Free Love Spell Chants That Make Someone Miss You & Work Instantly

Learn to Cast Free Love Spell Chants That Make Someone Miss You & Work Instantly. When used good intentions and practice unselfish love, these love spell chants can work very fast.
Imagine having the power to attract someone you like and have them fall for you without having to do the extra work. You walk into the room one day, full of confidence and your crush notices you almost immediately.  Or how about this: can you picture you and your ex-partner happy in love again, no matter what has happened in the past between both of you?


What if I tell you that all this is possible just by chanting a spell?

There’s a love spell chant to make someone think of you, a love spell chant to make someone call you, and a chant to bring an ex-lover back. The possibilities are endless! Whatever dilemma your love life is going through, there is a spell that can help you get over them.
Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to associate love spells with black magic or voodoo. And only a selected few know the secret of white magic love spells. Despite what the norm may think, love spells aren’t evil at all. They are a great tool to help us connect with the Universe and attract what we desire into our lives.
If this is your first-time encounter with love spell chants, and you would like to know:

  • How to do a love spell chant that’s easy even for beginners
  • What makes a love spell chant work and what you need to succeed
  • Examples of easy love spell chants that work in minutes
  • How to create a personal love spell chant

… Then you are in for a treat. Continue reading and let the secret magic of love spell chants unfold before you. Your true love awaits.

What Is A Love Spell Chant?

There are numerous ways to cast love spells. Some methods require a complicated and elaborate ritual, while others only need a few minutes of your time and commitment.
Love spell chants are one of the easiest and less time-consuming techniques. Although they may seem simple and effortless, one should never underestimate its power. It might be safe to say that spell chanting is one of the more effective ways to cast a spell
Casting a spell by chanting requires a strong focus from the spellcaster. Apart from having a clear vision, the spellcaster must also recite the chant with conviction.
When a caster uses his own words and voice, he speaks from his soul. Therefore, the Universe believes that his desire is pure and genuine.
Some people believe that chanting materializes your desire in the form of sound. In a sense, your desire already exists, and the Universe openly listens to what you have to say. Sometimes, your own words are stronger than any image in your mind.

When To Use A Love Spell Chant

There are many reasons why you might want to use a love spell chant. It is convenient yet powerful, and you can request almost anything you desire. You can use a love spell chant to make someone think you. Or a love spell chant that can help you attract your soulmate.
To have an idea on how to use a love spell chant, below are some general suggestions on how you might want to use it. Find out if one of these are close to what you want to achieve.


The attraction is the very first step of forming a romantic relationship. We all know that we can’t please everyone and that we might not be attractive to all kinds of people. But it’s no reason to feel insecure about ourselves.
Most people think that an attraction spell will automatically make them attractive to their desired partner. But the truth is, this spell can only make you into a better version of yourself; it cannot change who you are.
The real purpose of an attraction spell is to attract your soulmate; the person who is right for you, according to the plan of the Universe. When you use this spell to force someone to be attracted to you, the results may backfire.
With that said, it is recommended to use this spell on yourself, instead of your goal. This spell will make you confident, empowered, and inevitable attractive to the right person.


As mentioned above, there is a love spell chant to make someone think of you, miss you, or call you. However, it is good to keep in mind that these love spells do not work by mere chanting alone. You still need to take action and exert some effort.
If you want someone to think of you, you must have a strong relationship with that person first. And at the same time, you must give them space to miss you. Again, love spell chants must not be used to force someone. It is not a tool to control someone’s actions.
But this does not mean that you cannot use these spells to motivate your desired partner. You can use a love spell chant to inspire them to take action. Of course, you need to lay the foundation for this to happen.
If you want them to call you, give them your number. When using a love spell chant to bring him back, you must seek their forgiveness, allow them to heal, and rebuild your friendship with them first. Only then can you entice them into being into a romantic relationship with you again.


A love spell chant can also be used to encourage healing in a broken relationship. Perhaps you’ve already sought their forgiveness, but they are still unwilling to warm up to you. Use a love spell to melt the coldness away.
But again, you must take action and create an opportunity for this to happen.  If you’ve apologized but made no effort in changing your bad habits, they are not likely to forgive you right away. Asking for forgiveness is one thing, but earning their trust is another.
We all know that winning back one’s trust is very difficult, but you can always use a love spell chant to help you out.

