Learn How to Cast 6 Proven Free Love Spells That Work Instantly for Beginners in [8 EASY Steps]

In this article, you will learn the six proven Free Love Spells That Work Instantly for Beginners for Love You Want Today.

These free love spells do work when used properly and with the right intentions.

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Nothing provokes strong emotions like the promise of love. It’s easy to see why love is that beautiful feeling that many people find hard to explain in no specific terms.

Well, at one point in life, it’s almost inevitable that we all find ourselves trapped in deep and hearty affection towards others.

As real as it gets, open and hidden desires of love and attraction are not always mutual or uniform. It can be quick and easy to find, while for others, it could be elusive for quite a long time or forever.

But wouldn’t it be pretty cool if we all have our heart desires to see the light of day? Wouldn’t it great if our dreams of love become a lifetime reality? And wouldn’t it be fulfilling if we all had some magical way to rekindle our love lives when what has been a shining is slowly fading away?

Regardless of your situation in the quest for love, you can always better your chances or fortify your intentions of love. Finding free love spells that work instantly could be the perfect first step to a whole new level of romance. Sound crazy?

Well, for quite a significant number, love spells don’t feature even remotely in their imagination. But here is the deal, isn’t it satisfying if there is that special high power that helps or grants you love desires quickly and free of charge? Certainly, the answer is yes.

There are much free love spells that yield results pretty first and are quite useful when used in the right circumstance. Whether you want to reunite with an ex, seek a new lover, or need to get back that fading attention, they can help bring happiness into your life.

It is essential you have the right requirements, ensure timely practice, follow the guidelines correctly, and more importantly, dedicate adequate energy while highlighting specific intentions.

In this list, you will find some simple but powerful love spells especially suited for beginners who want to try their hearts in the sweet waters of spell casting. These spells are proven effective and will affirm your intentions without demanding much.

1. A free wish spell that works instantly for beginners

Do you desire to have someone special come into your life? If yes, this could be the perfect answer. This love spell is very simple yet very effective in letting your wishes materialize. By practicing this, you don’t have to live in emotional loneliness anymore. By having the right frame of mind and directing your energy in the desired direction, your dream love can come true.

How to perform it:

For this to work accordingly, you will require six candles of any color. Proceed as follows;

  • Make sure you have six candles
  • Relax for 30 minutes while meditating
  • Clear any thoughts and focus your mind
  • Light 5 candles and leave one unlit for later use
  • Start praying to the moon, reciting this chant “Dear moon that beautifully glows at night, I pray to you with all might. I ask you for a good night and always stick to my sight.” Repeat this for three consecutive nights. Repetition helps you gather momentum and energy in the spell.
  • In the morning, after waking up, meditate for 30 minutes, clearing your mind. Then have your favorite music or audio meditation.
  • Visualize your love wish so intensely as if it has come to pass
  • Let the sense of thanksgiving and happiness overwhelm you
  • On the third morning, spend 3 hours picturing your dreams coming true, followed by an hour of meditation.

Tips to ensure the best results

Ensure you perform this spell during the full moon

The first part should be done just before going to bed

2. A free love spell for beginners to get someone to call you

You can use this to gather your energy and direct it to a particular person you would like to get in touch with you. Also, it will make them have a soft spot for you, so they will pick when you call. This spell will do the hard work for you if you are longing for a call from someone.

How to perform it:

To get this going, you will need a pen, a piece of paper, and a pin or needle.

  • Get the paper, note down the name of the person, and circle it
  • As you go about that, ensure you visualize their face
  • Then pierce the center of the circle with your needle/pin
  • Put the paper next to your phone
  • Wait for the call.

Depending on your focus, energy, and the time you do this, it could be a matter of minutes, hours, or a few days before you receive the much-desired call

3. A powerful free love spell for attracting your soul mate

This love spell is super strong, proven, and will give results fast enough. Performing this will help that seemingly faint connection of love blossom and grow to unimaginable heights. Though this works better if there is a tiny bit of your soul mate’s heart that already likes you, even when you have no particular person in mind, you could use this to enhance your chances of the soul mate appearing soon and paying attention to you.

How to perform this love spell:

  • Start by taking a warm bath just before heading to bed
  • Meditate for some time to focus your mind and develop strong positive energy
  • Communicate with the universe, pouring out your intentions of finding a soul mate
  • Visualize your positive energy and intentions leaving you and going out into the word
  • Maintain a positive state of mind all this while
  • Repeat this chant 60 times “Kainaat sune ishq maujood ho.”
  • When done, relax and close your eyes, imagining how it is getting in contact with a soul mate. Visualize as if it has already happened.
  • You can keep doing this until the soul mate starts communicating with you

Tips to follow when performing this love spell

Spend as much time as it takes to get focused and keep a positive mental state

Use guided meditation resources such as audios if necessary

It takes a blend of the right attitude and positive energy to perform this spell with success.

4. A simple love spell chant for beginners that works immediately

If you have been looking for your true love with little or no success, this free love spell will serve you right. It involves an easy and quick chant that can be performed at your convenience.

Steps for performing the love spell chant:

  • Relax and begin by chanting, “Yaa maadat yaa mujhe mile vo abhi.”
  • While at it, visualize and focus on the kind of love that you would like to get from your true love
  • Keep your focus steady and convey out positive intentions
  • Repeat this throughout the day, setting your wishes over and over again
  • Wait and see your true love come to you

Tips to follow when performing the spell

Ensure you have solid intentions and energy

If you are already thinking of a specific person, keep in mind their free will. If there is a seed of possible love, the more effective this will be.

Put more energy and do force your intentions on someone

Try doing this early in the morning or wherever time you wake up preferably do this while standing outside your house

5. Free binding love spell for beginners

Sometimes you need to add fuel to the fire of love to purify and strengthen the bond to last forever. The free binding love spell works instantly and is exceedingly powerful. It merely involves capturing the heart of your significant other such that your feelings become mutually strong for a lifetime.

How to perform the love spell

To get started, you will need enough clay to make two dolls, a knitting needle, and a red ribbon. Proceed as follows:-

  • Make two dolls with the clay-one representing you and the other your partner
  • When done, engrave both your name and your mother’s on the doll depicting you
  • On the other, write the name of your lover and his or her mother’s name
  • Using the needle, make a hole on each doll
  • Now take the ribbon and tightly tie the two dolls together
  • Then hold them with your right hand ensuring they are facing up, and chant loudly, “HAR KAAM PYAAR SAAT ANDOMANER PURA HUA.”
  • You can do this every morning, repeating the chant 40 times
  • Keep the dolls in the room where you sleep
  • This works instantly and is permanent, so you have to be sure before you start doing it.


If you are looking for simple-to-practice beginner love spells with instant results, you could try out any of these. Although no love spell can be classified with certainty as love spells for beginners, our list highlights a few proven options for anyone who wants to get started in the world of casting spells. Everyone deserves to have true love, so why not if a spell could bring you much-needed happiness.

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