10 Powerful Free Money Spells that Work Instantly Fast to Try at Home

Without a doubt everyone needs money. These days nobody can really get anything done without money. So because of how important money is, I have decided to compile 10 powerful free money spells that work instantly fast to try at home.

In this compiled list you will get to learn some ancient money spells that actually work.

I also included some money spells with candles. And if you are an instant person, there are also spells to attract money instantly.

With some powerful money spells without ingredients and a money spell that works 100 guarantee, you cannot go wrong.

Basically, they are all free money spells to try at home.

Now let us jump right into the detail of these 10 powerful free money spells that work instantly fast to try at home.

In other to ensure clarity, I decided to divide the spells into 5 sections.

Ancient Money Spells

Ancient money spells are spells that have been in existence for a very long time. And today these ancient money spells are still in use. Ancient money spells are powerful spells that actually work, that is why they were able to withstand the test of time. These ancient spells include:

The Full Moon Money Spell

The full moon spell is a money spell that has been around for as long as history can remember. Its origin still remains unknown to date. And the full moon spell is being practiced by lots of tribe in many nations. This ancient money spell is a simple, powerful free money spell that you can try out.

To perform this spell, all you need is just

  • A candle wick. And as usual, you need a positive mindset too.
  • Then on the night of the full moon, go to a quiet place.
  • Light the candle on both ends and say this chant with all concentration, “just like eternal fire, I mark my spirit with goodness, gold and silver.”
  • After you have said this chant, quickly put out the flame. You should carry this wick with you always.
  • You can put it in your pocket or wallet, and you would notice a full turn around in your financial status.

Call Money Spell

Here is another ancient money spell you can try out. This spell could be dated back to the era when the use of gold and silvers were just introduced as currencies. A lot of people used this spell to call for money, and it always worked for them. It is a very simple powerful spell, and just a few ingredients are needed.

To perform this spell,

  • On a full moon, pick a bowl and fill it with water.
  • Take the bowl and place it on your window and ensure the moon glares into the water. Place a silver or gold coin into the bowl of water.
  • Then hold the bowl with your left hand and stare the water with your right hand as you say this chant, “goddess of the moon graciously bring me the wealth of gold and silver.”
  • Repeat this chant three times as you continue staring the water in the bowl. Then you are all done, Pick up the coin and place it in your wallet and expect a change in your financial status.

Money Spells with Candles

Now let us talk about some money spells with candles. Candles are really great when it comes to giving your spell that boost of power. Check out this free money spells to try at home:

A Cashback Money Spell

This money spell is also quite easy to perform, and minimal ingredient is needed. All you need to cast this money spell is

  • A white candle, salt and some coins.
  • Ensure you use a white candle because white candles signify happiness, and we want this spell to bring money that would make you happy.

So basically to perform this spell,

  • Place some salt on a table that you have circled round with coins.
  • Then light the candle and hold it on your left hand as you repeat this chant nine times. “Let me become rich as happiness grow in me.”
  • After the ninth time, blow out the candle and leave the coins and salt undisturbed.
  • On the next day pick the coins and place them in your purse and watch your financial status turn around.


Here is another free money spell to try at home that requires a candle. It is also very fast and effective, and you would notice the effect right from the very first day.

The ingredients you need are two green candles, a handful of coins and a silver bowl.

To perform this spell,

  • Light both candles and place them on both sides of the silver bowl.
  • As you slowly pour the coin in the silver bowl in a clockwise rotation, say this chant seven times, “shiny money come to me in abundance and multiply.”
  • On the seventh time, you say this chant drop the last coin.
  • Then you can blow out the candles and leave everything as they are.
  • Then on the next day pick a few coins and put them in your purse and notice a change in your financial status that very same day.

Spells to Attract Money Instantly

Are you in need of money urgently? Definitely, everyone needs money, but the urgency of the need varies for everybody. You can try out these free money spells that work instantly fast to try at home or anywhere:

The  Money Spell

No special ingredient is needed for this spell. Just get

  • A coin, a candle and
  • A green paper.
  • Write down on the green paper what you need the money for.
  • Then roll the paper and tie it with a green rope.
  • Light your candle and place the bound paper with a coin next to it.

Then just concentrate on the flame and keep saying “all I want is mine” until the candle burns out. Then place the coin in your wallet and the paper in your closet. Scrap the candle residue and place in a drawer and forget about it. Then expect your miracle money as it is just a few minutes away.

The Lottery Spell

This is another free money spells that work instantly fast to try at home or anywhere. We call it the lottery spell because a lot of people use it to win a lottery ticket.

The main idea of this spell is to bring you luck. You may need quite a list of ingredients, like the cinnamon, green candles, a small green sack, and six pieces of coins.

To perform this spell,

  • Sprinkle the cinnamon around your room and then light the candle.
  • Place the coins around the candle and say this words three times as you hold the small green sack, “money grows, money flow, money mine.”
  • Then let the candle burn out, and as the candle burns out, you would get an immediate result.

Money Spells that Works 100 Guarantee

Do you need a free money spell to try at home or anywhere else that works 100 guaranteed? Then look no further, here are some spells that have been tested and trusted to work every single time:

The Mint Money Spell

This is a spell that would work for you every single time you decide to use it, but you have to ensure you do it right. You will need

  • A glass jar,
  • Yellow candle,
  • A few coins and,
  • Of course the dried mint.

To perform this spell,

  • light the candle and set the dried mint on fire and allow the aroma to fill the whole room.
  • Then you can now spread the ashes of the dried mint and drop the wax of the candle on the dried mint’s ash.
  • At each point, the wax drops, place a coin there.
  • Then after you have used up all the coins, pick up a coin; hold it in your hands and make a wish out loud.
  • Then put the coin in the glass jar.
  • Repeat this until all the coins are exhausted.
  • It may take a while before your spell may become a reality, but it always works 100% guaranteed.

The Bay Leaf Spell

To perform this spell, you need

  • A bay leaf,
  • Seven banknotes,
  • A pen,
  • A piece of paper and,
  • A jar that has a lid.

How to perform the spell:

  • On the paper, write the amount of money you need and place it in the glass jar.
  • Also, write your name on the bay leaf and place it inside the glass jar. Then say this chant, “Money shine, I get you more and more from everyone and everywhere.”
  • Then place a banknote inside the jar every day for seven days. That’s pretty much all that there is to this spell. And it always works just perfectly.

Powerful Money Spells without Ingredients

So far, I have been giving you a list of spells that use ingredients, some require more ingredients than some, and others are faster to produce results than others. Now allow me to introduce you to some powerful money spells without ingredients:


As funny as it may sound at first, you can actually speak to money. Money has energy, and as such, you can attract that energy towards yourself by speaking to it. No ingredients needed just your mouth and your mind.

To perform it, go to a quiet place, sit down and focus your mind on money. You can actually hold a dollar note to make your focus stronger. Then just speak to the money, tell it how much of it you want, why you want it, and why it has to come to you. Then you are done, as there is tremendous power in the tongue. So as you have said it, it would definitely happen.


Last but not least, is money attraction. You can see this as more of an advice than a spell. A person’s attitude is an even more powerful money spell without ingredients. After all, what do you need to have a great attitude apart from yourself? To attract money towards yourself, just have a positive mindset as though you have already made it. And you would be so surprised that just your attitude towards money would start attracting money towards you.

So with all this said I do not expect anyone of you to remain broke or to have your bills pending. So go ahead and try any one of these spells and have your dreams come to pass. And I hope the gracious forces of the universe grant you your heart desires. Peace out!

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