Free Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients That Work in 24 Hours

Learn to cast these 3 Powerful Free Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients That Work in 24 Hours or Less. These Love Spells Chants Have Proven to Work even for absolute beginners.

At a point in our life’s we must have had that feeling of wanting to have love in our life’s, or perhaps feel insecure about the love we have and we just want it to be ours and ours alone.

But, whatever your reason may be, there are a couple of free simple love spells without ingredients I’d love to give to you that you can use at your convenience with beneficial results.

Basically, some people are willing to give anything and everything for the sake of love, They do not really care about what it takes, they just look forward to better days.

To some people when it comes to love, they have been let down too much that it was some simple love spells that actually helped them out of depression. Heartbreaks can be really devastating especially when you genuinely love the person in question. Trying our sincere love spells out from time to time can be quite helpful in keeping your heart in a secure state away from heat breaks. So, endeavor to pick the best simple love spell that works best for you to ensure that you are not left behind when it comes to the matter of the heart.

When it comes to casting simple love spells there are a numerous out there, some spells require some ingredients like hairs, pictures, nails, skin, clothes, and in some cases menstrual blood, sperm, and even saliva.

All these are some of the few ingredients used in preparing some kind of spell. But, not all spells also love spells to require an ingredient know other to cast.

Although it has been said by many that spells that do not need any ingredient are not usually as strong as those spells that require it. Especially black magic spells, it in most cases require an ingredient at least.

I have decided to compile four (4) different free simple love spells without ingredients that work almost immediately and are effective most times if you do it right.

The reason why some spell work and some don’t is all because of the procedure in which the spell was made.

If proper procedure is followed, then the spell should work as expected, and fundamentally you most believe it would work before it can work for you.

So, here are the four different love spells I have decided to compile with the right procedures you have to follow to ensure it works for you.

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1. Imagination Love Spells Chants That Work Fast

A love spell can be quite powerful at times all depending on the procedure. In the process of some simple love spells, the love spells are usually cast without any ingredient what so ever.

Now, I would like to make you understand what an imagination love spell really is, as it does not require any ingredient at all and it is also quite useful in terms of how it functions and how to work.

Casting an imagination love spell is very easy to do, and the best part is that anyone of any age can take advantage of it.

An imagination love spell is one of the most essential love spells in the world of love spell as it has also be designed in a way to ensure that they help you ensure that you get that long-awaited attention you have been seeking for a long time now.

To be able to cast the imagination love spell you may just need only the picture of the person you want to make fall in love with you.

But if you have a sharp memory where you can actually imagine the person you want to make fall in love with you without getting distracted or having anything distract your attention. Then you do not need a picture.

But basically, a picture is better as it creates a stronger concentration. Here are some of the steps to take to go about with the imagination love spell,


  • First we foremost when you need to get a picture of the person you love, and you want the person to feel the same way towards you.
  • After you have the picture of the one you love, then you need to treat the picture as though it is another person.
  • The picture of the person you’re getting has to be very clear, sharp and vivid.
  • When you wake up in the morning, ensure that you pick up the picture in the morning and greet it, as well as when you want to go to bed at night you also pick up the picture and greet it too at night with so much love so that you can actually feel as though the person is indeed in the room with you.


  • After taking a moment to greet the picture of the one you love a good morning and a good night as the case may be, then you can give the picture a gift that the person in the picture actually value, it could also be a food, as long as it is something that the person in the picture values.
  • Then you can actually bid the picture a good night just before going to bed at night with so much love as you would do the very same thing in the morning too.


  • You have to repeat this step every day consistently for about a month to actually see any substantial changes. You have to keep up with the whole process as a whole that at a point it would actually feel as though the person is right there in the room with you.


  • Lastly, you have to sit next to the picture, and it’s ideal that you do it during a waxing moon. And when you are next to the picture in the room you are to call the name of the person you love with this chant, “My beloved, you live close to me as you do in my life, come and give me a kiss, come and give me a hug, for I will care and feed you deliciously always, showering you with gifts, come to me, come now for I await you”.
  • Then you are all set and ready, repeat this chant and the whole process for a while to see an effect as you also have to believe it would work also.

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2. Visualization Love Spells Chants in 4 Simple Steps

Apply these Free Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients That Work in 24 Hours; the effective love visualization spell. To carry out the visualization love spell, it is just like every other love spell also, but a bit different. The steps involved in carrying out a visualization love spell includes:


First and foremost, you need to be in a quiet environment, then you should start focusing your mind on the person you want to cast a spell on. And when your mind is all ready and focused, try to make a clear mental image of what you want. You can actually spend quite some time doing this because it is essential.


When you can now see the person you love clearly in your mind then you can start telling the person just what you want the person to do for you. Tell the person how you would love to be in a relationship with him or her. Basically, what you are to do here is just to pour out your heart to the person.


After you have successfully poured out your heart completely, then you can now proceed into imagining both of you in the exact same type of relationship you want. Then you can actually ask that you get blessed by the outcome of the spell that you have just casted.

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3. Heart Spell Chant

The heart chant is also another very easy free simple love spell to cast that does not require any ingredient to cast. It is quite a perfect spell to cast when you do not have so much time for a long spell. When you do this spell over and over again, you will end up increasing your power and potency. The following steps are involved in carrying out the heart chant spell,


First of all, draw the shape of a heart using your hands, and even when you are in public you can carry out this chant in a non-chant way. Because the way you place your hands does not compulsorily look like the shape of a heart.


Next in line to do is to start imagining the kind of love you want to have then changed this simple chant in your heart or aloud as you would like to have it “Bring my desired love, thank you for hearing me” short and simple.

3. Throat Singing Spell

Here’s another Free Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients That Work in 24 Hours. This traditional spell is actually fantastic. To cast the throat singing spell to follow the following steps,


Rest for 5 days and follow it with 3 days fast, when you now become ready to cast the spell, then start by sitting with your back straight, then focus your mind in your comfortable seat and begin the throat singing chant.


In the throat singing spell chant repeat your lovers name a couple of times and ask your loved one to hear you out. Say their name a couple more time.


Lastly, you end and seal the chant by telling your loved ones what you expect from them, and they should obey your command.

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