love money but it doesn’t make me fall in love with the person who has the most of it.
Answer 8:
Yes!!! Especially if he treats me right and spoil me more than I spoil myself. Once again im a sucker for love and a hopeless romantic who is also looking for love so anything is possible. You have to be a special type of person for me to fall in love with you tho because I can love the idea of you and everything you do for me but still won’t love you so yes you have to win my heart and mind.
Answer 9:
Its happened to me before. We had an arrangement at first with a weekly allowance.. agreed to keep it strictly arrangement..no strings attached.. go out once a week to dinner or drinks..not bring each other around our children..and just be laid back company. Well that didn’t last long at all. Before I knew it he met my daughter and I met his kids..not to mention his daughter called me mom.. he told me to move in..we planned trips together. Laughed constantly. Talked on the phone for hours..it was perfect.and I fell in love with him so fast. Best thing ever.. I deleted my sugar daddy account within the first week.. and he broke my heart and tried talking to my best friend.
Answer 10:
If it were to happen it would be very nice since it would be a very different relationship in terms of maturity and experience. In my opinion I would not close the doors of my heart if it is for a serious relationship. Who knows, everything can happen if there are true feelings and agree things in common.A mature person who knows how to treat you well as a woman is important.
Answer 11:
I would like too an that would be a dream, bt in reality it may or may not happen. I am a hopeless romantic so I can only hope for the best and aim high set my standards higher. He is out their and yes I do want to fall in love and to have it given in return, what woman doesn’t want to marry the man of her dreams. I hope to share the same morals, values,and respect and to marry my best friend.
Answer 12:
Who’s to say if we’ll fall in love or not? Most on this site are not looking for love but sometimes that’s when love finds you. I don’t think it wise to fall in love under certain circumstances. If someone is married or not willing to be out in public with you. You probably would be best off not falling in love. Love can be hard and just happen. If I was to fall in love I would be honest with my sugar daddy and tell him my feelings.
Answer 13:
To fall in love shluld happen naturally. If it does and hopefully it is neutral, great! Playing the field until you land in the right place is good but if there’s magic between the two of you, Awesome! Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves it. I am always open to see where things go in the love department with the right person and I hope SUDY puts us together.
Answer 14:
Yes! because we are a human and a human have their own feelings personally i’m as a human have my own feeling and i’m so easy to fall in love with a person who cares about me and have good personality and i’m a type of girl who believe with ‘love at first sight’ so, fall in love are so easy for me and there is no rule not to fall in love with your sugar baby or sugar daddy so i think there is no problem to fall in love with your sugar daddy or sugar baby 🙂
Answer 15:
So, I have an opinion on this, but a personal belief specifically for myself as well lol. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to fall in love with your sugar partner. Actually, it could be a great thing obviously if it’s consensual. There has to be a connect lion in the first place for any sort of sugaring relationship yo ensue son it makes sense… BUT I personally keep my relationships more on the business sort of things only because I have a dedicated personal relationship currently that is Open to sugaring. Almost like a personal escort for hire lol.
Answer 16:
You never know who you can fall for. But for me sugaring is more of an business arrangement. Not to say that I can’t develop affection for somebody, but the reason that I’m doing this is financial. I’m a very caring person so it’s not like I’m just after somebody’s money, I do want a mutual connection. But love is a totally different thing, and I think it would take me a lot to get to that point with a daddy.
Answer 17:
Its depend on the rules. If from the first start my SD rules is not to falling in love with him, then i will not. If he said its okay, i will not close the chance, but i should me more conservative. Everything should be set on the first rules. The more its clear the better it is. Can i not falling in love? Yes i can. I will follow the rules.
Answer 18:
I’m definably not opposed to the idea. Life is Short! You have to grab happiness where you can, even if it is found in unconventional means. I truly believe you can’t control what your heart wants, no matter how strong willed your mind is, you will keep graduating back to what your truly want. And why deny yourself a chance at happiness? That’s just silly to me! One life to live, do live it to the fullest. .
Answer 19:
Love is not something that can be forced nor controlled. There is always a possibility that either party may fall in love with the other. If that happens I can only assume that i have fallen in love with that person for three reasons: the way they treat me, their personality, and the way i feel when they are not there. Of course I am pretty blunt and honest. If that happens I will let them know and emotionally will have prepared myself for the possibility of rejection. If I am not rejected and they feel the same….well then their goes your hilarious and possibly dinner party story of “how we met 10 years ago”.
