Fiber Optic White LED Light Up Shoes for Adults

A good pair of shoes does not only keep one’s feet comfortable, but they act as a statement piece. These light-up running shoes will make your feet look and feel good at the same time. Your feet will be thanking you as soon as you slip into the Sikaini LED Light-up shoes.

Crafted from a breathable, super lightweight material, these sneakers are perfect for walking or wearing all day to the office or mall. Furthermore, using fibre optic and waterproof soles means your feet will be in comfort from the minute you put them on to when you take them off at the end of the day. A lot of care went into the construction and design of these sneakers so that consumers will be satisfied, no matter the age.

The Sikaini Light-up sneakers come in various sizes, suitable for men, women, and children. For example, a EURO size 40 is a 7 M US and an 8 US for women. The website offers a handy sizing guide, so it is advised that those who wish to buy a pair follow the chart for appropriate conversions.

These sneakers are not like any other sneaker, and therefore, need to be taken care of with a slightly different method. For starters, do not clean these sneakers in the washing machine or fully submerge them in water because the LED light will be damaged. Instead, spot clean with a damp cloth to keep them fresh. It is advised that users do not wear these sneakers for contact sports like soccer or high impact sports like sprinting due to the sensitive LED bulb inside.

To engage the light mode in the Sikaini Light-up sneakers, turn the switch on to charge, and once finished, you can select from 11 different light modes to suit your mood for the day; the colors range from blue, purple, white, red, green, orange, and so many more.

Children and adults can have fun selecting a favorite color to make a statement. These sneakers come with a free charging cable to keep the shoes lit every time you wear them. The sneakers should be fully charged by 2 to 3 hours and hold a light for 9 hours!

Where to Buy:=> iLED Shoes

Shipping is fast and efficient and takes 3-7 business days after being shipped out of the United States. The sneakers come carefully packaged so that nothing is damaged and the shoes arrive in pristine condition. Customers should be aware that if they order their sneakers on the weekend, they will have to wait until the following business day for the package to ship.

These sneakers make the perfect gift for a special someone or a gift to oneself. The variety of colors that are available on them make these shoes a stylish statement piece.

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