The 5 Best Food Dehydrator in India 2020 (Review)

Trust me, buying a good food dehydrator isn’t easy, especially if you are not sure of what you are looking for. Do not worry because in this article I’ll give you all the information you need to buy the best food dehydrator in India.

I reviewed a countless number of food dehydrators, taking a critical look at their features, specifications, and how they perform. Also, I read what other users say about these food drying machines, before coming up with the top 5 best food dehydrators for Indians.  When you read this article, you’ll exactly have a clear idea of what to look for.

Do you know what a food dehydrator is, anyway?

A food dehydrator is an electric kitchen appliance that removes moisture from your food, like vegetables, meat, fruits, herbs, etc. for preservation. The best food dehydrators don’t affect the nutrient quality and flavor of the food.

Keep in mind that this is a length article, and so I have partitioned it into 3 sections. If you do not have time to read the whole article,  jump to a section that interests you.

  • The Top 5 Best Good Dehydrators in India
  • Buyers Guide: What to Consider When Buying Food Dehydrators
  • Frequently Asked Question

Let’s look at our top picks

The Top 5 Best Good Dehydrators in India


1. Vruta Food Dehydrator

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The Vruta Food Dehydrator is a powerful kitchen counter-top appliance. Apart from its beautiful looks and portability, it sports impressive features to remove moisture from your food while retaining essential nutrients and taste. Typically, it can dehydrate your fruits, vegetables as well as for beef snack jerky.

This a modest unit is the best food dehydrator in India for home use. It has a multi-tier stackable trays system, which you can quickly assemble as well as disassemble. Between each stack is enough space for stacking a considerable amount of food.

Vruta Food Dehydrator is easy to use; you cannot go wrong with temperature settings and timer. Place your food on the trays – up to a maximum of 5. The horizontal tray design ensures that the heat is sealed at a constant 180-degree temperature.

The dehydrator has a very quiet fan. That means you can use it at night without the fear of disrupting your sleep. Again, the material is stain resistant, making it easy to clean. Further, the removable tray design makes the cleaning process even easier.


  • 250 Watt
  • The adjustable thermostat of 95 to 155 Degrees
  • Multi-tier kitchen appliance
  • Five stackable trays design
  • Circular shaped
  • 1-year warranty
  • Built of stain-resistant material
  • Single-button operation
  • Vertical airflow with a bottom heating element


  • Can be used to dehydrate a large variety of foods
  • It heats up really fast, i.e., short heating time
  • Easy to operate since it is a one-button operation system
  • Easy to clean
  • Small and compact in size making it a portable device


  • Usually, the lower trays dehydrate at a faster rate than the upper ones necessitating occasional interchange of trays


2. Param Food Dehydrator

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The Param food dehydrator is ideal for both beginners and professionals.  It features a rotary knob that you use to adjust the temperatures, which ranges from 104 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. To turn it on, use the main button.

The circular-shaped dehydrator fits 5 trays. The dehydrating trays are removable, which means you can use the number you want, depending on the food you are preparing. For instance, if you’re going to dehydrate food that needs plenty of room (e.g., stacking of jerky), you can remove some trays to create enough space.

The unique convection airflow generated by 245 W heating elements and circulated by a large fan, ensures that the warmed air reaches all trays at the same time. Such even heat distribution minimizes the need to rotate trays. The lid and shelves are transparent, which allows you to observe the entire process.

What you’ll love about this Param product is that it can dehydrate an extensive range of foods – fruit, vegetables, herb, snacks, and meats, among others.


  • Multi-tier system
  • 5 BAP-Free trays
  • Quiet operation
  • Uses convection airflow
  • The internal temperature of operation of up to 70 degrees C
  • Temperature range of 95 degrees F to 158 degrees F
  • Overheating protection feature
  • Built of fiber material
  • Perfect for dehydrating herbs and vegetables


  • The unit comes with an expert drying guide, which gives you information on how to dry an extensive range of fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.
  • The dehydrator is to use as it has a rotary knob for easy temperature adjustment
  • Easy to clean, thanks to the removability of trays and the stain-resistant material
  • You can adjust the spacing depending on the size and amount of food – removable tray
  • Has a compact design giving it a small footprint; thus, occupies little space on your counter
  • The transparent design – tray and lids, gives you a chance to observe the dehydration process


  • Despite having a special convection airflow system, all food doesn’t dehydrate at the same time – lower trays dehydrate faster than upper ones
  • No warranty


3. Maharaj Mall Plastic Electric Food Dehydrator

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The Maharaj Mall is a 5-tray, fixed temperature, 125-watt food dehydrator. Its electrical heating coils generate convection airflow/ vertical airflow onto the 5 trays, ensuring that each of them receives a similar amount of heat to drive moisture out of the food.

You can interchange the trays or remove some, depending on the amount and type of food to dehydrate. If you are dehydrating meats, then a larger space is greats; just remove some trays.

The Maharaj mall plastic electric food dehydrator is the best food dehydrator in India for making jerky meat. Still, it gives impressive results when dehydrating fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. The accompanying instructional booklet has detailed procedures on how to prepare all kinds of foods.

