Free Love Spells that Work in Minutes Without Ingredients

If your mind and heart are working together towards the same goal, you don’t need a piece of your lover’s hair or special herbs to put a spell on someone. The only tool you need to use when performing a spell is your mind.

Magical tools are magical because your mind made them magical. You are charging the tools with magical powers coming from within yourself. So, performing spells should require just a clear intention, a dash of visualization, and a sprinkle of magical effort.

In this article, you will discover tips for performing free love spells that work in minutes without ingredients, as well as some magical tips to maximize the potency of the spells.

Spells that require no ingredients demand a little more planning. You should take into consideration aspects like timing and location. Read further to find out everything you need to know for successfully casting free love spells that work in minutes without ingredients.



When casting a love spell without ingredients, you want to focus your attention on things that can maximize the results of your magical endeavors. Therefore, carefully scheduling your casting time will provide a great outcome.

Venus and Mars are the governors of love. As a result, you will choose to perform your love spell either on a Tuesday (under the influence of Mars) or on a Friday (controlled by Venusian energies).

Be mindful of planetary hours as well. Because calculating the planetary hours can be a dreadful task, you can use an app to find out what planet influences which hours of the day.

The moon phase is another thing you want to take into consideration when trying to set a date for casting a love spell. If you want to attract someone in your life, perform your ritual during a waxing moon.



After you decided on what time suits your needs, find an appropriate location for performing your spell. Don’t forget that you are performing a spell that requires no ingredients, so you will not attract any unwanted attention if you perform your magic in a public place.

Choose a location that has romantic energy. Are there any places in your town, that are famous choices for dates among lovers? If you know such places, go there to perform your ritual.

You can take a walk on the beach, go to a movie, or even stargaze in your courtyard. Just be sure the place you are choosing has a romantic vibration.


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the laws that govern our universe. This law states that what you plant is what you will harvest. Simply put, any thoughts will materialize eventually in your life.

The Law of Attraction makes our love spells without ingredients work efficiently. If you focus on the following visualization spells, we gathered in this article for you your desires will become facts.


Preparation before casting the spell

Before casting any spell, you need to prepare physically and mentally for it.

  • Start by cleaning your space, decluttering, organizing and putting every object in his place.
  • After cleaning the space, take a relaxing bath. Mind the powerful healing and cleansing powers of the water and imagine how all negative energy is washed away.
  • The next step is to choose the proper attire for your ritual. You can cast your spell sky-clad, or you can wear clothes with colors that correspond to your intention.
  • Finally, take a moment to meditate and to clear your mind. Try to account every thought that passes through your mind in one minute.
  • After observing your thoughts, imagine a large, black trash bin. For the next minute, every idea that crosses your mind goes in the garbage.
  • After filling up the bin, take out the trash. For the next minute keep your mind still and empty. To accomplish that, you can chant a mantra, or count some beads from a rosary.

When performing a ritual, stray energies and spirits can be attracted to you. This is the reason why you should consider spiritual protection before casting a spell. Follow this link to find out how to protect yourself against harmful and unwanted energies.


Energy Sphere Love Spell

The following spell resides only on visualization and chanting. Thus, you want to be in a quiet place, so you can concentrate without interruptions.

  • Keep your hands on your chest, close your eyes and bow your head. Imagine how your energy concentrates in the heart area on your chest.
  • After you gather your energy in one place, form a little energy ball under your hands. The sphere contains pink swirling threads that move and twist inside it. Pull it out of your chest with your hands and hold it before you.
  • The next step is to charge the energy ball with your desire. Therefore, this is the right time to start chanting some simple words that depict your spell’s purpose. Chant something like ” Be mine. Be with me. Love me. Want me. Long for me.” Repeat the chosen word sequence until you fill that your sphere starts to vibrate and your hands start to tingle.
  • After charging the sphere, start moving your hands like you would polish a bowling ball. The movement of your hands should spin the energy sphere. Increase your speed until the ball gains enough momentum to spin by itself.

This is the moment when you want to detach the energy accumulation from your body. Now the sphere should levitate between your hands.

The energy is now ready to take off to a destination. Think about the one you want to charm. Visualize how your energy ball will go to him and enter his body. Imagine how you will be together and form a happy couple.

Set your energy free and send it to your future lover.


Love spell with colorful emotional strings

This is a simplified version of a traditional binding spell. For this, you only need a strong imagination and a few minutes of silence. Whether you choose to perform your magic in your room, or in a park, the spell will not attract the attention of the passers.

Imagine you are you and your lover are standing in a void, face to face, at a small distance from each other. Your beloved starts making steps slowly towards you. With each step they make, your energy field pulls them even closer. You are like two magnets, attracting each other.

When your lover is close enough to you, start forming colorful strings from your feelings. First, form a pink string using friendship emotions. Second, create a red string from love and lust. Third, a purple string for spiritual connection. Lastly, form a white string from protection instincts. After, forming the feeling strings, elongate them as much as you can, and use them to bind your lover to you.

Wrap the strings around you two, until you form a cocoon. The next step is to absorb the feelings into your systems. Start with the inverse order you created them.

After the visualization part of the spell, keep your eyes closed and chant the following words three times:

“I bind you to me, to love, to commitment.”

If you choose to perform this spell in a public place, simply say the words in your head.


Imaginary Charmed Apple Love Spell

For the following spell, you need to charm an imaginary red apple. This is an exercise for your imagination. Why an apple? Because this fruit is sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and passion.

Imagine you are holding a big red apple in your hand. Whisper to the apple 3 times: “Whoever takes a bite from you, will long for and fall in love with me.”

As you blow gently over the fruit, a dim red light starts shining like a halo around the apple.

Call your lover’s name 3 times, and he will appear near you dressed in a groom suit. Invite him to sit next to you, and serve him the charmed apple. After each bite he takes from the apple, he will develop stronger and stronger feelings for you.

The spell will start working when your lovers will finish eating his apple.

After finishing this spell, you need to rest, as it can be draining mentally and spiritually. Take a bath and cleanse your spirit of any spell residue.

Try to minimize your social interactions after the spell, and go to bed early.

Even though you might not feel tired, these types of rituals challenge your powers to a great extent. But don’t worry, there’s nothing that a good night sleep can’t solve.


Be mindful of the consequences

Love spells work better on strengthening already existent bonds. Even though sometimes we want someone in our lives, it is not indicated to perform spells to affect their free will. The saying “what goes around, comes around” applies in witchcraft as well. So, be careful with what you do, and to whom. Don’t break relationships just because you want someone. It is not for you to decide when two people stop being a couple.

Follow this link to find out the possible consequences of love spells: 

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