Fiber Optic Pink LED Light up Shoes for Adults

Fiber Optic Pink LED Light up Shoes for Adults

Fiber Optic Pink LED Light up Shoes for Adults is a huge hit with combined technology with design. The shoes light up and can be worn in the night during a party or when doing a jig on the dance floor. They are perfect for night runs or night walks and occasions like birthdays and Christmas, and other festive seasons.

With a definite plus of the strobe, the lights glow brightly in a rainbow of options for colors to suit your taste. You can set it to flash all the colors alternately, quickly or slowly, or have the solid light. The switch button is hidden at the heel yet accessible at the same time.

The material on the upper part of these shoes is foldable and water-repellent. They can also withstand high temperatures. So, broken lights are an issue of the past. With high abrasion combined with the EVA Outsole, you have shoes that are built to last. They are very comfy to wear considering the inside of the shoe is invitingly soft, besides the overall shoe weight being unbelievably light. You will not tire yourself out even if you walked all day.

The shoes are presented in white, black or pink colors and are designed in varied, appealing patterns. The size range from 30/12M US KID to 44/12 B(M)US Women and 11D(M) US Men, ensures there is a size for everyone. Again, these shoes can stretch out to accommodate the different foot widths.

Besides being super easy to charge using the USB, the charge lasts up to 8 hours depending on the lighting mode you prefer after a 2 to 3-hour charge.

Cleaning these shoes is straightforward. A wet towel is sufficient for wiping the upper part of the shoe. A sponge eraser can additionally clear stubborn stains, after which the shoes should be dried in a ventilated location. Avoid soaking them in the water, though.

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Once you place your order, shipping occurs between 3 to 7 business days from the United States of America. Clients will receive their order by the 7th day since 2 of those days are reserved for processing and 3 for transit.

So who thinks an adult can’t have a pair of fun shoes? Fiber Optic Pink LED Light up Shoes for Adults are cool, and it goes without saying that you will get noticed in the neighbourhood as you will receive tons of compliments.

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