Free Reconciliation Spell to Get My Ex Back Now Immediately

Want to learn how to cast a Free Reconciliation Spell to Get My Ex Back Now Immediately?

Love fades, red roses turn blue, Your lover doesn’t speak to you What to do? What to do?

What have you gotten yourself into?

We, as human beings have overly complicated relationships, and at times love tends to impede the evolution of our interpersonal bonds. If you just ended up a relationship, but you can’t get over your ex, read further and you will find a plan of action.

Specifically, in this article, you will find valuable information on reconciliation spell herbs, a honey jar reconciliation spell, and some more powerful free reconciliation spells that will bring your ex back now immediately.

However, before taking any steps towards reconciliation, ask yourself if this is the correct action to take. Everybody makes mistakes at some point. Some people find the strength to forgive, and some seek revenge.

Mistakes can destroy a relationship, especially those that are made without remorse. Do you want to be involved with someone that doesn’t regret hurting you? Don’t act impulsively, take a step back and analyze the situation thoroughly. If you think this relationship is worth the hustle, try casting these free reconciliation spells.

Before casting love spells, we highly advise that you read The Side Effects Of Love Spells – The Dangers.

1. Make it your way spell

This spell will offer you and your ex-partner an opportunity to confront the heart-breaking matter of your break-up and work together towards finding the ideal solution for both of you.


  • 3 bay leaves large enough to write on
  • a pen
  • Queen of Swords tarot card
  • heat-resistant bowl
  • one red candle


You Powerful Queen of Swords
Please listen to my humble words.
You mistress of the winds and air
Make my ex again to care,
Bring him back into my life
And please chase away the strife.


  • Light up your red candle and gaze at the flame. Try to silence your mind and unwind. Think about the ecstatic times in your relationship.
  • Take the three bay leaves and write your desire on them, along with the name of your ex. Keep your wording simple and concise.
  • Visualize how he will call and tell you that he wants to meet with you. Imagine that he will ask you to take him back. Picture the moment you will form a couple again.
  • Burn the leaves one by one in the bowl while saying the incantation.
  • Scatter the ashes in your courtyard.


2. Red Apple Reconciliation Spell

The apple is an ancient symbol of love, sacred to Aphrodite., that will help restore your emotional stability and reassemble the pieces of your love life.


  • one red apple
  • one needle
  • red thread
  • red cloth


  • Take the fruit in your right hand and imagine how Dionysus offered apples as a heart-winning gift to Aphrodite. Contemplate the red apple’s symbolism. Could it be a shortcut to winning someone’s heart?
  • Take the needle and inscribe your lover’s name into the apple.
  • Leave the apple 3 days on your altar.
  • Slice the apple and dehydrate the fruit pieces in an oven, or by leaving them on a windowsill.
  • Put the thread through the dehydrated pieces of fruit. Secure the thread ends with three knots. The first knot represents the spiritual connection you are trying to recreate between you and your lover. The second knot symbolizes emotionally reconnecting with your partner. The last knot signifies the physical compatibility you want to restore.
  • Put the apple necklace you just made in a red cloth and carry it with you. After the reconciliation, bury the sachet in the proximity of your house.

3. Honey jar reconciliation spell

Honey will sweeten up the interaction between you and your ex. You’ll want to use natural honey for outstanding results.


  • Mason jar
  • a photo of you
  • a photo of him
  • natural honey
  • strawberry jam
  • red thread
  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • nutmeg
  • rosemary
  • red rose petals
  • red candle


  • Put the two photos together, facing each other.
  • Take the red thread and start wrapping it around the two photos, while you visualize your ex coming back to you.
  • Cover the picture bundle in strawberry jam, then roll it in the red rose petals.
  • Put the pictures in the glass jar. Fill up the jar with honey, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and rosemary.
  • Put the lid on, and on top of it place the red candle. Light your candle and let it burn completely on top of the honey jar.
  • Store your jar spell in a dark, hidden place.


4. Reconciliation Spell with Bring Back my Lover Oil

Ingredients for the oil

  • almond oil as the base of the magical concoction
  • basil to prevent strife
  • cloves to bring back sweet memories
  • ginger to spark up the passion
  • lavender to heal your broken hearts
  • red rose petals to enhance love and intimacy
  • vanilla for warmth and excitement
  • honey for affection
  • small tumbled rose quartz to increase the spell potency


  • Mix all the ingredients together in a glass container on a waxing Moon.
  • Leave it on the altar for a minimum of 3 days before using it.
  • After 3 days have passed open the glass container and place a piece of rose quartz inside.
  • You should use this oil in every spell you cast to attract love:

Ingredients for the spell

red, white and pink roses (optional) 3 red candles  piece of paper pen bring back my lover oil pink thread Little red cloth bag heat-resistant bowl


Note: After you have prepared the oil, wait until the next full Moon to cast the spell.

  • Decorate your altar with the white, red and pink roses. You can also put some flowers in your hair if you’d like. White denotes peace, red symbolizes love and pink is the color of reconciliation.
  • Light the 3 candles and take a few minutes to ground yourself. Imagine how you are absorbing energy from the earth, as you would have strong roots connected to the planetary core.
  • Raise energy by singing or dancing.
  • Take the piece of paper and write your name and your (ex) lover’s name on top of each other.
  • Fold the paper three times towards you, as you want to attract your lover back to you.
  • Wrap the pink thread around the folded paper.
  • Soak the paper in the oil and visualize your wish. This part of the spell is crucial, so take your time and do it right.
  • Burn the soaked paper in your bedroom.
  • Keep the ashes and place them in a little red sachet. Bury this somewhere on your property.


5. Tarot Reconciliation Spiritual Journey

This spell is based on a meditation technique specific to Tarot magical workings. It helps you access knowledge from your subconscious mind. It’s more similar to a spiritual journey, rather than a regular spell. It’s a guided meditation, using the intricate imagery of the Tarot as tools to awake the dormant potential of your mind and spirit.


  • Rosemary twigs
  • Two of Cups tarot card
  • The Lovers tarot card
  • Essential rose oil


  • Craft a rosemary wreath to symbolize your commitment to your partner. To maximize its powers, anoint it with essential rose oil. Wear it on your head while casting the spell.
  • Place the Two of Cups before you and contemplate the illustration. Try to observe everything about the card. Close your eyes and try to see the tarot card in your mind’s eye. Imagine how you and your ex-lover step into the card. You are now the two lovers illustrated on the Two of Cups tarot card. Feel the unconditional love the card stands for. The connection between you two gets deeper and deeper. You understand each other’s needs, you are soul mates. When you absorbed enough of the card’s energy, step out of it and open your eyes.
  • Take The Lovers card and put it near the Two of Cups. The Lovers card is the symbol of archetypal female and male energy. Study the card for a minute or two, and try to remember as much detail as possible. Close your eyes and imagine the card as you did at the previous step, only this time you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are entering the card as guests. You are stepping into the Lovers world to seek wisdom, to charge yourself with the powers of primordial love. When you are inside the trump hold your lover’s hand and ask for help. Ask The Lovers to heal your wounds, to guide your thoughts and actions, to help you rediscover the connection between you and your partner. Take in as much primeval wisdom as you feel necessary. When you feel ready, open your eyes.
  • Take the rosemary wreath off your head and place it on top of the two tarot cards. Leave your altar setup untouched for 3 days, then dispose of the garland.
    Post Scriptum

Whichever spell you’ll choose to cast feel free to improvise and make what changes feel right to you. Magic is something personal, intimate. Thus, don’t be afraid to make any modification if that’s what feels right to you. If you do things differently it will not lower the spell efficiency.

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