10 Most Powerful Free Love Spells That Work for Real

Magic was and still is, one of the tools people use to achieve their goals. Crafting love spells is among the most popular types of magic workings from all times. A simple google search on love spells will result in exactly 22 pages filled with websites, blogs, and forums that, at some point, focused on this subject. Now, where to begin to get things done? To make things easier, we prepared a list with 10 effective, tested, love spells for you.

Here the 10 Most Powerful Free Love Spells That Work for Real

#1 Herbal love spell

The easiest and safest way to craft a love spell is by using the power of the plants. Plants are really potent and powerful tools, that you should consider incorporating in your practice if you haven’t already.


  • Red Rose (to attract love, beauty, and pleasure)
  • Catnip (for driving out negativity)
  • Jasmine ( to attract a passionate lover)
  • Sage Smudge stick ( You can use other purification methods if you would like to.)
  • Wooden/glass/crystal bowl (avoid metal by all means)
  • Cauldron/Ceramic bowl (or something that is safe to burn herbs in, such as an incense burner)
  • Step 1 If you are performing indoors you should open the windows. Start clearing the space by cleaning up your room. After everything is clean and you feel like your room is ready for guests, start smudging the space with sage. At this point in the process, you want to imagine all the negative energy chased out the window by the smoking sage bundle you are waving around. This step should be performed prior to all magical workings!
  • Step 2 Silence your mind. Take the necessary precautions to avoid interruption during your magical working ( lock the door, perform when you are home alone, etc.). Take small amounts of each plant and put them in the bowl. Start tossing the herbs with your hands gently. Feel the vibrations emitted through petals and leaves. Lean towards the bowl and touch the plants with one hand, while strongly visualizing your wish coming true. Transmit your wish to the plants through your fingertips. Fell how you are charging the herbs with your intent. When you feel that the plants have been charged, remove your hand from the bowl.
  • Step 3 After enchanting your herbs, put them in your cauldron. Visualize your goal one more time, then set the plants on fire, releasing your wish into the universe.


#2 Full Moon Love Elixir


  • Glass bottle
  • Water
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Bowl
  • Salt
  • Spring Water
  • Pink candle
  • Incense


  • At night, during Full Moon


  • Step 1 One day prior to your spell work, put your crystal in a bowl and cover it with salt. Imagine that the power of the earth cleans your crystal of any latent energy. Leave the crystal buried in salt overnight. The next day take your crystal and place it in a bowl filled with water. Imagine how your quartz is purified by the healing energies of water. Remove the stone from the water bowl. Light a pink candle and put your crystal quickly through the flame, picturing how the fire burns all negative energy. Lastly, light some incense and as the smoke swirls in the air, visualize how the last remaining unwanted energy stored in the crystal swirls away, together with the incense smoke.
  • Step 2 After purification, comes programming. Imagine that this step is similar to asking someone to do you a favor. You need to tell the crystal what do you need and when do you need it. To do this you need to speak to the stone. Words are really powerful, so be careful about how you chose them. Here’s an idea: „I am programming this crystal until the next Full Moon to help me attract a passionate lover.”Nothing fancy, but very effective.
  • Step 3 Take your bottle and put your crystal inside. Pour spring water on top of the crystal and visualize your goal. After you feel the water is charged with your intention, place the elixir bottle on a windowsill, or somewhere in the moonlight, and leave it there overnight.
  • Step 4 The next morning you will have a powerful love elixir in your bottle. You can put it in a spritzer bottle and spray it all over your body every day, or you can add it to your baths. Is that easy!

#3 Tarot love spell


  • The Empress (1)
  • 8 of wands (2)
  • A card form Minor Arcana that should represent you (3)
  • A red candle
  • Step 1 Light your red candle. Place your tarot cards in the order shown in Fig.1.
  • Step 2 This step is the most important. Invision The Empress. Feel her warmth. Her feminine energy is abundant. She is the symbol of love, passion, and fertility. Try to feel the vibrations of this card and channel it towards the 8 of Wands. The 8 of wands symbolizes movement and change. Imagine that the energy of The Empress is passing through the 8 wants quickly and abundantly, like electricity in a circuit. That energy flow is coming towards the card that represents you. Picture yourself being flooded with love, passion, and feminity.