A Few Reminders Before Using A Love Spell Chant

When done right, love spells will easily take effect as soon as you’ve cast the spell. In some cases, love spell chants may even work in a few minutes. With that said, you must be extremely cautious about using them. Love spells may backfire, and the results may be more harmful than you think. You must spend some time reflecting on what you want, and assessing whether or not it is the right decision for you.
The Universe cannot tell us what to do. Every action that we take has its merits and or consequences. We are responsible for whatever happens after using a love spell chant.
Before you begin with love spell chants, here are some important reminders to keep in mind. These pointers are here to ensure the safety of the caster and their goal, and to prevent any mistakes that may cause the spell to fail or backfire.

Unselfish Love

To cast a successful love spell, you must not have selfish reasons. If your goal is selfish, you will not get the results you want. The love spell may still work, but the results won’t be pleasant. Keep in mind that a relationship that was formed by force and selfish reasons will not last very long. To avoid being bound to a potentially toxic relationship, the love spell chant must come from a place of selflessness.
If you are eyeing on the other person’s money, fame, or title, you should never use a love spell chant. If you desire a relationship to boost your ego, do not think about using a love spell. All of these reasons will be the cause of more pain in the future.
The component of unselfish love makes any spell a white magic spell. So if you are looking for a genuine and long-lasting relationship, focus on your desired partner instead of personal gain.
You must care about their well-being, support them whole-heartedly, and seek their love without asking anything in return. But most importantly, you must never use a love spell chant to force them into a relationship.

Good Intentions

Are you trying to get back at your ex by attracting another person into your life? Or perhaps your jealousy wants to use a love spell to break off a happy couple? Using a love spell chant for these reasons will only cause self-harm. Whether or not you are using a love spell, wishing others bad fortune will only return to you.

Use a love spell chant with good intentions. The Universe has granted you the power to attain whatever you desire. But this does not mean that you have the ultimate freedom to cause harm as long as you please. Remember, whatever you put out into the world will come back to you.

How To Start Love Spell Chanting

Many people would think that you need to be a witch or a psychic to do love spell chants. But actually, you don’t have to possess extraordinary powers to cast a spell.
However, having a strong connection with your Spiritual Self and the Universe can help you succeed in casting a love spell. So how can you start love spell chanting and what are the requirements you need to cast a love spell? You can find all that you need in the list below.


As we’ve discussed, you need to have a connection with your Spiritual Self and the Universe. Now, you might be wondering how you might be able to do this. The first step is to break into meditation or yoga.
Through meditation and yoga, you learn how to be mindful and to be present in the now. The world we live in today is full of distractions. We are often too caught up with the physical world that we forget about our spiritual growth. We become distant to the Universe and therefore, we often do not see the messages it is trying to send us.
Casting a love spell by chanting requires high spiritual energy. It needs your focus and commitment. Both of which you can learn through the practice of meditation. If you find yourself unable to focus even for a short time, it will be more challenging to chant a love spell.


A love spell chant is never complete on its own. Most of the chanting rituals require some materials such as a candle or a photo. But all love spell chants need you to visualize your desire as clearly as possible.
The more detailed and vivid your visions are, the stronger you love spell chant becomes. Before you can cast a love spell by chanting, you might want to try some visualization exercises first.

Build Good Rapport

If you want to cast a powerful love spell and get the results you want in minutes, it’s not enough to be in contact with your desired partner. You need to build a good rapport with them. Show them what an awesome and genuine person you are. And who knows? They may even fall in love with you naturally without the help of a love spell chant.
Building a meaningful relationship with them does not only increase the effectivity of your love spell, but it also prevents the probability of failure. Whatever happens from then on, you know that you will have a genuine relationship with them.

Find A Spell

Love spell chants are not all created equal. Some of them are more powerful than the other, depending on the words used. Aside from the spellcaster’s focus and spiritual strength, they must also choose their words carefully in the chant.
For this, you might want to search for a spell that depicts the results you want. It must have powerful words and a clear message. You might want to try finding for one in a book of spells. Another way is to consult with someone who has experience in love spell chanting.

