Free Online Psychic Readings Via Instant Messaging

“Can I get free online psychic readings via instant messaging?” I am sure you’ve been asking yourself this question from time to time. Well, since we value you, we will help you to answer that question in this article.

If you have a pressing question in your life, then you might be looking for expert psychic readers for advice or spiritual guidance.

But since there are tons of psychic readers in the world today, where do you start? Which advisors are genuine and which are not? Which once offers psychic reading via instant messaging? But don’t worry…

When you read this guide to the end, you will get the in-depth reviews of the top 10 highest rated psychics at each network who are likely to give you clarity in your dilemma and solve your problems ASAP.


What Should You Look For In a Good Psychic?

  • Read their reviews: – Since psychics serves customers, they are always given reviews at the end of the session. You can take your time to go through their reviews and see what other clients are saying about the psychics.
  • Check for their ratings: – You should go for psychic readers who have higher ratings on their profiles.
  • Go through their profile and check for their psychic abilities and their areas of specialization. Only go for psychics with extensive years of experience who offer readings that cover most common topics.
  • Don’t be lured by their profile display. Some psychics will display flashy pictures that enhances their appearance.
  • Check out the prices and packages offered in every session. The standard price for a majority of the psychics ranges from $1 to $6 per minute.
  • Check the contact method being offered. Accurate psychics offer phone readings sessions, chat sessions, email sessions, and video chats.


Top 10 Psychics who offer free online psychic readings via Instant Messaging

We understand that you are short on time and in a rush to get top-rated readers to answer your questions without spending much time filtering on the readers. Worry no more! We’ve got you covered. Check the list below!


1. Medium Jozette at Ask Now Psychics


Based on reviews left by readers at Ask Now Psychics, Jozette is the top-rated advisor in the platform who boasts of being in the business for more than 25 years.

According to her profile, Jozette has handled more than 16,000 readings for the past five years, creating that personal touch with clients who want to get accurate answers on various issues giving them dilemmas in their lives.

Jozette mostly specializes in love and relationship readings. She can give you accurate readings by just reading your energy after receiving your text message.

Jozette also helps in handling a variety of other topics such as family issues, relationship guidance, and much more. At whatever location, she can remotely solve your dilemma using her gifted spiritual power.

With her extensive years of experience, Jozette guarantees to keep the user’s details confidential and anonymous.

This means that clients can freely express themselves with confidence, and Jozette will listen to them and provide guidance that will help them plan for their current and future relationships.


2. Intuitive Healer Kamal at Ask Now Psychics


Healer Kamal is also another experienced psychic reader who offers free online psychic readings via instant messaging.

Kamal boasts of 23-years’ experience of being in the business where he has helped handle simple and complicated topics such as spiritual guidance, love advice, conscious empath, medium, connection with the passed loved ones, and much more.

Kamal also offers a spiritual guide on family issues and career & finance. Once you send him a message, he can pick up your subconscious emotions using his highly advanced extrasensory perception and bring healing or an answer to your dilemma.

Going by the positive reviews left by clients on his profile, Kamal is a genuine psychic reader who provides accurate readings that will open doors previously closed in your life.


3. San Francisco Medium Virginia at KEEN

3. San Francisco Medium Virginia at KEEN

This gifted psychic reader has a lot of positive reviews in her profile. From the look of her profile, San Francisco Medium Virginia is aged, and as the old saying suggests; “old is gold.” She has been in the psychic reading business for over 50 years and has offered her services on KEEN for 16 years.

A visit on her profile reveals that she has handled more than 30,000 readings in topics touching on Medium, love-life, family, friends, and other burning questions that you may have. When one reads the reviews left on her profile, one will find that this psychic reader can connect to the other side of life and give you accurate answers to your dilemmas.


4. Eye of Arie at KEEN


Eye of Arie is an internationally renowned dream psychic who is excellent at making your dream a reality. This advisor has a mysterious ability to help in mending breakups, provide career & finance guidance, and connect with spirits from the other side of the world.

She mainly uses Tarot to communicate with your energy and give you accurate readings of the issues that are giving you sleepless nights. From her physical appearance, Eye of Arie looks young, but you shouldn’t make a wrong informed decision from her profile.

Eye of Arie is gifted and will provide answers you’ve been looking for. She is the only one who understands you and what you are going through, and thus her mission is to help improve your life.


5. Psychic Kristine at Psychic Source

If you have issues in your career, love, destiny, and relationship, then Psychic Kristine is the only one who can resonate with you. She is a legitimate psychic reader who uses crystals to read your energy and reveal accurate and honest readings.

A brief visit on her profile reveals a consistent 5-star rating with positive reviews. Kristine has been in the psychic business for over 15 years, and that’s why she has firmly cemented her position.

After reading your energy, Psychic Kristine will even tell you upfront your dilemma in a genuine and caring way. By trusting Kristine, you will achieve plenty of success in your life because she will help you discover your full potential.


6. Psychic Elijah at Psychic Source

This is another 5-star rated psychic reader at Psychic Source who has gained reputation form his impressive, honest, genuine, and accurate readings. He is a multi-talented psychic reader who specializes in a variety of areas such as clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, Reiki healing, and crystal reading.

This advisor uses his mystic prowess and his psychology to tell what is troubling your mind even before mentioning. Since he has been in business for over 10 years, this is the only advisor who understands you and can help overcome hindrances that might make you fail to achieve your full potential.


7. Psychic Reader & Healer at KASAMBA

This is one of the highest psychic readers at Kasamba who has over 19,000 reviews with an average 5-star rating. This advisor helps in anything that gives you a dilemma in your relationship, marriage, career & finance, and business. 

Psychic Reader & Healer has been doing readings for over 23 years, using his special gift to help people achieve success in the future and overcome hindrances that block their way. This advisor can use his unique mystic prowess to know what other people are thinking and their intentions.

Because he provides detailed readings that are accurate and honest, Psychic Reader & Healer has a high level of repeat clientele. Furthermore, he is compassionate about his readings and is known for handling clients professionally; with a lot of kindness and comfort.


8.Psychic Yazmin at KASAMBA

This psychic reader has over 25,000 reviews on her profile, averaging a 5-star rating. She is a top-ranked psychic at KASAMBA because she is always available to give significant insight into the dilemmas in your life.

Psychic Yazmin has been in the psychic business since 1998, proving readings to tens of thousands of people. Her area of specialization is Best Psychics, which involves predicting the future and telling about someone’s past.

Psychic Yazmin also focusses on providing psychic readings in a variety of topics which includes love, career, family, and the list continues. She also concentrates on clairaudient, clairvoyant, sympathetic and empathic readings.


9. Gina Rose at California Psychics

Gina Rose is one of the top-rated psychic readers at California Psychic. She joined the platform is 2006 and has used her unique ability to provide psychic readings to over 29,000 clients. She is best known for predicting your future. That means she can reveal what will happen to you in the future, giving an accurate timeframe and exact date.

This reputable psychic reader can give you detailed answers about love & relationships. Her hope is to bring peace to the clients by advising them on the path to take to bring them the best outcome in their lives.


10. Psychic Philip at California Psychics

Psychic Philip is another top-rated advisor at California Psychics who has provided total readings of over 51, 000, with an average 5-star rating. This advisor has been offering readings at the platform since 2006 in a variety of topics including astrology, love & relationships, money & finance, life path, and much more.

Phillip has been practicing psychic readings for so long that he developed natural intuition to see what you desire to know. His primary objective involves helping clients to figure out their life-path and achieve their highest good.

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