Answer 20:
It depends. I mean no one decides that I want to fall in love with my sugar daddy and stuff. Its gonna happen automatically and no one can stop it. In my opinion its not bad to fall in love with your sugar daddy but also its not a rule. So it depends how he treats me and all but I wouldn’t mind to say that I fell in love with my sugar daddy (if I did) of course the feeling should be mutual.
Answer 21:
There are no rules in sugar dating so falling in love with my sugar daddy can happen. Meaning that we both knew this might happen as falling in love don’t just happen it takes time, so if we both treating each other well, have a better understanding of one another & mostly enjoy each others company then we might fall in love. The most important part is whether you know what you want & go for it even against your friends advice..
Answer 22:
Honestly, why not? They’re human and I’m human. If it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t. There shouldn’t be a limitation pit on feelings. I truly believe that what may come can come and it shouldn’t be stopped. Will he live me back? Maybe not but that’s what happens. Life happens when you’re busy making other plans ,And that’s OK. At least that’s what I believe. .
Answer 23:
I’ve come close to falling in love with my SD. Even if it were the case for you to fall in love, I wouldn’t change the way you act so drastically to romantically interested. The key is to make your SD happy and comfortable around you. Only time will tell the way he acts and responds, he might begin to bring the idea up himself for a relationship.
Answer 24:
So I like to think about things like love astrologically. I am a Cancer Sign. I fall in love very easily. If the sugar daddy I have is very passionate and caring. He spoils me in ways I could never imagine and showers me with a great deal of amazing affection… I will fall for him. There is not rule that says I can’t. I will fall in love. Of course I already trust this man. Of course I already have a relationship with this man. Why can’t I fall for him? Why shouldn’t I? .
Answer 25:
This is a tricky question because we can’t control who we fall for. Sometimes it’s the most random people we end up liking and the people we thought we’d be together with forever end up drifting apart. So if you happen to fall in love with your sugar daddy just make sure the love is reciprocated!! Love is nothing to toy with and neither are emotions .
Answer 26:
I do think it’s possible connecting to a sugar daddy if both persons are in the same position, I would fall in love with a sugar daddy mostly cause it’s the type of men I like , successful, old fashioned, and mature of age. Their are no set of rules between a SD and SB but most sugar daddies don’t want a full committed relationships and some might, it all depends on them.
Answer 27:
I cannot say if I would or would not fall in love. There are so many variables that could make or break that question. For me to fall in love there would have to be an emotional connection he makes me feel warm and loved spine tingeling sex as well as trust. You have to have a level of trust that will allow me to let my guard down to fall in love.
Answer 28:
Will I love him? Yes, probably. Fall in love? I don’t know. When you spend time with a man who is taking care of you, taking you out, doing nice things for you, the reality is you will begin to love this person. You will start to be concerned for their wellbeing and make time for them. Falling in love is different and completely dependent on the type of relationship you form with your sugar daddy. If it happened to me I wouldn’t fight it unless I was told to!
Answer 29:
I believe that you cant help who your heart falls in love with an if that means while you are getting to know someone you first build a friendship an feelings will usually get involved. If you don’t get feelings involved then it means you are only in this for One reason an that’s it. If there is a connection with someone then yes there will be a good chance love will find its way!
Answer 30:
For me to say I wouldn’t fall in love would be a lie first of all I’m a woman we are emotional creatures second of all if you spend a lot of time with a person you develop feelings that’s the human instant so there’s no way for me to turn around and say no I wouldn’t fall in love that would be a lie and I don’t like to lie so as far as saying what I Fall In Love yeah that’s a big possibility but what I respect the boundaries and respect what the agreement or Arrangement is yes I would it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have feelings but you have to learn how to control your emotions.
If I was to fall in love with my sugar daddy I would do everything on my power to make it work. Love is not something that can be controlled. If my sugar daddy and I have a connection so deep to where we fall in love, it definitely was fate! Love is also not something you can run away from, you must accept love, cherish it and do everything you can to be with that person!
Answer 31:
Honestly all I want is some one who just wants to talk you know I’m not looking to fall in love with anyone the last relationship that I was in was a ten year relationship and it wasn’t a good one the man that I was with destroyed me in every way possible and I know that might have ruined it for some bit if I were ever to fall in love again him or her would have to prove a lot to me me my biggest thing in a relationship is honesty I hate being lied to I keep it real with everyone even if it gets me into trouble because honesty is is the way to go if you feel the need to lie to me don’t even bother saying hello.