The science behind the Maharaj mall plastic electric food dehydrator states that it can retain up to 97% of the food’s nutritional value, while it makes your food stay longer with an exquisite taste. Simply put, your food retains minerals, vitamins, and flavor.

With the see-through lid, you can monitor events unfolding on the upper tray. Similarly, the sides are transparent; you can peep to see how your food is doing within the dehydrating chamber.


  • See-through lid
  • 125-watt
  • 5 interchangeable trays
  • Convection airflow system
  • Quiet fan, meaning the operation is quiet
  • Comes with an instructional booklet with recipes


  • Has an instructional booklet with recipes to guide you on dehydrating different foods at different temperature settings
  • Unlike other brands, you do not need voltage converters while using this unit – makes it hassle-free to use
  • Improves the tastes of vegetables
  • Easy to clean
  • Has 4 temperature settings to choose from
  • Compact footprint


  • The unit requires manual restarting after the power goes off, i.e., the unit system cuts off
  • No warranty
  • The food on the lower trays dehydrates faster, necessitating rotation
  • Poor quality trays as some customers report that the trays melt after some time of usage


4. Mantavya Electric Food Dehydration Machine

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The Mantavya electric food dehydration machine harbors 5 trays. The trays are BPA-free, stackable, and easy to remove. Also, you get herb trays and roll trays.

The 250 W bottom-mounted heater element generates consistent warm air while the large fan blows the air in a cylindrical design through the 5 trays.

There is a built-in locking mechanism within the motor for consumer safety. That implies that the unit will only start if it is well locked.

The Mantavya electric food dehydration machine is the best food dehydrator in India for dehydrating fruits and drying flower jerky fruit snacks. Still, it gives impressive with other kinds of foods such as meat, vegetables, and herbs.


  • 5 easy to stack trays
  • Bottom-mounted fan and heating element
  • Electrical heating coils produce convection airflow
  • Comes with Instructional booklet with recipes
  • Quiet operation
  • One year warranty
  • 250-watt
  • Trays stack is a horizontal design


  • The instructional manual together with recipes gives you in-depth guidance on the preparation of different kinds of foods
  • Reasonably priced
  • Built of BPA-free material
  • The unit works quietly
  • Easy to use as it has a single button operations
  • Easy to clean


  • Tray rotation is necessary since lower trays get ready faster than the top ones


5. Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

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The Weston 74-1001-W PRO-1000 is a rectangular-shaped appliance that is efficient, easy to use, and easy to load and off-load food.  In fact, it is the best food dehydrator in India for its versatility, sturdily built, and precision results.

The application range is wide, i.e., ranging from preparation of banana chips to apple snacks to beef jerky to fruit roll-ups. Any food you dehydrate in this unit retains its nutrients and flavor.

The super-quiet 6.5-inch fan, together with the powerful 1000 Watts rear-mounted heating element, provides enough heat and circulation strength to all the 10 trays.

The dehydrating chamber stands at a generous 15 square feet, which makes sense for the large fan and 1000 Watts motor. Best of all, the trays are removable, making the unit easy to clean.

The digital timer is handy in getting precise timing. Get timing up to 10 hours. On the other hand, a color-coded thermostat ensures that you use the right temperature for each kind of food you dehydrate.


  • 10 chrome steel racks
  • Horizontal airflow system
  • 110 trays
  • One year limited warranty
  • Square/Rectangle shape
  • 10-hour timer digital timer and thermostat up to 155 degrees F


  • Massive drying space
  • The removable trays make cleaning easy
  • The food is evenly dehydrated thanks to the rear-mounted fan that ensures all 10 trays receive hot air evenly
  • Silent operation
  • Ease of use
  • Non-stick material
  • User-friendly
  • Instructional manual and recipe makes it easier to use the appliance


  • Expensive
  • You cannot use it without even a single tray


Factors to consider when purchasing a food dehydrator in India

  • Voltage, plug, and frequency compatibility: to use your food dehydrator, you may need to use a surge protector or adapter. However, this will depend on your model
  • Service centers: the brand you select must have a service center. This reduces the hassle of repair services and maintenance
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: the majority have a one year warranty


Frequently asked questions

Is dehydrated food healthy?

The heat usually affects the nutritive value to some extent. For instance, heat destroys vitamins A and C. However, dried food is all-natural, and you’ll benefit from the fiber and all minerals.

Is it expensive to run a food dehydrator?

The power consumption of your dehydrator depends on the wattage, and the temperature you are using. But in general, most dehydrators use slightly above a dollar for 24 hours, in some instances, even less.

Does dehydrating food have any benefits?

Food dehydrators drive moisture out of food. This is important because by eliminating all moisture from food, you inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria, and therefore your food stays preserved for longer.

What is the advantage of dehydrating fruits in a food dehydrator?

Dried fruits are rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber. But, they also pack a high amount of calories and sugar; if you eat them in excess, it is unhealthy. That is why you should eat a little amount of dried fruit.



Knowledge is power. I believe that this article has enlightened you on how to buy the best food dehydrator in India; because you always must strive to get value for your money. Even if you do not like these 5 products, you at least know how the best food dehydrator looks like.


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