Flying Spells You Cast For Free

Flying spells are very powerful spells. Flying spells give you the ability to defy gravity. Caution must be taken when using these spells as the target object might never make it back to earth.

While casting these spells, one is required to employ a lot of energy – unless they won’t work. A flying spell can never be revered, its effect can only be left to go away over time.

In this article, we will give you some of the most commonly used Flying Spells that you may consider applying in appropriate situations.

Flying Spell to gain control over Air

This spell works to stop the wind.

Requirements for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Voice


  • Gain full concentration on your mind as you say the following words:
    I cause the wind to stop, its airy powers now will drop.
  • Repeat the above statement as many times as possible in order for the flying spell to take effect.

Flying Spell for feathery wings

This spell allows you to have feathery wings of your desired color.


• Voice
• A time when you are alone
• Faith or Belief


• Say the following sentence three times.

By the sun’s rays and the moon’s light I would like (color) wings by tonight.

• Go ahead to say this once.

By the power of three, so mote it be.

Travel Spell

This spell allows you to add more travel opportunities into your life.


• A small fan
• A light feather
• Fresh mint

The kind of fan should not be battery operated but one which can be waved. The feather should also be small and light enough.


• Move close to the dish of mint and inhale the smell.
• Imagine yourself at different locations, having a view of different physical features.
• Throw the light feather into the air and use the fan to move it around in a room. The feather should be kept in a suspended position for as long as possible – symbolizing the new destinations you are likely to visit in future.
• Allow the feather to fall on the mint as you take more breathes of the smell. Do this each morning as you picture yourself having different experiences at various places.

The Wing Ritual

This spell also allows the target to grow wings.


• Feather
• Scissors
• Paper
• A string the same color as your feather

Steps to follow

• Take a measurement of your neck to ensure the string is long enough to go over your head.
• Tie the feather tightly using the string, making sure it does not fall off.
• Take a piece of paper and put down in writing the desired color you wish your wings to be. Extract a rectangular shape from the paper with the color still intact. Poke a hole where there is no writing and attach it to the string using the feather.
• Make a necklace by tying the string to your neck. Go ahead and say the following:

Gods and Goddesses,

This necklace around my neck has a feather on it,

Please multiply this feather,

And make wings on my back.

My wish is wings,

My will is wings,

I will give anything for wings,

I wish,

I desire,

I dream for wings,

All the elements combined

So mote it be

• The above words should be chanted as many times as possible. This should be done at night.

Floating Spell

When carried out in the right way, this spell will enable one to float above the ground for a foot distance.

Requirements for this spell

• Ten feathers. They should be white in colour and of the same size.
• White ribbon. This ribbon should be lengthy enough to be wound around the feathers and still leave a section.
• A necklace

Steps to follow

• Place the white ribbon a level ground next to where you want to conduct the ritual. Place the feathers side by side in close proximity to one another.
• Go on to wrap the feathers using the ribbon.
• Next, touch the feather bundle using the necklace as you say the following words:

Skies and birds,

Above my head.

Worth it most,

Worth it least.

The gravity within me is now released.

Let me fly,

Into the sky.

Where I shall be relaxed and clam,

Put this gravity into the palm.

Never falling,

Never fearing.

Over the pier,

In which I fly.

Take this body,

Into the sky.

• Repeat the above chant twice.
• Place your necklace back on your neck as you place the feather bundle down.
• The results should be seen the following day where you will have the ability to float whenever you feel like.

Flight of Dreams

This spell will allow you to experience dreams related to flight. It can be quite an experience,

Tools you need to conduct this ritual

• Feather – pick any size or color
• Lavender and Jasmine oil
• Dry chamomile flowers

Instructions to follow

• To the feather, add a single drop of each of the oils
• Place the feather in the air for some time
• On the following night, you should smear a portion of chamomile oil under your pillow. Go ahead and place the feather too.
• Within a night or two, you should be able to start experiencing dreams of flight. In situations where the feather gets too wet with oil, you can use a towel to protect your pillow from staining.

Spell to make a flying carpet

This spell will allow you to have the ability to fly on a carpet which you can make by yourself.

The following will be needed for this spell

• A map of the world
• Carpet
• Pin

Instructions to make a flying carpet

• For a period of at least 24 hours, put the carpet in the sun. You should then wait for a full moon at 12:00 and say the following:

Carpet carpet

Fly fly

Go to where

I need to go

• You should wait until the next day to start flying the carpet. You will simply do this by placing your pin on the location or destination you wish to go to.
• In order to set your carpet in motion, say the following:

Fly to where I need to go

• To return back home, chant the following:

Take me home where I belong

Bat Transformation

This spell will turn you into a bat at your own will

Requirements for this spell

• A pen or pencil
• Coloured pencils or Crayons
• A tape measure or ruler
• The wish to fly
• Visualization and imagination

The following steps should be followed:

• The first step you would like to take is draw the type of bat you desire to become.
• Beautifully color your bat in the way you wish it to look.
• Put down its height beside it. Make an underline on the height value.
• Follow the drawing ONCE, such that you are not able to see the drawing.
• Write down details of the bat with a pen or paper on any sides of the paper. These may include species, diet and behaviour.
• Once again, repeat the fold in the hamburger style so you don’t see the words.
• Next you should put down the following words in writing and chant them:

Bats,bats,bats,I wish to be a bat. I want to be a (type of bat) My fur color shall be (Color) and my eyes will be shining (color)

”God grant me my wish to be,I wish to be a bat. SO MOTE IT BE

• For the third time, fold the paper in the hamburger style.
• Using a pen or pencil, make a drawing of a pentagram on one sides of the paper.
• For the following three nights before you sleep, say the following words:

God, please let me be the bat that I wish to be.”

• Then chant:

Bats, bats,bats I wish to be a bat. I want to be a (type of bat). My fur shall be (color), and my eyes will be shining (color). God, grant me my wish to be, I wish to be a bat. SO MOTE IT BE

• Once you are done with the chant, the deal is done and you cannot revert anything.
• You can turn into any type of bat you desire from then onwards.

Demonic Wings

If conducted successfully, this spell will allow you to grow leathery wings similar to those of a bat.

Requirements for this ritual

• None

Steps to follow for this spell

This is one of the simplest flying spells.

• All you require to do is to say the following words as many times as possible:

Wings, wings, come to me

Elements I call to thee

Earth is my return to rest

Air is my supporter in flight

Fire is my burning desire for wings

Water is my blood calling for the sky

I wish for wings

Their colour reflects my soul

My bones change

Light yet strong, unbreakable

My lungs can breathe the fine air

Their strength lets it forever flow

My muscles are wiry

Their strength could beat a bull’s

Whenever I receive injury

My body heals instantly

Evolving as with nature

My body receives what I ask

My soul belongs only to the sky

My main wish is to fly

I shall have the wings of a demon

To fly higher than the birds

Wings, wings, come to me

Demonic is what I wish to be

To fly in the sky

To breathe in the sea

Deities, grant my wish for me

So mote it be

Closing Thoughts

Flying spells are one of the simplest spells, as is evident. Take note that these spells demand a lot of energy and concentration from a person. Before engaging in any one of them, define your goals clearly and go ahead to choose the one that suits you most. It is also not advisable to conduct these spells for fun as they may have adverse effects on you. All the best!

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