Free Binding Spells for Lovers That Works Fast [Easy Steps]

As couples, I would not have you to be ignorant. Many couples around the world indulge in casting a binding spell.

A binding spell is very versatile, and its uses are vast. You can cast a binding spell to create a fast hold on your lover.

You can also case a binding spell to create a stronghold on a thing. The binding spell creates a hold on whatever you cast it on.

Today, we will be talking about free binding spells for lovers that work fast in 11 easy steps. But before we jump right into it, let’s begin with some basics.

What are Free Binding Spells?

Binding spells are spells that a person casts in other to create a bond or a hold on a thing. The binding spell is no respecter of persons. So, it means that as long as you want to be bound to the person, you can be bound. The only “but” to it is that you would need to get some challenging to come by ingredients. But with the ingredients aside, you’re good to go.

Binding spells are very excellent in terms of how they can help rebuild a broken relationship. When you cast a binding spell, what you are doing in the real sense is that you are capturing the soul of the person you are casting a spell on.

The binding spell captures the soul of the person and brings it to your knees. With you being in control of the person’s soul, you control the person.

The soul is more or less the center where some of the most critical decisions are being made — decisions relating to love, life, money, pride, power, and things relating to it. So, when you control the person’s soul, you control this person’s love life, money, pride, power, and things relating to it.

The binding spell is potent and should not be cast carelessly or cast jokingly. As we proceed, you would understand the full depth of what binding spells are all about.

Why would you need to cast a Free Binding Spell?

There are lots of reasons why people cast binding spells. Some people cast binding spells for the fact that they want their relationship to thrive. Others cast binding spells because they want to be in control of everything. But trust me, whatever your reason may be, our binding spell can handle it.

Another reason people cast binding spells is that they want to protect the person’s spirit from harm. Perhaps the spirit of the person can harm itself or others. So, what people do in this case is that they cast binding spells to bind the person’s spirit to theirs. This way, they would have control over the person and would able to keep the person safe.

But some people have an entirely different reason why they cast a binding spell. Some people cast the binding spell for a more dubious reason. Some people want to have control over another person so that they can harm the person.

And yes, in case if you think if the spell would work in this case? It will work. That is why I forewarned that binding spells are powerful and should not be played with or taken too lightly.

So, wherever reason it is why you want to cast a binding spell, ensure you know what you are doing. Because when you cast the binding spell, the person you cast a spell on would feel so helpless and defenseless around you. The person sees you like a king and sees himself or herself as your slave.

The Risk Associated with Performing A Free Binding Spell?

When it comes to talks about the risk associated with performing a binding spell, there are risks involved, no doubt. But the risk is minimal so long as you adhere to every single direction.

Even if you are a novice or a professional spell caster, always take caution when casting a spell-like one of this.

The binding spell is potent, and it means that you need to be careful yourself. It would be best if you did not do certain things when casting a binding spell, and having a dubious mindset is one of them.

If you have a dubious reason why you want to cast a binding spell, I’d like to advise you to refrain from it.

Well, because even when casting a spell, it is not good to have evil thoughts. Because the good aura around you can turn to a bad aura, which can change the entire spell.

The binding spell I will be teaching you is a white magic spell, but a dubious mind can change it to a black magic spell.

And the problem with black magic spells is that it is addictive and somehow controlling.

So, you may feel and think you are in control of black magic, but the magic is controlling you.

How to Cast Free Binding Spells

And now, here comes the part we have all been waiting for – how to cast free binding spells. There are different ways of casting binding spells. Today I would like to share with you just one of the most effective and efficient ways to cast a binding spell. We are going to be talking about the voodoo binding love spell with hair. And as I said earlier, you would need some difficult come by ingredients. But the ingredients are not impossible to find. Here are the ingredients we are going to be needing to cast this love spell:


For the Voodoo Doll

  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread to sew the doll together
  • A piece of fabric to make the voodoo doll
  • A piece of your hair
  • A piece of the person you want to bind the hair
  • Red rose petal
  • Vanilla beans
  • Apple blossom
  • Rosemary
  • Bowl

For the Ritual

  • Three red candles
  • Thread and pink ribbon
  • Thread and red ribbon
  • Paper
  • A red pen


  1. With the piece of cloth, outline the shape of the doll you want to make. Then use the scissors to cut out the shape of the doll. It doesn’t need to be all that fancy. The idea is to use the doll for representation. You are to make two voodoo dolls, so cut out the shape of two dolls.
  2. Use the needle and thread to sew the dolls. Sew one completely, which would represent you. The other doll should be sown halfway, leaving the head opened so you can stuff in the ingredients for the spell before sewing up.
  3. In a bowl, put all the ingredients in it. That is the red rose petals, rosemary, vanilla beans, not forgetting the piece of hair.
  4. Before you proceed, set the bowl in front of you and visualize what you want to achieve from the spell. Visual the person you want to case the binding spell on. Make sure you believe strongly in your heart the spell would work. When you are ready, then you can proceed to the next step.
  5. Then in the second doll, you did not sew up completely, start inserting the ingredients in the bowl. Insert the hair, both yours and the person’s hair. Add the rose, the vanilla seed, and all the other ingredients.
  6. On a piece of paper, wrote the full name of the person and your full name and inserted it into the voodoo doll’s head. When you are done putting all the ingredients into the doll, sew the doll up.
  7. Then light up the candles. Lit all three red candles and set both dolls in front of you.
  8. Hold both dolls, the doll representing you on your left hand, and the doll representing the person you are binding on your right hand, and then say this chant, “For me, you are burning. Towards me, you are turning. You are driven to me by love and passion. And you fit me like this tailored doll.”
  9. Then as soon as you are done saying the chant, use the pink ribbon and red ribbon lastly to bind both dolls as you still keep visualizing the person you are binding.
  10. Then say this chant when you are done binding the dolls, “The ribbons are binding our hearts together, and our life is starting together anew.”
  11. Then take the voodoo dolls and keep them in the dark place where they would not see the light of day again. And your binding spell is ready and active. 
  12. Conclusion 
  13. You have a binding spell now; what would you do with it. You can decide to use it to bind anyone you like. But when binding anybody, always have it at the back of your mind that the binding spell is powerful and should be used with caution.

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