Effective Good Luck Spells That Work: Free Money Spells to Win Lottery

Are you frustrated of losing money while playing lottery and need a helping “Good Luck Spells“, or perhaps you want to master how to cast Free Money Spells to Win Lottery? If yes, then keep reading, as you’re going to learn a simple, easy good luck spells to increase your chances of winning a lottery.

If you do play the lottery, then you would understand that at some point you really do need luck. The lottery is basically a game of chance. There are no skills whatsoever involved in winning a lottery. At a point in a lottery game, you would agree with me that some free money spells to win lottery can go a long way.

In this article, we would be discussing some free money spells to win lottery like the free money spells to win lottery daily, and the free money spells to win lottery prediction. We would also talk about one of the most popular free money spells to win lottery quickly. At least with these few money spells you can be sure that you would always be a winner anytime it comes to winning lottery.

No matter the circumstance you find yourself, be-it if you are rich, or if you are poor, there is always a certain kind of joy that comes with winning a lottery. And so because I love all you folks I have decided to bring this free money spells to win lottery to you, so that all of you can be happy. So cast these spells and make those greens.

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Free Money Spells to Win Lottery Daily

Now, if you are that kind of person that plays lottery daily, no matter how little the money is that you use, you would still desire to win. Wishing to win a lottery ticket daily is not an impossible thing to want. Without money, we cannot really achieve nor do anything. This makes money an essential part of our lives today.

There are so many lottery spells that can be casted every day that would guarantee your wins in the lottery every day. But allow me to give you two different variations of this lottery spell you can cast. Although these spells are different, but they produce the same result.


In the first variation of the lottery spell I would love to give to you, is a spell you should actually cast before going for the ticket. This spell ensures your constant daily victory every single time you get a lottery ticket. You will need a green candle, a piece of paper and pen and finally honey to cast the spell. This spell works best when you cast it early in the morning before the sun rises, as the sun also contributes to ensuring the success of the spell.

To cast this spell, get up very early in the morning and go to a quiet place, then light the green candle. On the paper, write the amount of money you want to use to get a lottery ticket, and the type of lottery game you want to play. After you have done that, then say these chant seven times, “As the sun would definitely rise in the sky today, so shall I win this lottery.”

On the seventh time, you say it, set the paper ablaze. Then gather the ashes of the paper and add honey to it to form a paste. Then when the sun has fully risen, take this paste and use your right index finger to touch it then place a dot on your forehead with it. Then you are good to go to win that lottery for the day.


In the second variation of the free money spells to win lottery daily is a bit different from the first variation. You can cast this spell anytime and in anyplace. You can even cast this spell on your way to get the lottery ticket. But you also have to cast this spell before you get the lottery ticket. In this variation, you do not need any ingredient to cast the spell.

First of all, before you say the magic chant, you have to get your mind ready for the spell. This way you are building up the energy that is needed to propel the spell into action. Ones your mind is all set and focused on winning the ticket, say this chant seven times, “forces of the universe, I am part of the universe, make my luck today into fortune and make me rich.”

That is pretty much all that there is to know about the second variation of the free money spells to win lottery daily I want to enlighten you about. You should also ensure your eyes are closed when you say this chant. And again you have to say the chant out and not in your mind. Your voice actually has power, so use it and ensure your success every single time.

Free Money Spells to Win Lottery Prediction

This time around, let us talk about a free money spell to win lottery prediction. These spells would guide you in predicting lottery which would result in your success every single time. Before we proceed it is important you know that these spells are very sensitive spells and they would actually take you into another realm.

Most times you would get the predictions in a vision, while other times you will get it in a dream.

I would also be discussing two variations of this spell. So sit back, fasten your seatbelts, as we go on yet another exciting adventure of regularly winning your lottery ticket. This time around you do not just have to hope the ticket you get is the right one, but you are going to see the winning ticket in a dream or vision and then go for that one and be the lucky winner always.


In this variation of how to get lottery prediction, you are going to have to cast the spell at midnight. The reason is that the amount of energy at night is extreme. You also need to follow up with the procedure very carefully. Although there are no negative side effects if you do not follow the procedure strictly, only that the spell would not work.

To perform the spell, you would need a green candle, a mirror and incense. The spell is very easy to do actually, but it requires a lot of concentration of the mind. Actually, the main ingredient in this spell is the mind.

To cast this spell, light up the green candle, and sit in front of a mirror. Do not forget that you have to cast this spell at midnight. Then when you are fully sited and relaxed and you know within yourself your mind is ready for the spell, then light up the incense. Place the incense between the mirror and yourself, so that there is smoke separating you and the mirror.

Then stare into the mirror very closely and focus your mind on only getting the prediction.

Believe it with your entire mind and with all your energy that you would get a response. Then say this chant until you the prediction appears on the mirror “mirror, mirror, I summon you, the spirit of the mirror, come and reveal to me the desires of my heart.” And just like a screen, before your eyes, you would see what you desire right there in front of the mirror.

This spell is actually a general spell that can be used to see into the future actually, but you can also use it to win the lottery every time.


Next on free money spells to win lottery prediction is a spell that would cause you to fall into a deep sleep. While you are in this deep sleep, you would have a vision of the prediction.

The spell is also very easy to cast, and it also needs to be cast at midnight.

You would need a green candle, a bowl of water, honey and incense. To cast this spell, light the candle, then take the bowl of water and say this chant as you stare into it, “spirit of fire and water, appear to me in the vision of the night and reveal to me what troubles my heart.” Say this chant three times.

As you are also saying this chant, cycle the bowl of water around the burning candle and also ensure you are staring into the bowl, do not take your eyes off the bowl until you have said the chant the third time. The third time places the bowl down, add honey to the water and take a sip.

After this, light the incense and ensure you have just about enough incense that can burn throughout the night. Then go to bed and allow the spell to do its work. It is a very easy spell to do and very effective.

Free Money Spell to Win Lottery Quickly

Lastly, this free money spell to win lottery quickly does not require any special ingredient to cast, it is one of those free money spells to win a lottery quickly without ingredients. All you need to cast this spell is a focused mind.

Before or after you have gotten the lottery ticket, focus your mind, and try as hard as you can to picture yourself already as a winner celebrating. Then with your focused mind, say this chant, “As I see myself in my heart, forces of the universe let it so be unto me.”

It is a really short chant but also really effective. You can say this chant as many times as you like. Even if you say it just once, it would still have its impact. So use this chant to win ticket every time and quickly.

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