Answer 32:
LOL that’s speaking a little too soon I do believe I believe in love at first sight but I’ve never been in that situation I’m very open-minded though so you never know I just want to take it one day at a time I like to meet someone I really like first before thinking about if I’m going to fall in love with them or not I’m pretty sure other people are thinking the same thing I’m thinking this was kind of a trick question.
Answer 33:
Well that’s not exactly something anyone can answer easily. I myself have not ever fallen in love with a sugar daddy, but maybe in the future I possibly will? You never know what’s going to happen. It really really r e a l l y depends on the daddy and the way I get treated. Two people could do the exact same thing and I could lose attraction to one for it and fall in love with someone else for the same thing. .
Answer 34:
It’s entirely possible. I mean if my SD is serious about being exclusive and makes it known that he loves me, plus showering me with gifts and allowance, I can’t say I wouldn’t fall easily 🤦🏻‍♀️. That’s the best type of Sugar relationship though. One where I can be totally invested in the other person but still never have to worry about money like it’s a thing.
Answer 35:
The heart decides really not the head when it comes to feeling love there is no logic it’s all feels like does this feel magical I would love to have fall in love with a sugar daddy to share and build something strong with that person I would hope things would go beyond looks and glamour and material that there a heart of gold a caring and mutual understanding of love and respect.
Answer 36:
I think that I can fall in lobe with my sugar daddy, but I am also one who can hold that to myself and show the no sign of love. But I just had the get from my sugar daddy from the beginning of what it is that he would like and want. A can accommodate the feeling of love having been in relationships that didn’t work out. As they say it only makes you stronger.
Answer 37:
Maybe if my sugar baby and I really had a connection. I would probably fall in love . If my sugar baby makes me feel wanted, special, important, & happy. I’ll fall in love. It’s all about the little things. Telling me I’m handsome. Letting me know how they feel about me. Always happy to see, or talk to me. I would hope my sugar baby falls in love with me too.
Answer 38:
I think it is about a mutual connection. Both parties need to know their place and if emotions change along the way they need to be communicated and acted upon accordingly. After all one doesn’t plan on falling in love. So since there aren’t any hard and fast rules it is all about going for the journey and looking forward to all the surprises that come with it.
Answer 39:
I think to ask if we would fall in love with your sugar baby a sugar daddy I think that would be a personal question that would be discussed between those individuals so I have to say I declined to answer that actually but just joking I would definitely fall in love to the right with the right person absolutely. Love is a beautiful thing and if you find the right person grab them.
Answer 40:
This is a tough one. No one can know if they will fall in love with someone or not. There is no magic ball that predicts the future so this is something that will be determined with time. Getting to know someone’s good side and bad side, spending time with them, being intimate, and connecting with someone will decide if and when you call in love, time is the key..
Answer 41:
Well I fall in love with him maybe I mean sometimes life just happens you can’t predict it or whatever like if I feel strong feelings for that person then I’m going to let them know and if he doesn’t feel that way then OK but I’m the kind of person who falls in love with someone so fast and the feeling is a rush and I would do anything for the person I love.
Answer 42:
It’s just like a regular relationship, you agree before hand that love or long term either is or isn’t on the table. I think it would be amazing to find love in a SD but I also know that a lot of them aren’t looking for that. My heart is my responsibility thought so if I start getting attached to a SD I know I shouldn’t I would probably end the relationship. If I know that’s something he may be open to I’d let my feelings grow organically.
Answer 43:
I most likely will not fall in love with my sugar daddy, but that’s because I can cut my feelings off from these type of things. Yes, I would have some sort of attachment to my sugar daddy but I don’t ever seeing myself falling in love with them because of the simple reason it’s not who I am. I don’t know how to really word this correctly, so this is coming out all wrong.
Answer 44:
I think it is definitely possible to fall in love with a sugar daddy. If there is a mutual emotional connection, daddy treats me well and has a high level of respect for me, I can fall in love with him. Though we did not initially come here for love, it is unpredictable and can be found when and where you least expect it. If daddy falls for me and I fall for who cares that we met on an app.
