Finding Love Spells: White and Black Magic Love Spells

Are you deep in love and need a little spice in your romantic life? Do you wish to revenge on an ex-lover?

Do you desire to know if your lover is faithful to you? Well, keep on reading to find out simple white and black magic love spells that you could use appropriately for most situations that may arise in your relationship.

Before practicing any spell, you ought to be fully aware of the reason behind your actions. It is also noteworthy to consider casting positive love spells as they are the ones that come to fruition in most circumstances.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to fall in love with that person?
  • How deep is my love for the person?
  • Do I love the physical endowment or the person himself?

Benefits of using magic in love

There are numerous advantages that the use of magic might bring to a relationship. Some of them include:

  • It makes one a better person
  • Can improve a person’s character
  • Enables better understanding and communication between partners
  • Magic is possible of creating happiness, satisfaction, and balance between soulmates

What are White and Black Magic, Love Spells?

White magic refers to the kinds of magic that bring help to others – these may include health and healing magic. It is important to note that white magic spells can also destroy in equal measure.

Black magic, on the other hand, is portrayed as evil and bad. It focuses on fighting against someone, trying to manipulate who they are for a number of reasons.

A majority of love spells are considered to be white magic, but in a situation where such spells make a person desert their better half and move in with you, then it is black magic – you are acting against their will.

We will outline some examples of both white and black magic spells in love below.

Simple Love Spell

What you will need:

  • Candles
  • Roses
  • Your photo
  • Your partner’s photo

Follow the following steps.

  • On a Friday of choice, take your photo and that of your partner.
  • Light up each of the white and red candles one after the other.
  • The next thing you would want to do is recite the Lord’s Prayer – make it a point to hail praises to Mary Magdalene in between.
  • Cite your love wish and merge the two images with red candle wax – you can have the option of adding honey in between to symbolize sweet love.
  • Slowly meditate while the photos lie below the red candle. Think of a positive topic that will most likely make both of you happy when you get together. Avoid contemplating negative thoughts as they may only spoil the ritual.
  • Take the photos, candle, and rose. Dig a hole somewhere under a tree with the potential to grow and place them there.

Black Magic Spell to Return Lost Lover

Things you’ll need

  • Chicken wing
  • Red candle
  • Needle
  • A few drops of your blood
  • Thread
  • Matches
  • A sheet of Parchment paper


  • Light the red candle using a match stick (wooden)
  • Draw your lover’s name on the parchment paper using the chicken wing. The name will not be visible – as it is desired. Next, draw your name on top of your lover’s name,
  • Using the candle, smear seven drops of wax onto the parchment paper
  • Prick yourself using the needle (sterile) and add three drops from your blood onto the paper
  • While you are actively involved in this operation, make a wish for your partner to return. This demands a bit of energy and concentration
  • Put out the candle and chant the following words

Salima Ratika Bustako

  • Pack the chicken wing into the paper by tying it using the thread. Proceed to bury it on the same day.
  • Make the remaining candle burn out fully on the following fool moon.

Happy Marriage Spell

This spell works to create a fruitful marriage full of love.

To conduct this white magic spell, you will require the following:

  • Incense
  • Candle (preferably red, blue, or pink)
  • Oil

Steps to follow

  • Visualize yourself together with your partner in spirit.
  • Smear the candle with oil or light up the incense. Proceed to light the candle and imagine the two of you in loving and enjoyable activities.
  • Give yourself time to allow the images to fully stick inside your mind, then go ahead to chant the spell.

God and Goddess,

As you are joined with each other,

So am I joined with (name of person)

In faith and hope and love.

Help us to work together.

Toward a happy, healthy relationship,

Balanced and equal,

In work and compromise and love.

Let our union be harmonious,

Productive, caring, and filled with joy

And let us overcome life’s difficulties

With cooperation, communication, and love.

God and Goddess,

Watch over this union

And let it grow stronger every day

With passion and joy and love,

So mote it be.

Demonic Protection Bath

This ritual allows you to have protection against demons that might be following you. In this manner, you will obtain a guardian angel in every place you move.

Requirements for this spell

  • A bathtub half full of warm water
  • Red candles – two
  • Black candle – one
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Voice
  • Darkness
  • Drops of blood
  • Knife
  • Moon phrases

Instructions to follow

You are advised to read this ritual carefully before doing it since it is dangerous.

  • Fill the bathtub with water up to the halfway mark. Remove your clothes and stay nude.
  • Put the red candles some distance away from you – usually about 3ft away. Draw the black candle as close to you as possible.
  • Add about ten drops of the oil into the bathtub. Make sure it dissolves.
  • Enter into the bathtub and lay in a horizontal position.
  • Make a small cut on your waist using the knife or a sharp, sterile object. Let the blood flow or drop into the bathtub as you chant the following words:
  • Lucifer, demonic protection, I demand protection, with my blood, this is my greatest desire, so mote it be
  • After saying these words, lay in the bathtub for some time as you relax. Clear all the water from the bathtub and put on your clothes.
  • You have successfully conducted a demonic protection bath. Continue with your life as usual.

A black magic spell for Revenge

For this spell, you need yourself and five other people. The purpose of the spell is to revenge on a boyfriend or girlfriend who made your life difficult, unbearable, or painful at some point in time.

Requirements for this spell

  • Six people
  • Steps to follow in this spell
  • Each of the six people in the circle must participate in this spell by saying one line.
  • This person has wronged me
  • Bring him pain
  • May he never find love again
  • Crush his dreams
  • Remove the sane
  • By our voice, we sell your name
  • This should be repeated six times.
  • A black magic spell to return pain
  • This spell has the capability of returning pain – mostly emotional. These may include heartbreaks, loneliness, or sadness.
  • Requirements for this spell
  • Black candle
  • Picture of your target
  • A pen

Follow the below steps to successfully conduct this ritual

  • Write down the name of the person in their picture. Light up the candle and hold the picture against it. Chant the following words:

From now until it is now again

That is when this spell shall end

What was done to me

Shall now be done to you

Feel my pain

Magnified by three

As I will it

So it shall be

  • Put off the candle as you throw the ashes outside
  • A harming spell
  • Take precautions when using this spell since it may fail and cause destruction to you – it is recommended for experienced magic users only.
  • What you will need in order to conduct this spell
  • Your target or victim
  • Rage
  • Faith or belief
  • Visualization or imagination
  • Experience with the use of dark magic

Steps to follow

  • At the time when your foe starts insulting or interfering with you, imagine a black cloud circling them.
  • Direct all your energy and strength to your hands and coil your fingers
  • Carefully and quickly uncurl your fingers – this time, imagine all the rage and anger penetrating deep inside the victim’s body. Here, the strength you use is directionally proportional to the effect this ritual will have on the target.
  • After conducting this ritual, observe the target for any visible signs of the spell taking effect.

A black magic spell to punish your ex-lover for the wrong actions

Requirements for this spell

  • A picture showing your target’s face
  • Red poppet
  • A needle and thread
  • One red candle
  • One black candle
  • Matches
  • 45 straight pins

Instructions to follow

  • Sew the victim’s photo into the upper part of the poppet – preferably the head section.
  • Light the candles and place the pins one at a time above the flames of the two candles. Penetrate different parts of the poppet using the pins
  • When all pins have been bored into the doll, burn the doll completely
  • Dig a hole and bury the ashes deep within for this spell to take effect

Closing thoughts

Love is capable of producing strong emotions between two people. It should be fun and enjoyable – with lots of freedom. At no point should one attempt to change their partner through magic spells. Therefore, apply these spells only where appropriate after careful and logical consideration and thinking.

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