How to Get 1 Free Psychic Text Chat No Credit Card Required

Do you wish to gain professional and free psychic text chat without a credit card? Do you want to gain outstanding free psychic readings from qualified experts with no credit card requirement? This article discusses why, how, and where you can get free psychic text chat without a credit card.

Take note that some psychic networks will ask for your credit card information purposely to ensure that you are over 18 years. Some will also ask for your credit card to ensure that you pay for the session once you exhaust your free minutes.

To avoid any confusion, we have compiled a list of psychic networks that will not require your credit card for a psychic reading. This means that such networks have alternative payment methods such as PayPal and money orders.

Why Do Psychic Networks Offer Free Psychic Text Chat Without Credit Card?

The first reason is to familiarize clients with psychic readers. As we are all probably aware, new users will always be required to get acquainted with the gifted readers and understand their unique abilities.

Another reason is that psychic advisors are always pleased to be asked free questions rather than asking questions before starting a session.

Some people do not prefer to share their credit card information. Therefore, such people consider looking for a psychic reader that offers an entirely free psychic reading without a credit card. 

Lastly, some people don’t own a credit card. Thus, they must look for alternative psychic readers who offer reading without a card requirement.

The way the Free Psychic Text Chat is offered

There are numerous ways free chat reading is offered, ranging from email, phone reading, live chats, or chat forums. All these ways don’t require a credit card. Once new clients access the psychic networks, they will be required to sign up and get the introductory minute offers which vary depending on the time one plans to take on the platform.

Factors To Consider Before Getting Free Psychic Text Chat

  • Don’t forget to look for readers with high ratings or readers with excellent positive reviews. Once you settle on the best psychic network, check out for readers who resonate with you and the ones you feel can give you that personal touch to efficiently answer your puzzle.
  • Check the method of communication available in the psychic network. A good psychic network uses email, live chat, or phone for communication.
  • Check whether the psychic network offers free reading for newcomers.
  • Check whether the psychic network has qualified readers with the ability to tackle a wide variety of topics such as fortune-telling, love relationship, tarot reading, finance, and career, among others.

Now, let’s look at the websites where you can get a free psychic reading online without a credit card. Check out the list below!

Where to Free Psychic Text Chat No Credit Card Required in 2021


This psychic network graces one in our list because it offers free psychic chat with no credit card required. Qualified psychics are available on the platform 24/7, which means that you can get your dilemma solved at any time of the day.

One remarkable aspect of Oranum is that it offers free psychic chat rooms and free account creation without a credit card. Oranum also has free video chat, allowing users to have an open face-to-face chat with psychic readers to enhance their experience.

To get started, newcomers must sign up and enjoy the free psychic chats, which are likely to familiarize them with an experienced spiritual advisor.

Oranum has a rigorous psychic screening process, where they are scrutinized and exposed to multiple tests and interviews. Some of the psychic advisors’ topics include astrology, dream interpretation, finance & career advice, spiritual guidance, and much more.


Psychic Access is the least popular and the newest site on this list. Despite being new, this psychic network is slowly gaining penetration in different parts of the world, thanks to the experienced psychics in the platform.

Like Kasamba, Oranum, Psychic Source, and California Psychics, this platform has free-minute introductory offers for newcomers. Psychic Access offers free 6 minutes for the newcomers, unlike its peers who offer between 1-3 minutes.

Additionally, the screening process for psychics is a bit strict, which guarantees users that they will get value for their time and money. The platform also has a reasonably standard psychic price that won’t strain your financial muscles ($2-$5 per minute).

Some of the readings you are likely to find on the platform include dream interpretation, fortune-telling, occult, tarot readings, love & relationship reading, clairvoyants, angel, reading, and much more.


  • Means of contact are through phone, chat, and video.
  • The strict screening process of psychics.
  • Six minutes introductory offer for newcomers.
  • Phone facility available in 194 countries.
  • Detailed info on psychic’s profile.


  • A bulky website that proves hard to navigate.
  • During registration, users are required to provide too much information, such as their home address.


Kasamba is likely to impress you because of its free reading over the phone. The platform mainly uses the telephone and live chat to offer a free psychic reading.

Kasamba has a special deal for newcomers, which involves giving them the first three free minutes of psychic reading. This free session is meant to familiarize themselves with the readers and get that personal touch before beginning the session.

This psychic network boasts of hosting some of the most famous psychic readers in the world who ensure you get accurate and honest readings in a variety of topics such as angel cards reading, fertility readings, dream interpretation, astrology, fortune-telling, love & relationship, and much more.

What will you like about the platform?


Keen is another website that offers free psychic chat reading without a credit card. The site has gained popularity due to its team of experienced psychic advisors who mainly specialize in love and relationship issues.

The psychic advisors on KEEN are available 24/7 either through phone, chat, or online forum through their mobile app.

Keen has a fantastic introductory offer for newcomers, such as free 3 minutes without credit card charges. However, the platform may ask you for your credit card information during the sign-up process.

After the introductory offer, prices vary depending on the advisor one chooses. Below are the primary packages offered at KEEN: 10 minutes for $1.99, 20 minutes for $19.90, and 30 minutes for $39.80

The psychic’s screening process isn’t that competitive. Psychics apply to offer their services on the platform, and once approved, they are given a toll-free number to start providing their services. Users are then allowed to post reviews of the psychics based on how satisfied they are.

Apart from love & relationship questions, psychics on the platform also cover topics such as life & family issues, tarot readings, spiritual readings, psychic mediums, among other categories. The platform also has a callback option in case you find a psychic reader unavailable.

Questions to Ask a Psychic During a Free Psychic Text Chat Reading

If you have problems in your love, you are worried about your career, have financial issues or have issues at work with your co-workers, etc., you should consider checking out the psychic networks that we’ve listed above.

Since the psychic readings are offered free at no charge, you must make the most out of that opportunity. That means you should consider going for open-ended questions that attract a yes or no answer.

Below are examples of open-ended questions that you can ask during your free psychic reading:

  • Does he love me as I do to him?
  • Will I get a financial breakthrough?
  • Will we get a child together this year?
  • Should I reject this job that I have been offered?

If you choose an advisor from the networks we’ve listed in this article, it guarantees that the platforms won’t require your credit card info. You will only be charged if you exhaust the introductory free minutes offered.


The websites listed here will give you free online instant psychic readings without a credit card. However, some networks will require you to enter your credit card information then begin charging you once your introductory session expires. The good thing about the networks listed above is that they give you a choice to contact a psychic through the phone, email, or live chats at no cost. If you don’t have a credit card and would still prefer premium packages, most of these psychic networks have alternative payment options such as PayPal and Money orders.

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