Answer 46:
The perfect fairy tale would be to meet someone for business reasons, become friends and then fall in love. But there’s no guarantee that will happen. Meet your sugar and hope for the best! Some sugar babies may only be interested in friendship or a business relationship. Sugar daddies should respect their decision and not let that get in the way of the relationship.
Answer 47:
Would I? Yes, of course. I’m not going to close myself off from the opportunity to find love just cause they started out as my sugar daddy. Wildly successful love stories have had far rockier beginnings. Will I? Only time will tell. Love, true and lasting love, takes time to cultivate. It needs nurturing and patience to grow. Lasting love takes a lot of hard work, but I am a very hard worker..
Answer 48:
You can connect with anyone, I think if you meet and automatically have a connection then there isn’t a rule that says you can’t date them. I like the feeling of knowing a guy I like is all mine and only mine because it’s the best feeling in the world. But if there just isn’t a connection then there is no rule saying you have to date a sugar daddy/baby.
Answer 49:
Honestly every person and every situation is different. You can vibe really well with someone but never fall in love with them. On the other hand someone can come out of left field and blindside you, and you fall head over heels the first time you talk, and progressively more every time you see each other/talk. Some personalities click, some don’t.
Answer 50:
That may well be a possibility. I personally am attracted to a personality over physical appearance. If there is a chemistry between us and my sugar daddy expresses another level of affection for me, then I will pursue a more intimate relationship with him. It really varies person per person. Now if I have these feelings, but my sugar daddy doesn’t, then our relationship continues as it was before.
Answer 51:
I know myself for who I am. And I will not fall in love with my sugar daddy. Why? I am a very schedule oriented person, sugar daddies provided a need to need basis for me in order to survive financially and sometimes emotionally. But I have difficulty falling in love with someone I may end up dating. Where a sugar daddy doesn’t provide that level of emotional stability. They may make it easier to spend time with, and to enjoy one another company but that emotional level is just something they are not able to provide for me.
Answer 52:
It really depends on many factors. The connection is the most important. Does the person have lots in common? Than there is already a big chance I will like him. Is he funny? The chance will expand even more. As a last factor is attraction. Lots of people argue about how one doesn’t have to be attractive for the other to fall in love with them, but I strongly disagree. Looks do matter. Whether you want it or not. He doesn’t have to be the most attractive man, but he needs something that you like about him. So in conclusion, if you’re cute, not a douche and we have thing in common, then the chance of me falling in love is quite big.
Answer 53:
There is no exact rule that says you shouldn’t fall in love. And we can never teach our hearts whom to love. If that happens, then I guess you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that it maybe only you who feels that way. You can’t drag a SD to fall for a SB just because he/she fells for him/her. You have to tame your heart and act wisely.
Answer 54:
Possibly. There is no definite yes or no answer. They might be the Prince charming I’ve always thought didn’t exist or we may just be having fun and don’t want to take it farther. It really depends on what my sugar daddy would want. If he’s looking for something like that then that opens up the channel for those emotions. If there are rules in place that its simply a “chill” thing then those emotions will never even cross my mind.
Answer 55:
Your heart and mind are not something that you can control as much as you think you can! You never know what’s going to come from a real Thai ship… especially a relationship between a Sugar Baby and her Sugar Daddy. I think that if I were to fall in love with my Sugar Daddy I would be okay with it because that means he’s treating me right and I need someone in my life like that. 💕.
Answer 56:
No because it’s strictly business and that’s it. I have never looked at it as anything other than business and some daddies might not like it but I get straight to business and that’s how it should be I have my life you have yours we meet up when we meet up and go our separate ways. Have a good night and message me daddies. I need a daddy to spank me.
Answer 57:
If I was to fall in love with my sugar daddy, I think it might be successful because we both knew what we are looking for at this point. He wants to satisfy my by any means necessary and I want to treat him the same way so he could keep me happy. As long as we both love each other it will work. I think I could fall in love with my sugar daddy if it’s fate.
Answer 58:
There is no rule that states you can’t catch feeling for your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. But there is always a point in the relationship that those feelings are talked about. No one likes feeling like they are unappreciated or unloved. It will always be easier to establish strict lines on emotional things that can’t be crossed if you aren’t completely okay with someone catching those feelings.
Answer 59:
The thing about this kind of relationship is that is just a form of relation, you could fall in love as much as you could keep it unpersonal, and you could keep it between you two as much as you could make it more polymorous. Love, sex, money and loyalty are things that variate depending on the people who participate in the relationship. I hope this helps.
