How To Get Free Psychic Readings By Phone

Learn How To Get Free Psychic Readings By Phone and Get Answers to your Love Life, Career, Family and more..

Do you often wish you had the answers to all your psychic readings by phone? Do you wish to consult gifted psychics who have the extraordinary sensory perception to help you with psychic readings by phone?

If you strongly feel that you need to speak to a psychic by phone, then you are on the right place because this article explains the different psychic readings platform where you can get physic readings from talented psychics by speaking to them directly via phone.


Why You May Need To Speak To a Psychic On The Phone

Sometimes you may need to get detailed readings in the types of questions that disturb you in your mind. As such, getting feedback via texts, email, or live chats may not be efficient from the talented psychic. Therefore, what you need is a phone-enhanced psychic reading to get a detailed explanation. You can call the professional psychics and get detailed explanations in situations such as:

  • When you want detailed psychic readings about your love life or relationship.
  • When you want clarity on the appropriate life direction to take.
  • A stressful situation about your career.
  • Money issues.
  • When you need accurate and reliable answers about your future.
  • Dream interpretation


How It Works

Once you access these websites/platforms, you can get reliable answers by the simple act of picking your phone and calling the psychic. The talented psychics are available 24/7 in a majority of those platforms. All you have to do is establish a connection by a phone call and wait for accurate answers.


Some of the Questions To Ask During Your Free Call

  1. How can I find love again?
  2. Am I on the right track in my relationship?
  3. Do you have advice for me about my career?
  4. How promising are my future finances?
  5. Where do you see me in the next two years?
  6. How many children will I have?


What Should You Do Before Psychic Readings By Phone?

  • Make a list of all physic questions that you want to discuss with your psychic by phone to help you stay organized and get the most accurate reading.
  • Gather detailed information about your question to help you remain focused during the session.
  • Do some research about the psychics? You can check their profile to see their rating, customer reviews, their area of specialty, and their years of experience.
  • Try to maintain a positive mindset to establish a strong connection with the psychic during the session. The psychic’s gifts can only work on you if you keep a clear and open mind about their potential.
  • Ensure you have enough billing cash to cater for the different packages offered by the psychics.


What to do during your Free Psychic Readings By Phone?

  • Stay flexible and open to possibilities. The psychic might give you answers that contradict your expectations, and that’s why you should always be open to possibilities.
  • Since you will be talking to psychics directly from your phone, try to be as clear and direct a much as you can. Filter your questions to get the most detailed response.
  • Develop top-notch communication skills. You should have a highly developed turn-taking skill which gives you the ability to listen keenly to the psychic by phone, confirm or reject what they say, ask for clarification to allow the psychic give an elaborate reading.


What to do after your Free Psychic Readings By Phone

  • Make some follow up with the psychic.
  • Examine any noticeable changes in your life.
  • Consider incorporating the psychic’s advice to fix the answers to some of your questions.


Where to Get 100% Free Psychic Readings By Phone

A simple search on the internet will give you multiple results about the tons of available psychic readers. Note that not all of them are genuine and a majority will not give you the desired quality phone reading for free. In this article, we are going to discuss the four best psychic platforms that offer free phone reading services that save you a penny.


1. PSYCHIC SOURCE ((844) 240-2471)

If you are a newcomer to the spiritual networks, you have probably not heard about Psychic Source. But the truth of the matter is that it is the oldest, the most popular, and the most authentic phone psychic network.

The platform has been in existence for more than three decades and has gained a good reputation and positive customer reviews. Psychic Source doesn’t come with an enticing offer, but still, a lot of people prefer using the platform for their psychic readings need because of the following reasons:

  • Qualified and certified psychic readers who ensure that you get accurate answers by phone. That is a guarantee that you will get returns for your money.
  • Well-elaborate communication method from psychic readers who conduct readings via online chat, video, or phone.
  • The network gives general types of readings ranging from horoscopes, numerology, spiritual readings, dream interpretation, lost objects recovery, energy healing, readings about love, and much more.
  • The network has amazing offers and exciting packages such as $1 per minute introductory rate and three free minutes in the first – paid reading.


