Free Love Spell to Attract True Love and a Specific Person

Want to learn a Free Love Spell to Attract True Love and a Specific Person that work instantly fast? You’re in the right place. This is article will walk you through three (3) different love spells to attract true that can last, in easy to follow steps.

For everyone, there is that particular time when they feel that they just need a love spell in other to be able to forge ahead. The casting of a love spell can be exciting and at the same time adventures.

If I have learned anything for love spell casting it would be the fact that when you put your mind into achieving something, the only thing that can keep you from it is yourself.

Today, I would love to teach you how to cast a free love spell to attract true love and a specific person.

True love is hard to find that is why when you can actually call true love forth with a love spell, you do so and hope that the love stays and do not go like other kinds of love people claim to be true love.

The love spells I am going to be teaching you today would actually enable the not only get that you long awaiting true love that you have so much desired but you would also be able to keep it for as long as you want with no side effect whatsoever.

With the rising rare of assholes, this day that does not care about feeling but just their selfish gains has made love to become a game rather than a thing of the heart that is supposed to make love interesting.

So here are some of the love spells that, you can cast in other to attract that true love. Study them and understand the steps and the requirements.

I would also love to assure you that there are no side effects as the spells are perfectly safe and would not put you or the person you are trying to enchant in harm’s way at any single point or the other.

1. Dominican Stomp Love Spell

The Dominican Stomp love spell is a kind of semi ritual performed with the intention of having dominion over a person’s heart. This means that when you have cast the spell and it is a success, and then you would be the person dominating the person’s heart. To cast the Dominican spell is quite easy and straightforward to cast as well as it does not require a lot of ingredients to perform it.


  •  Paper
  • Shoe
  • A pen or a pencil

These are just a few ingredients that are required to perform this love spell. It practically does not need any ingredient as these are ubiquitous items that we make use of every day, so providing this kind of things as an ingredient for a love spell would not be a challenge.

To perform this love spell you just have to carry out about two or three different steps, and then you are good to go.

Step 1: with a pen of a pencil, write the name of the person you want to enchant to have total dominion over the person’s heart, on the piece of paper.

Step 2: after you have written the name of the person you want to cast a spell on, on a piece of paper, then the next step you are to take is to fold the paper.

Then put the paper in your shoe under the sole of your feet and then stomp on it five consecutive times and after each stomp, you say, “I have dominion over you.”

After that, you are all ready to go, and you just have to start believing that the spell is going to work. I am sure you were expecting some kind of thunder flashes as you said the chant, or perhaps something dramatic.

2. The Honey Jar Love Spell

Another spell I also found to attract true love to you especially from a specific person is the honey jar love spell. This spell also is quite easy and straightforward to cast also. It does not require a countless list of ingredients to perform, and it can actually be performed anywhere. Some of the ingredients that you would need are as follows,


  • Brandy
  • A red ribbon
  • Sugar preferable cubes
  • A big jar of honey
  • Brown piece of paper

These few ingredients then you are all ready to cast the honey jar love spell in other to attract true love towards yourself.

Many times people would encourage you not to go for any kind of love spell that would force feelings out of people. Therefore, that is why I have decided to add this particular spell to the list.

This spell draws positive energy instead of drawing energy from black magic. The few steps below will guide you on the step to take in other to cast this spell the right way and to produce the required result in no time

Step 1:

Write the name of the person you are planning to enchant on a piece of paper, a brown paper to be precise.

Then fold the paper, and around the paper, write a kind of intention of the spelling round about the paper. Intentions like what you want the person in particular to do. Like you could write something like “I want you to think of me when you wake up in the morning and when you are about to fall asleep at night.”

Step 2:

  • Take the jar of honey are eat a spoonful of it.
  • After you have eaten it, place the paper that you write the name of the person you want to fall in love with you, and then submerge it into the honey until it is submerged entirely in the honey.
  • After it has been completely submerged in the jar of honey then you should repeatedly repeat these words, “I love you, I love you, I love you” a couple of times.

Step 3:

  • After this take the cubes of honey and soak them in brandy, then drinking the remaining bottle of brandy, winks! Just joking.
  • After you have soaked the sugar in brandy, place the sugar around the jar of honey and light it on fire.
  • Make sure you tire the red ribbon around the jar of honey before setting it ablaze. Also, ensure you do not light up this system on a flammable surface naturally. That is it, short and simple.
  • After that, you are all set to expect that true love to come knocking at your door.


3. The Personalized Candle Spell

Now when you need a kind of a swift-acting love spell that you can use to attract real love f a specific person towards yourself, then you can try out the personalized candle spell.

The personalized candle spell is just a little bit more complicated than the ones I have previously mentioned. You can actually perform the personalized candle by yourself.

This personalized candle love spell like the rest does not require many ingredients to perform. The main idea of this spell is in the process and not the ingredient. Some of the ingredients that are needed to perform this spell are as follows:


  • Candles (color matters)
  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil

There are not many steps involved in this spell as well like I previously said, it is about the process in this love spell and not about the ingredient nor the steps although the ingredients and the step are also vital. This is because without the ingredient and the steps there is no spell either.

The steps involved in the casing of this spell is as follow:

Step 1:

  • Light the candles; I said candles because you can make use of more than one color of the candle. Each color of the candle represents a particular meaning assigned to it.
  • You can take for example the red candles, they represent anything that is having a link with emotions.
  • You can also consider the pink candle also, they represent new romance or a kind of attraction felt by the new lovers.

Step 2:

  • After lighting the different types of candles, you want then you should then now take a piece of paper and write the different things you want out of the spell just like in the spell we performed with the honey jar.
  • After you have written the different things that you from the person you are trying to enchant be it more love, or more attention, or anything of that sorts, then place your writings besides each of the candles.

Step 3:

You have to repeat the process for 7 days, and you are supposed to allow the candles to burn straight until they have all melted away.

However, you can blow them out perhaps is you cannot afford to stay at home throughout the 7 days of this spell casting. Because the magic behind this spells understands that you have to go to go out at one point or the other, especially for work.

Also, there you have another Free Love Spell to Attract True Love just being cast now again. Quite simple but is about the process and not the ingredient or the step involved in casting this particular spell.

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