#4 Love tea


  • Jasmine (for attracting a passionate lover)
  • Lavender ( for relaxation and to enhance communication skills)
  • Basil (for attracting love, but also for purification and protection)
  • Wooden bowl
  • Stove
  • Pot
  • Mug
  • Red candle


  • Step 1 Enchant the plants following the instructions from the first spell in this article (Herbal love spell)
  • Step 2 After the plants were enchanted, place them in a silicone/plastic infuser (avoid metal) and proceed with the steps you usually follow when you’re making tea.
  • Step 3 Don’t drink this infusion in front of the TV, or while reading a magazine. Sit quietly before your altar, light the candle and envision your wish coming true. Feel the warmth of the tea. With every sip you take, you become more attractive, more beautiful, more lovable.


#5 Love sachet


  • All the herbs from Herbal Love Spell (1) and Love tea (4)
  • Wooden bowl
  • Square shaped red cloth
  • String


  • Step 1 Enchanting the herbs (follow the instructions given for the first spell in this article)
  • Step 2 Put the enchanted herbs in the middle of the cloth, visualizing your intention. Form a little sachet from the cloth, then tie it up with the string, making 3 knots.
  • Step 3 Carry the sachet with you for 3 months, then bury it into the ground.


#6 Make a Wish Spell


  • Red candle
  • Cauldron
  • Red-inked pen
  • Piece of paper


  • Step 1 Light up your candle, pick up the pen and paper and write in a few words what you wish for. Remember to avoid negation when you are setting up your intentions.
  • Step 2 Take the paper in your hands and close your eyes. Envision your intention vividly, visualize how you are holding hands with your new lover, how you are kissing in the park or going on vacation together. Picture the relationship you want as something that is already happening in your life. Charge the piece of paper with your intention.
  • Step 3 Take the piece of paper and put it into the cauldron. Set it on fire and let it burn completely. Gaze into the fire as you feel how love and passion are entering your life. Take the ashes and scatter them outside, around the house.

#7 Love Bottle Spell


  • Love herbs (rose petals, orris root, yarrow, Adam and Eve root, apple blossoms, etc.)
  • Paper red hearts
  • Little glass bottle
  • Essential Oils of your choosing (e.g. rose oil, lavender oil, etc.)
  • Small tumbled rose quartz (purified and programmed as instructed in the second spell, Full moon love elixir)


  • Step 1 Enchant the herbs
  • Step 2 Visualise your intention as you place your ingredients in the bottle, one by one. With every ingredient added, your spell becomes more powerful.
  • Step 3 Hold the bottle in your hands and charge it with your intention.
  • Step 4 Bury it somewhere really close to your house, or even in a flower pot.


#8 Love Bath Spell


  • Rose essential oil
  • Rose petals
  • Rose Quartz (purified and programmed)
  • Insense
  • Red candles


  • Step 1 Prepare your bathtub as you would normally do. Add the essential oil and rose petals to the water. Light the red candles and incense and step in the tub, holding the rose quartz in your right hand.
  • Step 2 Fill how the herbs, the crystal, and the oils are releasing their energy into the water you are sitting in. Your body is aligning its vibrations to the ones floating in the water. Imagine yourself developing the ability to attract love like a magnet. You have a magnetic aura around your body. Picture how you attract the perfect lover into your life.
  • Step 3 After you feel you charged enough, step out of the bathtub and anoint your pulse points with essential rose oil.


#9 Love Painting Spell


  • Piece of paper
  • Watercolors (or another painting medium of your choosing)
  • Painting brush
  • Bell


  • Step 1 Sit quietly before your altar. Silence your mind. Close your eyes and ring the bell to raise energy around you.
  • Step 2 Envision your intention. Visualize the future perfect love life you want. What colors are you seeing? What feelings are you encountering?
  • Step 3 Transfer the result of the previous step on the piece of paper, using the watercolors. It does not need to look professional. Concentrate on the feelings you want to express, the actions you want to take place. Try to let your subconscious mind run freely. Don’t concentrate on the form of your artwork, but rather on its vibrations.
  • Step 4 Leave your painting on your altar to dry, then hang it on a wall, or place it around the house where you can see it often. After your wish it’s fulfilled, simply burn the painting in your cauldron.


#10 Visualization Spell

This is not suited for beginners. To perform a spell without using any tools is very simple, yet it requires a lot of practice. Your mind is the most powerful tool you’ll need when you become experienced enough or when you are really talented.

For this spell, you simply have to visualize your intention and to believe in your magical powers. After all, magic works best for those who believe in it.

All these spells are crafted for the general purpose of attracting love, so feel free to improvise, mix and match and change them in order to give them a personal magical touch. Remember that your craft should not interfere with someone’s free will. Do what you want, but harm no one.

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