How to Cast a Free Binding Love Spells That Work Fast

[4 Great Example] – Lean how How to Cast Free Binding Love Spells That Work Fast in simple steps-by-steps. These love spells chants are so simple, anyone can do them.

Binding spells are powerful methods to create a magical bond between two people, or between a person and an object, or place.

Binding spells are ideal for strengthening romantic relationships, or for creating them.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait for Prince Charming to come to you, so you decide to take the matter in your own hands. This thinking is characteristic to strong, intelligent people that don’t waste time waiting around for an undecided or hesitant prince or princess.

Although binding is a very efficient way to get what you want and who you want, being mindful of the implications and consequences is imperative.

Furthermore, you would not want to harm others or yourself unintentionally. Thus, we advise you to make conscious decisions, assuming responsibility for altering someone’s free will.

Reading further you will discover three free binding love spells that work fast. We prepared a selection of the most efficient binding love spells with hair, binding love spells with photos and binding love spells with candles.

That being said, take the scissors, give your prince a new haircut, and keep the hair because you will need it later.

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1. Voodoo binding love spell with hair

The voodoo doll is one of the most popular spells today. And why wouldn’t it be? It is simple to create and it has tangible results. Even though some ingredients are difficult to obtain, such as a person’s hair or bits of their clothes, the Voodoo doll can be the answer for many problems.

Ingredients for the doll

  • • A piece of fabric to create the doll
  • • A needle to sew everything together
  • • Scissors
  • • A strand of your hair
  • • A strand of his hair
  • • Red Rose petals
  • • Vanilla bean
  • • Apple blossoms
  • • Rosemary
  • • bowl

Other ingredients:

  • • 3 red candles
  • • Pink ribbon or thread
  • • Red ribbon or thread
  • • A piece of paper
  • • A pen or a sharpie with red ink


  • Draw a human silhouette on the piece of fabric, fold it into two equal parts, and cut the doll shape following the previously sketched outline.
  • Sew the two human-shaped pieces of cloth together, leaving a hole large enough to stuff the doll with the remaining ingredients.
  • Gather all the ingredients in a bowl and stir them with your right hand. While mixing up the items, visualize how bonds are created between you and the person you want to connect with. Picture your emotions and feelings as cords stretching from your heart and reaching his.
  • Stuff the doll with the mixture of herbs and personal items, imagining that you and your future lover are getting closer and closer to each other. You are completing each other perfectly, you are two halves of one soul, and now you are being reunited through this spell.
  • Stitch together the unwoven doll parts.
  • Write both your names on the piece of paper and put the doll on top of it. Leave it like this for one night.
  • Light the 3 red candles the following night. Hold the doll above the candle flames, and say the following incantation:

    “For me, you are burning.Towards me, you are turning.You are driven by passion and loveYou fit me like a tailored glove.”

  • Start binding the doll with the ribbons, while you think about how the connection between you and your future boyfriend or girlfriend is getting stronger and deeper as you wrap the ribbons around the doll. After you have finished visualizing, say the following incantation three times:

    “The ribbons are binding together our hearts Our life together soon starts.”

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2. Binding love spell with photos

The photographs are an alternative to using hair and nail clippings in a spell. It is easier to obtain a picture of someone than to cut a strand of their hair without them realizing it. You can easily print a picture from their Facebook or Instagram profile and use it in your spell work.


  • • A picture of your future partner
  • • A picture of you
  • • A piece of red ribbon or thread
  • • Honey or maple syrup (or other natural sweet substance)
  • • A glass jar
  • • Red roses
  • • Bergamot essential oil
  • • One red candle


  • Take the two pictures and stack them facing each other.
  • Fold the pictures three times towards you, as you want to attract love in your life.
  • Take the red ribbon and start wrapping it on the folded pictures and always pull the loose end of the ribbon towards you. While coiling the ribbon verbalize your intention, saying something similar to:

    “I am binding my soul mate to me. I am binding him to love me.”

  • Put the ribbon-wrapped pictures in the glass jar and top them with honey or maple syrup. Honey will help strengthen your binding, as its stickiness will keep you two together, and it will also sweeten your relationship.
  • Top the honey with crushed and dried red roses and add in the bergamot essential oil.
  • Lastly, take your red candle and put it in the jar. Light it up and let it burn out. Put the lid on to complete the binding jar spell.


3. Binding love spell with candles

When you are not able to collect hair and other difficult to obtain items, give this simple spell a try. Even though it has fewer ingredients or at least easier-to-gather ingredients than the other spells, that doesn’t mean it’s less powerful or less efficient.


  • • Two red candles
  • • A needle or other carving tool
  • • A piece of red yarn
  • • Rose essential oil


  • Start by anointing the candles with rose oil. Start from the middle and rub the oil towards the ends. Make sure the candles are coated evenly with rose oil.
  • Take the needle and carve your full name on one candle, and on the other candle inscribe the name of your future lover.
  • Put the two candles side by side. Take the thread and tie the candles together with 9 knots. The first knot should be at the bottom and the last at the top. Each knot you make represents a goal in your spell. For example:

    “With this knot, I am binding myself and Mike in love. With this knot, I am binding us to commitment.”

  • Continue to do this for all 9 knots.
  • Light the candles up and let them burn out. Bury the wax in your garden, or somewhere on your property.


4. Petition paper binding spell

A petition paper is a list of objectives you want to attain through the spell you are working on. It is usually folded and placed under a candle. The following spell has a different and more fun use for the petition paper.


  • • A piece of parchment paper
  • • A pen
  • • A piece of red yarn
  • • Red candle
  • • A piece of paper
  • • Grapeseed oil mixed with cloves, cinnamon, and honey
  • Small red cloth bag
  • • 7 pieces of tumbled rose quartz


  • Make a list of 9 words describing how you want your future relationship to be. For example:

“I am binding me and John together to good health, strong commitment, true love, fiery passion, unity, etc.”

  • Sign the list at the bottom with your name and his/hers.
  • Read your list out loud, visualizing your intention. Fold the paper three times.
    3. Take the red yarn and coil it around the paper, saying:

    “I am binding us together to love and commitment”.

  • Burn the paper completely, and scatter the ashes on a piece of paper.
  • Mix the grapeseed oil with honey, cinnamon, and cloves.
  • Anoint your red candle with the oil mixture, then roll it in the ashes of the petition paper.
  • Encircle the candle with the 7 pieces of tumbled rose quartz.
  • Light up the candle and let it burn all the way down. Keep the remaining wax and put it in a small red cloth bag, together with one of the crystals, and carry it with you for 13 days.
  • After the 13 days have passed, tear your love charm apart, and bury the wax somewhere close to your home. Purify the quartz if you would like to reuse it sometime for another spell.


Things you can add to your binding spells to increase their efficiency

Spells are not precise recipes. You have the freedom to adapt the list of ingredients to what you have available at the spell casting moment. You can dress your candles with love enhancing herbs and oils or you can use different crystals to amplify your intention.

Don’t follow directions blindly, but try to figure out what works for you. If you have a special outfit that makes you feel sexy, wear it while you are performing your love binding spell, or if you have a piece of jewelry that you associate with love, try to incorporate it in your ritual. Anything meaningful to you can be used in spell casting.

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