5 Free Easy Love Spells To Make Someone Love You Deeply

Looking for free love spells chants that work immediately? Apply these 5 Free Love Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply.
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Love is a natural feeling of attraction towards a partner, especially towards the opposite sex. Despite being a natural phenomenon, there are cases where love can be artificially induced, especially in a situation where you love a particular person, and he/she does not love you back as much as you do. It is always a pain in the heart if you love someone deeply, and the love is not mutual. However, there are different free love spells that work like magic and can save you in situations like this to get the man/woman your heart longs for.

The most beautiful part of love spells is that it brings happiness and the beauty of love out in one. They work in a way to ignite love and make you look more attractive in the face of your partner. Although spell effects wear off after a particular time since its work is to ignite love, true love can still sustain the love relationship even after such spell wears off.

Love spell makes someone deeply fall in love with you, not by mere physical attraction or short romance. It is an idea to invoke true love. Love that is ignited with a spell makes you have a true and fulfilling relationship.

There are, however, wrong ideas painted of spells. Many people think they work in a way to bend other people’s free will. Some believe that anyone whose spell is used does not have control over their own thoughts or emotions and becomes a schnook in the hands of the spell caster. True love spells do not work that way. They don’t bring harm to anyone mentally or emotionally. Some of the love spells are:

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1) Magic white love spell

White magic love spell works perfectly well only if the caster has true intentions. It is only cast with good intentions to bring back someone you once cherished but lost, or someone you have always admired and wanted to be your love partner. The spell is harmless to the spiritual elements of both the caster and the target. However, the spell’s objective is to give you the needed positive energy to have what you want.

The spell does not involve any complicated rituals, costumes, or ceremonies as such. It only requires the passion in you to make a potent spell that can awaken the passion in that person you love.

The white magic love spell requires your wishes and belief for that spell to work and bring you the anticipated change in your love life.
Most of the time, the love spell is cast; candles, flowers, herbs, pen, incense, paper, and essential oils are the things you need to make the spell. They serve as the tool through which your energy and love power is unleashed into the universe.

The energy there is the thoughts and true intentions behind the spell you want to cast. Therefore, you must be aware that your thoughts and intentions play a great role in making a potent white live magic spell.

Materials needed for the white magic love spell:

  • 1 thick red candle.
  • 1 thick pink candle.
  • Cinnamon oil.
  • Matches made from wood.
  • Toothpick
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 piece of parchment paper

How to perform the Magic white love spell

  • You start the cast by cleaning the candles and getting rid of any dirt on the body of the two candles. Use the cinnamon oil to anoint the candles.
  • Carve your name on the red candle and your lover’s name on the pink color candle with the toothpick.
  • First, light the red candle bearing your name with the matches. Use the flame from the red candle to light the pink candle.
  • While the candles are burning, focus on them for about thirty minutes and imagine how deeply you want your lover to be in love with you.
  • Use the pencil to draw two hearts on the parchment paper. Put your name in one of the two drawn hearts, and your lover’s in the second.
  • Take the red candle and make the wax from it drop on the two hearts while you keep focusing on your love and what you would do for your lover.
  • When the hearts are fully covered with wax, blow off the red candle that has your name.
  • Take the pink candle and make the wax drop on the hearts while you focus on your lover and imagine deeply you want him/her to fall in love with you.
  • When the heart is covered with the wax from the pink candle, blow off the fame.
    Repeat the process for 7 days with the same parchment paper but draw new hearts on it every other day you perform the ritual.
  • On the 7th day, allow the candles to burn themselves out. After this, keep the parchment paper where no one can see it. The spell will automatically activate after the candles burn out.

2) Spell to regain your lover’s interest

This spell works very effectively and leaves a long-term effect on a relationship. It will help you grow your love together with your partner and subsequently bring newness into the love that has once existed between the both of you.

Materials needed for the Spell to regain your lover’s interest

  • Rosemary
  • Small coin
  • A compass
  • A red yarn
  • Small envelope

How to cast the spell to regain your lover’s interest

Write boldly and clearly the name of the partner you want back in an envelope. Keep the coin and the Rosemary tight in your fist and hold firmly.

  • Face each of the four directions (that is why you need a compass) and mention the name of your partner each time you face each direction. You should start from the North to the East, South, and West before returning to your initial position.
  • Remove the coin from your tight fist and put it in the envelope. Seal the envelope and kiss after seal.
  • Take the Red yarn and roll the envelope up before you tie it with the yarn.
  • Take the envelope, which you have tied with the red yarn, to one of your favorite places- which you must have prepared before you begin the ritual process.
  • Take the Rosemary outside, ground it between the palm of your hand, and release it to the air, so it blows away.
  • Finally, recite “come back to me” 17 times. Now you have completed the spell, expect to see your lover’s interest return soon.

3) Angels of light love spell

Being in love with someone your heart relies on wants is inevitable the best feeling in the world. This free spell will allow you to have someone who you truly love to be in your life, be together with you, and support whatever dream you may have to accomplish in life.

Materials needed for the Angels of light love spell

  • A two-inch red velvet ribbon
  • Two ceramic angels
  • Four crimson candles
  • Red or white lighter

How to cast the Angels of light love spell

  • Place the two ceramic angels on a table, make sure they are positioned in a way such that they are facing you.
  • Put the four crimson candles around the ceramic angels.
  • Lit up the four candles surrounding the angels with the lighter in a clockwise direction.
  • While your candles are burning, recite the following
    “I call upon the angels to heal my spirit and my heart that cries for a new love without delay and deliver them into my hands.”
  • Allow the candles to burn themselves out. When the candles are burnt out, and the fire goes off by itself, the spell becomes automatically activated.

4) The doll love spell

This is one of the most powerful love spells known. It is performed by the female partner to get the man she desires.

Materials needed for the doll love spell

  • Man’s clothing
  • Man’s hair
  • A doll

How to cast the doll love spell

  • Put the man’s clothing on a doll and glue his head on the doll’s head.
  • The doll spiritually controls his physical being.
  • Pin the doll to your bird and get a pillow for it next to yours.
  • When you go to bed, talk to the doll as you would have talked to him if he were with you. The man will definitely feel in his spiritual self and desire to be with you, no matter the distance between you two.

5) The triple knot love spell

This is another free but effective love spells whose effectiveness serves for a long time.

Materials needed for the triple knot love spell

  • 24-inch red ribbon
  • patchouli oil
  • Ylang-ylang oil

How to cast the triple knot love spell

  • Drop one or two droplets of the two oils in your palm and run them together.
  • Pick the ribbon and rub it down with the hand.
  • Make three knots on the ribbon at intervals.
  • When you are tying the first knot, you chant, “With the love of one, my love will definitely come.”
  • When you make the second knot, chant, “With the love of two, my love is true.”
  • And on the third knot, chant, “With the knot of three, so mote it be” After this, loop the ribbon either on the knob of your bedroom door or bedpost.
  • Then, await the action that follows.

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