Free Tarot Reading Celtic Cross

Do you wish to know what your future holds? Do you want to get in touch with the spirits of a departed soul? Do you need some clarity on dilemmas in your life? If yes, then it is high time you consider free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading.

Tarot reading has been traditionally used to offer general insights aimed to help a seeker take the appropriate direction on his/her life. Through tarot readings, a seeker can get important divination of an issue in their life. 

There are different kinds of tarot reading, for instance, Celtic Cross Tarot reading, the tarot past, present & future, and the Crossroads tarot spreads.

In this article, we will focus our attention on Celtic Cross tarot reading which can reshape your life by giving you insights about your past, present, and future.


What is a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading?

The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is one of the oldest and most popular readings that has been a people’s favourite due to its ability to offer detailed insights about a dilemma is someone’s life.

This type of reading provides an in-depth interpretation of an issue or a topic giving you stress. Celtic Cross Tarot reading mostly reads the information on the cards to predict people’s future.

Note: Celtic Cross Tarot reading is different from prophecies because the former only predict the past, present, and future life compared to the latter which gives the exact date, time, year, of an event or situation.


When Should You Consider Using Celtic Cross Tarot Reading?

  • If you desire to get general readings on topics or situations giving you a dilemma in your life.
  • If you want to understand the powerful energies around your life.
  • If you wish to get powerful insights in complicated topics such as; love, relationships, health, career & finance.


What Types of Questions Can You Ask During Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading?


1. Love questions

Many people consider Celtic Cross Tarot reading because of their desire to ask the questions of love and to know if they have a brighter future with their current partner.

Love questions can come from people who are single and want to get a partner or by those who are already in a relationship and would like to know how their future will be. Example of love question that you can ask include:

  • What should I adjust in this relationship to make it fruitful?
  • Why are we having issues in our relationship?
  • What kind of partner will I get in future?


2. Career and Job questions

These sets of questions are asked by people who want to know how their future careers and finance will look. Some of the questions asked in this section includes;

  • Will I get a job promotion soon?
  • What is the best way to get finance?
  • What should I do to make me prosper in my career?


3. Health questions

If you desire to know your future well-being, you can seek Celtic Cross Tarot reading and ask the following set of questions:

  • Why do I keep on falling sick?
  • What should I do to heal/recover?
  • How can I change my lifestyle to improve my health?


4. Spiritual growth questions

If you wish to travel to the spiritual side of your life, you can ask the following set of questions to get a deeper understanding of certain belief, ideas, strengths, or weaknesses.

  • How can I unlock my purpose in life?
  • What is my spiritual gift?
  • What should be my reaction in particular situations?

Note: The accuracy of your answers depends on your intention and honesty of your question. You should also avoid having intense emotional stress because they might make the reader unable to read your energy.


How to take part in Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Many psychic networks offer Celtic Cross Tarot reading. The sessions are always friendly and don’t require much of your time.

The Celtic Cross usually contains ten cards and each hold information that will help you understand your past, present, and future in different dimensions. You are required to select a pattern before your journey begins.

Before beginning the session, you should choose a convenient time when you are relaxed and not busy to enhance your concentration.


  • Once you identify a genuine tarot reader in a reputable psychic network, build up connection.
  • To get your reading, think of your question or situation that gives you a dilemma then shuffle the cards.
  • To select one tarot card, close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out gently for 1-2 minutes.
  • Try to be as calm as you can and saturate your mind with positive thoughts of the sacred items that are of relevance to you such as a ring, moonlight, river, a pool of water etc.
  • Concentrating your mind on such sacred items will make them disclose their power through vibrations and help you to select the cards.
  • Then, slowly open your eyes and choose a Tarot card.
  • Check the meaning of the card using the guide and see if it related to your life.


Where Can You Find Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Online?

If you want a more personal Celtic Cross Tarot reading, then you should consider the following psychic networks!



Keen offers free Celtic Cross Tarot reading and has gained popularity because of hosting experienced tarot readers. The website has a fantastic introductory offer which includes $1.99 for 10 minutes. Another significant aspect with KEEN is that the tarot readers are available 24/7 through a phone call and online chat.

Advisors on the platform specialize in a variety of topics such as love & relationship, career & finance, and much more. The platform has more than 1000 live tarot readers and a callback option in case the reader is unavailable.



KASAMBA is another psychic network where you can get a free Celtic Cross Tarot reading. Users can get a free reading over the phone or through live chat. Kasamba gives newcomers a special deal which includes first free 3 minutes of readings.

The platform hosts qualified psychics who will professionally handle your questions, covering a variety of topics among them love & relationship, spiritual guidance, career & finance guidance.

The website is easy-to-navigate, and you can quickly filter a tarot reader whose method of communication is mainly via phone, email, or online chat.



Oranum is another psychic network that offers free Celtic Cross Tarot reading. The platform has gained popularity because it has more than 100 live tarot readers who mostly specialize in love and relationship questions.

One bonus of the platform is that the psychics are available 24/7. Newcomers also have no special offers, but users can enjoy free tarot readings through video chat, online chat, or through a telephone call.

The advisors you are likely to get on the platform are experienced, hence guaranteeing you honest and accurate answers to your dilemma.



Psychic Source hosts experienced tarot readers who are likely to give you significant insights into your past, present, and future life. This psychic network offers free Celtic Cross Tarot reading and has an impressive special offer for users including free six introductory minutes.

The platform standards out among its peers when it comes to pricing. Psychic Source has a reasonably standard price for tarot reading session which ranges between $2- $5 per minute.

Just like most popular platforms, the means of communication in Psychic Source is a phone, online chat, and video chat. Users can get detailed information on tarot reader’s profile and quickly decide whether to consult them or not.


What Can You Expect From Celtic Cross Tarot Reading?

This type of reading is meant to bring you an in-depth insight into factors or situations that affect or will affect your life. Once you get such tarot reading, you can focus your attention on the insights and take the better direction to get a desirable outcome.

For instance, the tarot readers might discuss with you issues touching your love life, your career, your family, and much more. The readers will bring awareness about those issues making your life to take such a turn. Logically, you won’t ignore such insights and will prioritize on them, which in the long run will help to maintain your wellbeing.


PRO’S of Getting A Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

  • You can get detailed info of a lot of situations in your life in different dimensions. Among the in-depth information, you can get the barriers that hinder you from achieving your full potential, the powerful energies blocking your ways, and much more.
  • Celtic Cross Tarot reading gives you adequate control over your life because you will get insights about your past, present, and future life.
  • Celtic Cross tarot reading has overwhelming readers, and you can choose the one you feel resonates with you.
  • Most tarot readers are professionals. That guarantees you of getting accurate professional readings.


  • The tarot readers will always strive to filter their answers. That means that you won’t always hear what you desire to hear
  • You cannot control the message delivery style of a chosen reader.

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