… Or Learn How To Write A Spell

Creating a personal spell instead of using one from another person can instantly make it stronger. Your words accurately depict your desired outcome. The Universe understands that it is a pure and genuine request.
Your words were created to form a spell, and so it must be from your soul. Similar to poetry, a caster expresses his feelings and desires in the form of poetry. To create a personal spell, think of it as poetry. Not only do you need to choose your words carefully, but you also have to express your feelings the best that you can.
Call upon the gods or the Higher Power to assist you. Also, you must decide if you will be using materials, such as a candle or a stone, and make sure to include them in the spell if you are.

Examples Of FREE Love Spells That Work Instantly

Now that you know how to make a powerful love spell chant, why not put your skills to the test? Below are some examples of free love spell chants which you can do right away. Go ahead, find your true love now.

Lunar Power Love Spell Chant

Many people often forget how powerful the lunar moon is. For many centuries, people believed that the moon is a great source of cosmic power. So if you have enough time to spare until the next lunar moon, you might want to give this love spell chant a chance.
On a night with a lunar moon, begin the chant by looking for a quiet workspace. If you can find a room where you can see the lunar moon, the better. To perform the love spell chant, call on to the Divine Powers of the Moon. You can recite your personal spell or make a verbal request to the moon, whatever your desires may be.

Love Spell Chants To Make Someone Call You

Are you desperate for your lover to call you on the phone? Perhaps you’ve had an argument with them. And now, they are unwilling to talk to you. Or maybe you have something important to tell them.
To perform this love spell chant, you would need a candle and a pair of Tarot cards. First, find the Lovers Card and the Queen Tarot Card from the deck. In general, these cards represent you and your partner’s relationship.
Begin the chant by lighting the candle and placing the cards beside each other. Visualize yourself and your partner having a fun time. Perhaps you are on a date, or you may also recall a fond memory the both of you share. Dwell on these thoughts for a few minutes.
Next, envision your partner as if they were sitting before you and tell them to call you. Continue envisioning your partner as if they were about to reach for their phone and dialing your number. Repeat this phrase again before ending the chant.

Love Spell Chants Without Ingredients

We’ve talked about how some love spell rituals require materials such as candles and stones. However, there are also love spells that you can do just by chanting and visualization. Below are some examples of love spell chants without ingredients.

Love Spell Chants To Bring Him Back

Looking for a chant to call an ex-lover back without any materials? Try this simple method. Find a quiet place where you can do your chanting. The first thing you want to do is to make this space clean and prepped for spiritual practices. You might want to do smudging to cleanse the area, or you may also want to start the chant by meditating for a few minutes.
After meditating, start visualizing you and your partner in a happy relationship. Imagine the things you would like to do with your partner. Are you at your wedding? Or perhaps you are in a romantic getaway with them. Try visualizing a clear image. Do this for 10-15 minutes.
Once you are full of positive vibes, imagine your partner sitting in front of you and start to speak to them as if you are in a conversation with them. Try saying the words, “let’s fall in love again” to them. You may also want to use your personally written spell as well.
As you end the session, send love and light to your partner. If you can’t help but think of the painful memories, allow them to flow as well. Apologize to your partner silently and tell them to fall in love with you again.

Love Spell Chant To Attract Love

Is Cupid not on your side? Do you think you are unlucky with love? If you’re tired of being a victim of unrequited love, try this simple love spell chant to attract love.
Again, the first thing you need to do is to find a quiet place where you can focus on your love spell chanting. To begin the chant, bring yourself to a relaxed state and clasp your hands together to form a heart-shape.
Use the words “Heavenly Creator, thank you for hearing my plea. Please bring my destined lover closer to me” as you envision you and your desired partner in a happy relationship. Repeat the words one more time before ending your chanting session.

Final Thoughts

Casting a love spell may be difficult. But you don’t need to have superpowers to cast a powerful and effective love spell. What matters most at the end of the day is that you have faith in the Universe. No matter how powerful your spells are, you will not get the results you desire without putting your faith in the Higher Power.
When done right, there are love spell chants that work in minutes. As long as you have good intentions and practice unselfish love, there is nothing that can hold you back.

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