How To Cast FREE Love and Relationship Spells That Work

Falling in love, or engaging in a romantic relationship has a positive effect on the psychological well-being of people.

When we fall in love, the world is changing around us, not only in terms of external appearance but also in the means of our own experience that puts us in touch with the world. As a rule, love gives us a new perspective on life, showing us the earth as wonderful heaven.

Despite the unique emotional pattern of each romantic relationship, they have in common the dynamics between the idea of returning to the fetal safety, and the concept of doing something unique, exclusively personal, that will give meaning to life.

Love is like a child depending on us to feed, cherish and care for it. You can magically protect and strengthen the love that binds you to your beloved by casting the following FREE Love and Relationship Spells That Work.

In this article, you will find a “how to”, step by step guide on how to cast free love spells with candles, love spells with hair, and love spells with blood.


Powerful Gipsy love spell with dolls

The following spell was created for those who want to strengthen the bond between them and their beloved. It is similar to a binding spell in the process and ingredients, but it does not interfere with the free will of the partner. The way this spell works is subtler. It enhances and strengthens the emotional bond between lovers at a spiritual level.

For this ritual, you need to make a bonfire somewhere close to a body of water. The fire element symbolizes passion, sexuality, and life-giving energy. The element of water, on the other hand, is associated with purification, relationships, love, peace, friendship, and understanding. These to fundamental elements, in their more primeval form, will be the foundation on which we are going to build our magical working.


  • A bonfire
  • Two dolls to represent yourself and your soul mate
  • Red yarn
  • Essential rose oil
  • A chalice
  • Some spring water (in case you cannot perform this ritual near a pond)


After making the bonfire, take a few moments to unwind and clear your mind. Gaze into the smoldering fire. Feel the primordial heat. The heat that makes seeds sprout, feeds the beautiful flowers, and warms the entire Earth making it flourish with life, will help you grow and strengthen your romantic bond to your beloved.

The next step is to anoint the dolls with a couple of drops of essential rose oil. Then tie the ends of the yarn to each doll. The two figurines will be connected by a long piece of red yarn, depicting the spiritual link between you and your soul mate. What you need to do next is to spin the dolls like two spindles until they end up facing each other, with equal amounts of thread coiled around them. While doing that, visualize your soul being attracted to your lover’s, like two strong magnets.

Next, pour the spring water in your chalice. Connect to the primordial energy of the water element. The wetness that hosted the very first life forms on Earth is now right before your eyes. Dip the two dolls in the water three times. Imagine that the figurines are the seed of love and you are watering it to sprout. This step has a strong symbolism behind it, as the act of submerging the dolls in water resembles a baptism.

The baptism implies a dive into the primordial waters, a symbolic death and a rebirth as an initiate. Your bond died and reemerged as a strong, powerful and mature love. Water has the power of metamorphosis, changing the spiritual essence of beings.

Following the symbolic baptism of the love seed, you want to harvest some of the energy of the fire, to make the seed grow into a fruitful plant. Take the dolls and pass them through the red flames for three times.

Extinguish the fire, go home, and wait for the next New Moon. When the Moon is at its darkest phase, it’s time for new plans and resolutions. Keeping that in mind, you will plant the love seed you created on the previous Full Moon. Bury the dolls in your courtyard or in an indoor planter. The important aspect of this step is that you need to cover the dolls in dirt, as the seeds need soil to sprout.

Each night until the next Full Moon, you need to water your seed and feed it with your intention. Before bed, you should whisper to the spot where you planted your magical charm. State your intention. For example: “Grow into a perfect love. Make us be closer to each other. Etc.”

Finally, in the night with the Full Moon, dig out the dolls, careful not to unwind the thread. Burn the charm and scatter the ashes in the wind. Now your spell is realized into the Universe and it will start working on accomplishing your goal.


Love spell with hair

Adding ingredients with DNA in your spells, such as hair, body fluids, or nail clippings, dramatically increase their efficiency. Therefore, adding hair to a love spell will guarantee a successful result. The downside of this is that harvesting another person’s hair, without them noticing, can be difficult. A simple solution to that is collecting their hair from their pillow, or hairbrush. This way you will save yourself from an embarrassing moment.


  • A strand of your hair
  • A strand of your lover’s hair
  • A glass jar
  • Strawberry jam
  • One red rose
  • A red candle


First, enchant the rose. Use the mortar and pestle to grind the rose petals to a fine powder. This will be the first ingredient to go into the glass jar. After you placed your rose powder into the glass container, close your eyes, and put your right hand inside, running your fingers through the powder. Charge the ingredient with your intent, using words or just thoughts. Imagine how the rose petals absorb your energy.

The second step consists of adding the hairs in the spell jar. The hair is filled with spiritual essence. Thus, by adding your hair, as well as your lover’s hair to the spell, you are making sure that your intent will end up in the right place, even if you are a beginner witch.

Finally, add the strawberry jam on top of all ingredients. Strawberries are associated with Venus, the goddess of love and passion. Being a red, heart-shaped fruit, the strawberry is a suitable ingredient for love spells. To complete the spell, just put the lid on the jar and place the red candle on top. Let the candle burn thoroughly, then store the jar close to your altar, or near a place with great spiritual activity.

While the red candle is burning, meditate on your wish. Visualize how you and the one you desire are being together, forming a happy couple.


Love spell with blood

Blood is the fluid that keeps us alive. It fills our checks when we blush, it goes crazy when we are in love, and it supports the sexual organs during passional, ecstatic moments. Consequently, adding blood to a love spell or potion will maximize the power of it.


  • A couple of drops of blood
  • An apple
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A red piece of cloth


Cast this spell on a Full Moon night. Begin by writing your desire on the piece of paper. Close your eyes and imagine your wish coming true. Remember that magic works only if you manipulate the energy with your mind. Visualization is the most powerful tool a witch can use in any ritual or spell. Concentrate and do this the right way.

Next, light your red candle and place it on top of the note containing your intention. Cut the apple in half, horizontally. You should end up with two apple slices having a star in the middle. That star is the Pentagram. One of the most powerful symbols in witchcraft.

The following step is to activate the powers of the pentagram, by feeding it with your blood. Take a small amount of blood on a Q-tip and anoint the star with it.

Finally, burn the piece of paper and set the ashes on top of the blood anointed apple slice. Fold the charmed apple into the red cloth and bury it in the ground.


Before you go

All the love spells in this article are designed to strengthen existing bonds between lovers. Even though they will work on unfulfilled love, it is not advised to use them for this purpose. Messing with someone’s free will certainly backfire. Before starting any magical endeavor, be sure you know what you are doing and the consequences that may result from your actions. Aim to harm none, and avoid performing magic impulsively. Keep your conscious clean by making responsible decisions.

Read more about the consequences of love spells and how they can backfire in this article: Never Mess With Love Spells And Here’s The Reasons Why

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