Answer 60:
If something just so happens to spark between us that I know I would not like to lose then ofcourse I wouldn’t want to let it go. If we just so happen to fall for one another then so be it because there are no rules about feelings and who you can and cannot love. Your feelings just happens and it’s not really something you can just cut off completely.
Answer 61:
If we connect, we connect. I’ve learned over the years that love is easy, life and circumstance is what complicates it. I think the important thing is being honest with yourself, and communicating with your partner and setting boundaries. As well as having the confidence to renegotiate those boundaries. At the end of the day, if it isn’t mutual, it isn’t love(for me anyway).
Answer 62:
I don’t know. I’m not expecting anything from these relationships and arrangements but I could definitely see it being a possibility– if not for me then for other people. It’s very possible to fall in love with someone who pays you attention and makes you feel loved and cared for–whether it’s from the sugar and care of a Sugar Daddy or from the excitement and attention of a baby.
Answer 63:
If you fall in love with your sugar daddy then you are the luckiest girl ever! LOL. That would always be a dream to me. However it doesn’t always happen. If you find a sugar daddy you connect with so much that you love him, like I said you are very lucky. There is no rules saying you can’t fall in love I think falling in love would be the perfect ending honestly.
Answer 64:
Well love overall is something to be earned just like trust in which cannot be said directly because it is something that is earned and should be worked for but sometimes happen unexpectedly. Although sometimes we might eventually find that one special person who you can connect with. If I am treated right yes I know I’ll surely fall for the person.
Answer 65:
If two people end up falling in love then hey it happens. Isn’t the best type of love the love you weren’t looking for? I think it’s almost better that way. You can’t fight it if it’s really there & whatever is meant to happen will happen. So ya, if I ended up falling for my sugar daddy, I’ll probably fight it for a while & if he’s TrueType an awesome guy then I’ll give in.
Answer 66:
I get caught up super easily so I might actually fall in love with a daddy. Haha I’m just really into funny guys who are nice to me. So if they happen to be a funny rich man whose nice to me I may get some butterflies. I’m also into guys with pretty and feminine faces. So if they’re pretty funny and sweet that’s like a triple threat against my heart.
Answer 67:
Damn a hard question. I mean I consider my self really straight or no idea how to explain it, the point is, that that’s not for sure. It might be I can fall in love, it might be that I won’t fall in love, and actually I don’t have idea of what this depends on. But man, this is not something you can tell, or you can guess, this just happens or this just doesn’t.
Answer 68:
It all depends on the person, I can’t determine who I fall in love with. At the end of the day if I do end up falling in love that would be great, considering I got on this site to find love, yes I know that sounds so cliche but that’s what my heart is set on love. So yes if I fall in love that sounds perfect but ultimately I can’t make myself fall in love. It takes a special person and hopefully I can meet him.
Answer 69:
If it happens, then it just happens. I am not actively looking for love when it comes to looking for a sugar mommy or sugar daddy. However, if it does happen, I would be okay with it. Connections like that can certainly develop into more than just a casual thing. I would definitely be okay with taking things to a romantic level if both parties wanted that.
Answer 70:
I have no idea. I’m open to many different things really. And if love comes out of the relationship then I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Being open-minded is really really important for any kind of relationship. And if you fall for your daddy or baby then I see that as just an added bonus. If both people are into it then why not go for it, right?
Answer 71:
If we connect, we connect. I’ve learned over the years that love is easy, life and circumstance is what complicates it. I think the important thing is being honest with yourself, and communicating with your partner and setting boundaries. As well as having the confidence to renegotiate those boundaries. At the end of the day, if it isn’t mutual, it isn’t loved (for me anyway).
Answer 72:
There is no exact rule that says you shouldn’t fall in love. And we can never teach our hearts whom to love. If that happens, then I guess you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that it may be only you who feels that way. You can’t drag an SD to fall for an SB just because of he/she fells for him/her. You have to tame your heart and act wisely.
Answer 73:
I can fall in love with a sugar daddy if we have a connection and he is around a decent age. If he is really old, it would be me a lot harder for me to looking at the reality of things where things will go. It also depends on how comfortable you are with the other also including with general societal views. Some girls don’t mind the age at all for due to beneficial requirements.

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