How to Cast Simple Free Marriage Spells That Work Immediately

Do you want to Learn How to Cast Simple Free Marriage Spells That Work Immediately in easy steps-by-steps?

Love spells are more efficient when cast to strengthen an existent emotional bond between two people. Therefore, it is easier to prevent or fix problems in a relationship than to build one from scratch. You can undoubtedly end an affair with a little magical help.

If passion is missing from your relationship, you can put it back in its place with the following free marriage spells.

Discord, annoying habits, communication issues, and unhealthy sex life can all drive any relationship off the cliff. Thus, listen to your intuition and act now to fix your marriage before things get out of control.

These marriage spells can get you and your partner out of the limbo of misunderstood emotions, lack of communication, or lost passion. You have the power to magically repair the broken pieces of your promise to love and support each other until the end of time. Make that “forever” last forever, not to end with an ugly divorce.

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The Handfasting Ceremony

If you are in a long-term relationship and your goal is to make quick steps towards officiating your bond, you should consider Handfasting.

Marriage and commitment are scary sometimes, and engagement can elongate for years without any progress towards setting the date. Celts got it figured out binding each other in a one year and a day engagement.

This ceremony is ideal for pagan couples who are looking for an alternative to mainstream engagement promises. Suitable for partners who are not ready yet for the big step, The Handfasting ritual consists of a trial period, in which the couple has time to decide if the wedding is going to happen or not.

The Handfasting ceremonies are full of meaning, and usually, take place in the heart of nature.

During the love celebration ritual, the lovers’ hands are bound together with colorful ribbons, anointed with oils and herbs to strengthen the emotional connection between the two newly engaged.

Nowadays, Handfasting is used almost exclusively as a wedding ceremony, the year and a day engagement being replaced with an “as long as love lasts” marriage. But you can always evoke the old, simpler times and follow an ancient tradition if it suits your needs.

Here is an excellent example of a Handfasting ceremony: 


What crystals to use in marriage spells

  • Emerald helps in solving conflicts between two lovers.
  • Opal enhances loyalty and faithfulness of the partners.
  • Sapphire aids in planning and setting goals.
  • Tourmaline will give you a hand in accomplishing what the Sapphire helped you plan.

Red colored crystals, as well as the pink mineral specimens, are of great help when placed in the bedroom. These will fire up the passion and lust, as they contain life’s energy itself.  Make sure to stock up on carnelian, garnet, red coral, alexandrite, red jasper, rhyolite, rose jasper, ruby and rose quartz. Try to include the crystals in your decor. Your new stylish decorative objects will bring tremendous positive changes to your relationship.

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1. Marry me spell

When a relationship reaches its intimacy peak, things stagnate. There’s nothing beyond, but marriage. If the bond between two people is strong, and their relationship has never been better, why change anything? 

“Forever” is frightening for many people.

If you found your soul mate, but they don’t seem to think about tying the knot, or they are scared of commitment, cast this spell, and within a month they will propose.


  • a strand of your partner’s hair
  • a red candle
  • dried Yarrow
  • an object you received as a gift from your lover


  • Mix the hairs and the yarrow in a bowl.
  • Light up the candle and pass the jewel three times over the flame, as you chant seven times: ” amor gignit amorem ” (love begets love).
  • Let the candle burn completely.


3 Simple, easy magical tips and tricks for a happy marriage

Anoint your lover’s clothes or underwear with peppermint oil for a passionate night.

Chant your beloved’s name to attract ecstatic sexual experiences.

To keep your lover away from flirting with strangers, spray some rose water on his shaving device. This way you can be sure they stay faithful to you. For a more potent effect, prepare the rose water yourself.


2. Spell for strengthening the emotional bond between spouses

We often get caught in a daily routine. We get up, have a cup of coffee, drive to work, drive from work, have dinner, sleep and repeat. We forget to insert in our day things like meaningful discussions, little affectionate gestures, good morning kisses, and all that lovey-dovey stuff. We lose connection with each other.