  • A popular network containing reputable psychics to give you accurate psychic readings by phone.
  • 24/7 customer care center.
  • Frequent screening of psychics which keeps them on their toes.
  • Highly hospitable psychics who might offer gift cards for clients.
  • Readily available newsletters keep clients up-to-date with the latest happenings.
  • The website has ‘find a psychic tool’ which guides users to find the best psychic readers that resonate with them.


The refund policy is a bit strict. One can only request a refund within one business day. Additionally, the refund request is only issued for the last reading.



This psychic network has been in operation for quite some time, hence gaining a reputation as one of the largest spiritual community. Clients prefer using Oranum because of the personal connection they have with spiritual advisors.

Unlike other psychic networks, Oranum enables users to communicate with psychics via video call or live chat. The platform also allows you to see the face of your psychic through webcam service.


Types of readings that you can get from the platform


Deals For New Customers

Even before signing up with the psychic network, new users can use the video chat software free of charge to chat with a psychic reader. If satisfied with the abilities of the psychic reader, you can proceed to pay for your desired package. Users can also get $9.99 free credits for their first reading.


Customer service

This psychic network lacks telephone customer service number. But users can reach support through email which is available 24/7.


Psychic screening process

The psychic screening process is not rigorous; hence you are not guaranteed to find authentic psychics.



  • Offers comprehensive services
  • Webcam sessions enable you to see the face of the psychics.
  • Free $9.99 credits upon signing up


The absence of a phone reading option.



Kasamba has gained popularity in the last couple of years due to the impressive collection of top-rated psychics who guarantee you professional feedback of your psychic question. This psychic network mainly communicates through phone readings, email, and online live chat.


Deals for new users

Upon signing up, users can get the first 3 minutes of all their sessions free of charge.


The screening process for psychics

Kasamba lacks a vigorous screening process for psychic readers. Thus, before settling on a particular psychic reader, it is advisable to check their ratings, customer reviews, their potential, and abilities.


Customer service

Kasamba lacks telephone support which might make it difficult to get a refund in case you are not satisfied with a psychic reader.


What types of psychic readings do Kasamba offer?

  • Fortune telling
  • Love and relationship reading
  • Dream interpretation
  • Career guidance
  • Fertility readings
  • Tarot reading
  • Numerology
  • Astrology



  • The psychic screening process is rigorous hence guaranteeing you of authentic readers.
  • Upon registration, you can get three free minutes and 50% off.
  • An impressive collection of different types of psychic reading.
  • Users can contact psychic via phone, live chat, and email.


  • Some readings might be expensive, to the tune of $15 per minute.
  • No telephone support.
  • No cash back refunds.


4. CALIFORNIA PSYCHICS ((866) 552-3943)

The website has been in existence for more than three decades and boasts of having handled over 2 million readings. One outstanding advantage of California Psychics is that it hosts more than 300 qualified professional advisors who handle a variety of readings such as astrology, love & relationship psychic readings, clairvoyants, mediums, careers & finance, and much more.

The psychic network also allows you to choose your psychic reader who resonates with you. Moreover, your account information is kept safe, secure, and confidential.

California psychics mainly uses the phone as the primary means of communication. But the network has also developed apps which upon downloading enables users to chat directly with the psychics.



Newcomers are offered $1 per minute introductory rate upon signing up. Prices vary for different packages depending on the complexity of your psychic question. For instance, problems focusing on love, relationships, and career are charged $2 per minute for the premium package.

In case you want to be served by the most experienced psychic readers, you can consider going for elite packages which charged $4 per minute. Note: The price of the packages for the different psychic readings varies depending on the psychic’s abilities, years of experience, and ratings.



  • Psychic readers have a higher level of professionalism, ensuring that they handle clients with respect over the phone.
  • $1 per minute introductory rate is a bit fair.
  • Each psychic reader has a detailed review of their abilities, experience, and skills.
  • The psychic network is available in the app hence allowing you to chat with the psychic readers.


  • A small pool of psychics who don’t balance the overwhelming clients hence making it difficult to reach the psychic readers 24/7.
  • The absence of a money-back guarantee.

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