How to Get Free Psychic Reading by Email or Live Chat

Do you want to get insight into your future and the best guidance of your life? Well, you must consider consulting psychic readers. But you may not be comfortable discussing details about your life via phone call, webcam, messages or face to face conversation. Then what is the best option? Go for psychic networks that offer free psychic reading by email or live chat.

An email reading is an excellent way that allows you to interact with qualified psychic readers and get a detailed answer about the dilemmas in your mind.

One significant advantage of email readings is that it allows you to plan for the session and enhance your interaction with the psychic reader who uses their intuition to give you insight into your future.

Just like phone readings, email or live chat readings gives you clarity in a variety of issues in your life such as relationship advice, career & finance guidance, future guidance, and much more.

However, finding legit psychic networks that offer email chat or live chat readings isn’t an easy task. Many fake psychic networks exist today, and it is upon you to distinguish which trustworthy medium to go after and the ones to avoid.

All in all, you don’t have to worry about which legitimate psychic network you should choose. We have already done that for you in this piece. Your work now only remains to read this article to the end.


Why Choose a Free Psychic Reading by Email?

  • If you need privacy when discussing your personal details.
  • When busy in a professional environment and wants convenience.
  • When you wish you want to avoid cold readings.
  • To avoid getting intense questions from psychic readers.
  • To get powerful interaction which is more personal.
  • To avoid judgment. Your physical appearance does not influence psychic readers; for instance, how wealthy you look, how you act, how you’ve dressed etc. Psychics will rely on their extrasensory perception to answer your questions.


The Best Platform For Free Psychic Reading By Email



Kasamba has gained popularity in the last couple of years due to its ability to allow users to chat with psychics online and through email. This psychic network boasts of having served more than four million customers since it began operation in 1999; credit goes to the existence of real-time chat platform. Users can ask psychic readers’ questions using their email and receive a detailed response in their inbox.


Skills and abilities of Psychics in the Platform

Kasamba has an extensive pool of psychics who have specific skills ranging from love experts, fortune tellers, astrologers, online mediums, clairvoyants, tarot readers, finance and career guidance, among others.

Kasamba is exclusively email reading platform. Therefore, users cannot call a psychic and ask questions using their phone. They are the only known company that offers email readings which is more convenient in case you need privacy.


Psychic’s Screening Process on Kasamba

Kasamba has good reputation due to the certified and qualified psychics hosted on the platform. That means that the screening process of the psychics is very rigorous to ensure the readers maintain high standards on their interaction with customers.

Kasamba tests and evaluates psychics on the basis of their skills and ability, honesty, accuracy, commitment, and dedication.


Why Choose Kasamba?


How To Get Free Psychic Reading by Email On Kasamba?

Kasamba hosts hundreds of psychics, and each has different skill levels. Psychics on the platform are selected using their skill levels and area of expertise. Therefore, once you access the website, filter your searches and narrow down to a psychic reader that you feel resonate with you.

Try to chat as many psychic readers as you can till. You can click on the psychic’s profile and see their experience level, their skills, customer reviews, and much more details.

Once you find your perfect match, engage the psychics in a live chat which is always free for the first 3 minutes. However, your timing should be appropriate because both you and the psychic reader must be online.

You can then decide to book a full session and pay for your desirable package. To get an email reading, you can fill out the email reading form on the platform where you feed your name, your question/message, the time you to expect feedback, and your suggested price.

Once you fill the form, send your email and wait for a notification from Kasamba. In the near future, you are likely to get a response.

If unsatisfied with the answer, you can request for refund and try another reader from the platform. If satisfied with the response, you can give your honest review about the psychic reader.


What Kasamba Psychic Reader Will Tell You In A Reading

The psychic reader will start by reading your email which contains the question that you want to ask. As the psychic reader go through your email, most of them will use their spiritual gift and extrasensory perception to receive information about your source of dilemma or trouble.

Some readers might ask you for your first name or date of birth and use the information to answer your questions. Most psychic readers at Kasamba are professionals and will give your question a professional approach.

If you feel like the response you are getting from a psychic reader isn’t what you expect, you can end the session and connect with a different psychic reader you feel can handle your queries. Expect different answers from different psychic readers because not all of them are similar.

There are some who are more spiritual, some who are more optimistic, and some are more pessimistic. For instance, when you ask a question about your love or relationship, you might get different responses depending on the approach of each psychic reader.

For instance, a spiritual psychic reader will give the following response: “Yes, your love and relationship will be happy if you stick with him.”

An optimistic reader will say: “I sense this man is honest and loves you deeply. He will shower you with love if you stick with him.”

A pessimist reader will respond: “I sense he is a good man who will stick with you throughout the relationship. But my guides tell me that you must not hurt his emotions or else he will leave.”


How To Get Authentic Psychic Reader From Kasamba

  • Do your research

On the Kasamba website, there are hundreds of psychic readers each with different skill levels and abilities. The readers also have varying years of experience and customer reviews below their profiles. Once you access the psychic platform, filter the readers and narrow down on the ones you feel can handle your questions.

  • Recommendation from someone

Some reviews about the psychic readers might be sugarcoated. Therefore, you can only get a genuine review when you get word of mouth from someone you trust who has used the services of the reader. Most psychics with outstanding capabilities always go viral after users recommend them to friends.

  • Don’t be attracted to the price

Don’t be drawn to a psychic reader with an enticing price. Choose the readers carefully according to your intuition. Good psychic reading on Kasamba costs anywhere between $1- $6 per minute.

  • Look at the communication skills of a psychic reader

Once you send your email and receive a response, go through the lines to see if the reader understands your situation. You can analyze the choice of words used, the tone of their language, how professional their response looks, and much more factors. If you feel some connection and respect, hook up with the psychic reader.

Note: Keep in mind that with email readings you won’t get instant feedback from psychic readers. Thus, you must have a high level of patience.


Types of psychic readings you will get from Kasamba readers

On every psychic’s professional profile, you will find one, two, or all of the abilities discussed below:

  • The Clairs

Refers to psychics who use heightened extrasensory perception to see things in your life through visions visually. Once you send your email, the reader can look at the lines and use their mysterious ability to see things that come in your life.

  • Psychic Mediums

This refers to the ability to speak with people who have passed or the departed spirits. Upon receiving your email, psychic readers can read the lines of your question and use their gifts to walk between the worlds of the living and the spirits. They can interpret a spirit’s message and channel it to you.

  • Divination

Divination involves using tools such as the Tarot cards to offer insight into what forces might be affecting a person. Upon sending an email to the psychic reader, they will use their magical perception and identify the energies that are affecting you.  

  • Spirit guides

Some Kasamba psychics can communicate with a spirit or angel to channel the messages they have for you. Once they receive your email, they will use their extrasensory perception to connect to the angels and spirits around you and communicate to you what messages the angels or spirits would like to share with you. In most cases, the messages are always pieces of advice. 


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