Free Tarot Reading Michele Knight Review- A SCAM or Legit?

Are you looking for an honest review of the Free Tarot Reading Michele Knight? Is the spiritual advisor a scam or legit? This article will answer them.

We are leaving at a time when people have so many challenges and dilemmas that their appetite for spiritual advisors to guide them and help eliminate hindrances on their paths has steadily increased.

There are tons of spiritual leaders in the market, but the question is simple. Do you know the legit ones whose primary objective is to spout wisdom to you? Do you know the scam readers who are not there to help your dilemma but turn the situation even worse?

Well, this article will review Free Tarot Reading Michele Knight. Is the spiritual advisor a scam or legit? Find out below.

Who Is Michele Knight?

Michele Knight is the founder of, a psychic network that offers live psychic readings in various topics, including Tarot readings, astrology, channeling, spiritual guidance, psychic mediums, and much more.

Knight discovered her spiritual prowess when she was 16, with tarot readings. According to her profile on, she has always had a strong connection between feminism and spirituality.

In the subsequent years, Knight developed her psychic abilities to perfect on tarot reading. On her website, she regularly writes thousands of free articles and tarot readings.

Besides being a psychic reader, Knight is also a TV personality and a best-selling author in Sunday Times. Her autobiography, ‘Born with a set of Tarot cards in my hand’ became a Sunday Times Best Seller.

Michele’s autobiography tells her childhood story of growing up in a house with a non-caring Italian psychic mother who never performed her motherhood role adequately. Knight was sexually abused in childhood and encountered a lot of danger. Luckily, Knight used her unique psychic ability to transform her life.

In the realm of magic, it is believed that such life challenges prepare one for a fruitful future. This is precisely what happened to Michele Knight because she overcame the hindrances and unlocked her full potential.

In Michele’s own words, she says that she wanted to bring psychics into the 21st Century and to “Show people how to use their abilities to empower and transform their lives.”

She adds, “I adore making and writing free content to help people explore their journey, and come from pain to freedom.”

Michele has lived to fulfill her dreams because her life has taken a positive turn despite her ugly personal experience. Today, Michele Knight has an overwhelming following on social media. On YouTube alone, one of her psychic clips has garnered 26 million views to date, and the numbers keep increasing by the day.

Michele’s Accolades

  • Michele was voted the UK’s Favourite Female Psychic for consecutive years by readers of Soul and Spirit – a leading UK magazine.
  • Michele’s website was also voted as Best Spiritual Site, Best Psychic Company, Best Astrologer, and many more.
  • Michele is a regular columnist on aspects of spiritual development for a top-rated newspaper in the UK.
  • Michele was the star of the favorite channel five-show ‘Housebusters’ for three series.
  • Michele was the astrologer for the ‘X factor Xtra’ and ITV’s ‘This Morning.’
  • She was also the astrologer for Channel 5’s LIVE with Gabby.  

Michele’s area of study

Michele studied a wide range of subjects, including sociology, psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Michele has integrated these subjects to carefully fit her life and help read and uncover energy from people.

Free Tarot Reading Michele Knight Review – A Scam or Legit?

Michele Knight’s readings focus mostly on tarot card readings. This reading entails the use of special cards with unique symbols embedded in them. Michele Knight can use her mysterious powers to read your energy through these cards.

The symbols on the card can take the face of mysterious beings, natural objects such as the river, or other special characters that have relevance in human life.

The tarot cards are always arranged in a particular order depending on their psychic strength. These cards have different meanings in one’s life and can change one’s perception of various aspects of life.

Tarot reading gives people significant insights into their past life, their present, and future life. Once people become aware of these hindrances in their lives, they can adjust their ways to achieve their full potential.

The choice of cards someone chooses depends on their inner higher self. Michele usually advises users to feel more relaxed before they seek tarot reading.

Apart from Tarot card reading, Michele also specializes in psychic reading, using her highly developed extrasensory perception to read your troubles and provide accurate solutions.

Users who visit Michele’s website will get tons of services. Apart from the free card reading, users will access Michele’s team of qualified psychics who will help them get the Tarot of the day, articles, videos, past Tarot, present Tarot, and future Tarot.

Mode of Free Tarot Reading Michele Knight

Michele Knight’s reading mode is mostly by phone call, but users can also get readings through online chat. Michele’s website hosts a team of multi-lingual Psychics who have mastery of the English and Spanish language.

Michele Knight has also developed a video Tarot App for iPhone, designed to help people get tarot readings from the comfort of their home. The app allows users to get free tarot readings by tapping a random card.

Once users pick a random card, they will be redirected to one of Michele’s team of qualified psychics. You can get a free reading for the limited cards available, after which you will be required to purchase if you want to proceed with the session.

Offer for Newcomers

Upon registration, Michele offers newcomers a fantastic package for their first session. Users can get 3 FREE minutes to call or chat with an advisor. When users exhaust their free minutes, they can begin to be charged. The prices of call cost are £ 1.65 per minute.

The Screening Process

Because of Michele’s outstanding abilities in tarot readings, she began experiencing an overwhelming new and repeat clientele. Thus, she decided to recruit a few psychics to help her in providing tarot readings.

The psychic’s screening process is very rigorous. Michele only approves psychics to offer services on the platform after thorough scrutiny and intense interviews.

Because customers leave reviews after consulting a particular psychic, Michele uses such reviews to evaluate the advisors’ performance. This means that you will likely get well-experienced readers on the platform who will give you accurate tarot reading.

What’s good about

  • Michele uses customer’s honest feedback and rating to rank her team of psychics and eliminate the non-competitive ones.
  • The platform has a customer support telephone number which is available 24/7.
  • Every psychic reader listed on the platform is likely to give you accurate tarot reading because they have undergone thorough internal certification and testing before being allowed to offer services on the platform.

Pros of Michelle knight’s Tarot Readings

  • Has a fantastic team of genuine and gifted readers who provide accurate readings.
  • Users can pick readers based on the ratings on their profile.
  • The advisors are professionally trained to handle customers with a friendly approach. They are always warm, welcoming, and optimistic, always giving clients encouraging comments that they desire to hear.
  • Users are exposed to a lot of tools for tarot readings. One can read articles or watch clips on YouTube that will give them insights about tarot reading.
  • The tarot reading session is delightful and allows users to learn and enjoy life-affirming messages.
  • Even though there is no callback option, users can purchase minutes and call the number. In case of unavailability, users can still use the number later at another session.


  • Users cannot get a satisfaction guarantee. That means it can be challenging to get a refund if you are not satisfied with the tarot reading.
  • The platform has no callback option in case a reader isn’t available. This means that users can only call their advisors if they are online.
  • You can’t book an appointment with other psychics unless they are online.
  • After you’ve exhausted your free session, you have to add money first before proceeding with the session. In that respect, the site is a bit behind compared to its peers who allow postpaid services.

Final word

With her extensive years of experience, Michele Knight guarantees to provide accurate tarot reading that will give you guidance that you are looking for and help you plan for your current and future life. Michele is the only one who understands you, and thus her mission is to help improve your life.


You have read all the necessary information about Michele Knight and her incredible psychic abilities. Going by the positive reviews left by clients on his profile, Michele Knight seems to be a genuine psychic reader who provides accurate tarot readings that will make you achieve your full potential. However, it is upon you to make the final verdict if she is a scam or legit. If you’ve chosen the latter, you should reach her through her official website You can make more inquiries using this customer service number: 0207 111 6090.

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