Marriage should be treated as if it were a fragile plant. If you forgot to water your plant for a long time, try this spell for a quick fix.


  • The root of a rose
  • Two red candles
  • Two pieces of paper
  • A pen
  • Wine or perfume


  • On a Friday night, at midnight, burn the root of a rose,
  • then light two red candles.
  • After that, on two separate pieces of paper write your name and the name of your partner.
  • Anoint the notes with a drop of wine, if you are a man, or a drop of perfume if you are a woman.
  • Then put the papers under the candles.

This simple ritual will bring notable changes in your emotional bond with your partner.


3. Tune in to the Venusian Energy- Visualization exercise

Clear your mind and imagine yourself standing in a dark void. A bright red light slowly encompasses your entire body.
Practice this visualization exercise for five consecutive nights, progressively increasing the duration.
With very little effort, you will synchronize your vibrations with the Venusian energy. You will feel sexier, and more passionate with every night passing. This exercise will revive sexual desires and fantasies in your marriage.

The perfect spouse spell

Cast this spell on Friday during the full moon.


  • a sheet of paper
  • a red pen or marker
  • an envelope
  • your favorite perfume
  • a red lipstick
  • some pink or red rose petals


  • First, make a list of all the aspects you want to change in your partner’s attitude, behavior, and habits. Spray a little perfume over the list, fold it and put it in the envelope.
  • Take the rose petals in your right hand and clench your fist tightly around them as you imagine the ideal version of your beloved.
  • Place the petals in the envelope. Put on the red lipstick and kiss the envelope to finish the spell.
  • Put the enchanted letter in a safe place, where nobody will ever find it. Never open it unless you want to break the spell.


4. Happy marriage spell

Make your marriage a chain of happy moments, by casting this simple spell. This ritual will best work if cast on a Friday, during a crescent or full Moon.


  • a red candle
  • a piece of parchment paper
  • a pen
  • five jasmine flowers
  • five red rose petals
  • willow leaves
  • a corundum crystal
  • a piece of red cloth


  • Scrunch the red cloth into a little pouch, and put all the herbs inside it.
  • Next, write your name and your lover’s name on the parchment paper. Fold the note in half, and add it to the bag.
  • Finally, add the corundum crystal and tie the sachet with three knots.
  • Light up the red candle as you envision your wish coming true.
  • Let the candle burn completely while chanting: “Venus, the goddess of love, I call upon thee to protect my marriage!” Keep the sachet under your mattress.


5. Aphrodisiac potion Marriage Spell

Despite general perceptions, infidelity is not the main problem that married couples face, but rather the lack of affection, and the lack of emotional expression. Most partners raise the issue of feeling lonely despite being in a relationship. Another problem is the time invested in the relationship. The time that the two partners spend doing activities together is a decisive factor in the evolution of their relationship.

This spell will come in handy if your lover has a tendency to fall asleep in front of the TV while you crave their affection. Prepare the following aphrodisiac potion during a night with a crescent moon.


  • a bottle of red wine
  • a saucepan
  • ten red carnation flowers
  • a teaspoon of dried viper’s bugloss (Echium vulgare)
  • pepper
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • sugar
  • vanilla bean


  • Heat the wine on low heat without letting it boil. After the wine is hot, start adding the ingredients one by one. First, add the spices, and finish your potion by adding in the magical herbs.
  • Before drinking it, let the magical concoction sit for 13 minutes. Strain the potion and pour it into two wine glasses.
  • Invite your lover to have a glass of wine together and have fun!

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Post scriptum

There is nothing ethically incorrect if you are casting marriage spells on a partner that stopped honoring their wedding vows, although some pagan traditions would disagree on performing magic on/for an individual without their permission.  Ultimately, you are in control of your life, and if you decide to glue the pieces of your broken heart together using a spell, go ahead!

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