How to Cast a FREE Love Spells that Work in One Day

If finding your soul mate is on your life goals list, read further to learn about free love spells that work in one day. Finding a lover to resonate with you on all levels is hard, but you shouldn’t settle for less. The free love spells in this article will provide you valuable information to help you attract the perfect lover in your life.

Do you have a crush on somebody? If the answer is yes, then you need to take a look at the love charm spell below. Life is too short to experience unfulfilled love. Before casting any love spell, be sure you understand the implications of such magical workings.

If your love life is chaotic and you just want to organize this aspect of your existence, establishing some objectives and a goal are the first steps towards an organized, fulfilling life. The Tarot love meditation and spread will come on handy. This method will help you understand what your soul needs.

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1. Tarot love meditation and spread

This tarot love spread will open your eyes. Tarot cards are very efficient when used in divination, meditation and spell work. If you don’t own a Tarot deck yet, we encourage you to purchase one. Ridder White decks are perfect for beginners.

There are thousands of tarot decks with incredibly creative illustrations. Some are colorful, some are minimalistic, and most of them are variations of the Ridder White system.

Thus, by learning the original tarot archetypes, it will be easier to choose and work with the perfect illustrated tarot deck that feels proper for your magical activity.

To have your love life diagnosed, you’ll need the following ingredients:


  • • Tarot deck
  • Red candle
  • • A purple altar cloth
  • • Amethyst crystal
  • • Rose Quartz crystal
  • • Rose essential oil


1. What is my current emotional state?
2. What does the Universe want me to know about my love life?
3. What should I heal?
4. How should I heal?
5. Which insecurities drive my decisions in my love life?
6. How do I get rid of my insecurities?
7. Why am I not happy?
8. What should I do to be happy?
9. What should I do to meet my soul mate?

These questions should only serve as guidelines. Try to complete the list with personalized inquiries for better results.


  • First, cover your altar with the purple cloth to enhance your magical powers. Purple is associated with wisdom, enlightenment and psychic abilities. Thus, it is an excellent choice for a divination endeavor like this one.
  • To continue the setup, anoint the candle with the essential rose oil and place it on the altar. And, lastly, set the Rose Quartz Crystal and the Amethyst next to the candle.
  • After setting up the altar, you are ready to ask the questions.
    After setting up the altar, you are almost ready to ask the questions.
  • Take your tarot deck and take out The Lovers card. Contemplate the illustration of the two nude silhouettes standing in the fertile garden. Behind the woman, in the Tree of Knowledge, the serpent awaits impatiently. The snake represents choice and regeneration. Behind the man stands a burning tree, symbolizing sexuality and desire. This is the card of creation, the source of life.
    Enter the arcana and try to connect with the card.
  • Ask the Lovers to help you find the answers. After you completed this step, you can begin drawing cards.
  • Shuffle your cards before drawing a card. Think about your question while you are shuffling and pull out a card. That card represents the answer.
  • Repeat this procedure for all remaining questions.

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2. Notice me Love Spell for your Crush

If you are in love with someone that sees you only as a friend, this easy to cast love spell will change your crush’s attitude towards you.


  • • One red apple
  • • Red roses
  • • Rose Quartz Crystal
  • • Amethyst Crystal
  • • A small piece of chocolate
  • • A red piece of cloth
  • • A piece of red yarn
  • • 3 dove feathers
  • • Basil leaves


  • Chop up the apple and dehydrate the fruit chunks in an oven or on a windowsill. You can make a bigger batch, as the apple is very easily incorporable in love spells, being sacred to Aphrodite. Stock the extra dried apple slices in sealed glass containers for later use.
  • Next, put the dehydrated apples, the red roses, the chocolate, and both crystals in the red cloth, forming a sachet.
  • Tie the little cloth bag with the piece of thread making three knots. For each knot establish a milestone in your relationship with your crush. For example, while making the first knot say: “This knot will make my crush like me more than a friend.”
  • Repeat this method for the rest of the knots.The following step relies solely on visualization. After you completed the enchantment of the 3 knots, take a moment to vividly imagine the outcome of your ritual. Visualize reaching each milestone.
  • Lastly, create a smudge stick using the dove feathers and the dried basil leaves. Smudge the sachet thoroughly, and the spell is complete.

Carry the love charm with you for 3 days to reach each of your milestones as the days pass.

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3. Binding love spell with Lego figurines

Is attracting a new lover your goal? Or maybe you simply desire to strengthen your existing relationship. In both circumstances, casting a binding love spell will help to make your wish come true.


  • • two Lego figurines (to represent you and your future lover)
  • • a red, heart-shaped piece of paper
  • • red candle
  • • a piece of red thread
  • • a needle


  • Start by carving the words “love, lust, passion” on the red candle, using the needle.
  • Next, write your wish on the heart-shaped piece of paper, and fold it 3 times towards you.
  • Bind the folded note and the two Lego figurines with the red piece of thread. While coiling your yarn, say the following incantation:
    “I bind your heart to mine. I bind you to commitment. I bind you to love and desire me forever”.
  • Light up the candle and place the two bound figurines at the base of it. Gaze into the flame, visualize your goal, and let the candle burn out.
  • Carry the toys with you for 3 days, then bury them somewhere close to your house.

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4. Tarot Love Spell

For this spell, you only need a creative mind, a candle, and a tarot deck. For this spell to work, you need to focus your attention and follow the instructions carefully. Usually, tarot spell casting is easy thanks to the suggestive illustrations. If you know the meaning of the cards, your journeys through the arcana should be a piece of cake and a pleasant and fruitful experience.


  • • The Lovers tarot card
  • • The Star tarot card
  • • King of Cups
  • • a red candle


  • First, take the Star card in your right hand and contemplate the image before you. The Star marks the end of a confusing life chapter and the beginning of a serene, and loving phase. It teaches us that the unpleasant events in our lives are helping us to discover our true essence, thus symbolizing faith, hope, and personal growth.
  • Enter the card and befriend the Star. Ask her to bless your new start in life and help you remove the obstacles standing between you and your lover.
  • Repeat the same procedure but with The King of Cups. He is the symbol of authority and power. He is in full control of his emotions. This card represents emotional maturity. This card marks the end of fluctuating feelings and emotional instability.
  • Enter the arcana, explore your surroundings and try to discover the king’s secret to emotional maturity. What lesson can he teach you?
  • Have a chat with the king and ask him to share a piece of his wisdom with you. Lay the card on the altar and visualize the physical traits of your future partner, and the strong bond forming between you two. Y
  • our new lover will be steady, balanced but at the same time passionate. Place the King of Cups next to The Star on the altar.
  • Lastly, take The Lovers card and visualize how you and your partner share the purest love there is. You are the archetype of the lovers, Adam and Eve, the first two people to ever experience love. Put the Lovers on top of the Star and King cards, horizontally, and as you lay down the card, say the following incantation:

Adam and Eve, the first people to love,
Guide our endeavors from high above.
Our love is pure, and it shall last,
With this last card, the spell is cast.
So mote it be!

  • Light the candle, place it on top of the cards, and let it burn out. Be careful not to burn your cards. Supervise the candle (this is the reason you might want to use the smallest candle size you can find). Leave the cards on the altar until the next morning.

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