3 Powerful Simple Free Urine Love Spells that Works Fast

Do you want to learn the how to cast powerful Simple Free Urine Love Spells that Works Fast?

When it comes to a love spell, a simple urine love spell can come in handy. They are quick and very easy to perform. They are also very effective in keeping your lover enchanted. There are quite a handful of simple free urine love spells that works fast that you’re going to learn in this article.

As mentioned above, in this article, you will come to understand the three (3) powerful free love spells using urine, like the love spell with urine and sugar. We would also talk about the urine freezer spell. The urine jar spells would not be excluded as this would help us view simple love spell with urine that work fast.

“Urine spells love” are all connected together in bounding a person with love. You can hardly go wrong when you use urine to cast a love spell. Because urine spells do not compel or force the love out of your lover. Therefore, the urine love spells are useful love spells you can cast easily for a quick result.

Free Love Spells Using Urine

Who does not love a free thing? Basically, free love spells using urine are usually done with the intention of bringing back out loved ones. Perhaps your lover broke your heart and left, but you just cannot seem to get over them. A love spell using urine can come in very handy at a point like this.

When you want to get your lover back, anyone who is a professional in love spell casting would suggest this voodoo love spells to you. Love spells using urine are so effective in bringing back your lost love that they do not impose love on your lover. Instead, when you cast love spells using urine, your lover would act out of free will.

There is no fun in having a love of your life lose their free will. So casting a love spell on them that would make them lose their free will is not exciting. Instead, it would just make the whole relationship boring, annoying and sour. So before you cast any love spell on anyone always check out for the side effects.

Free love spells using urine does not have any side effects. This is because it does not force false love on your lover. But rather it opens the heart of your lover and makes them realise what you mean to them. That is why this powerful spell is usually being suggested to people who want to get their lovers back.

So, when next you are in a bit of a love scandal, simply try to use urine to cast a love spell. There are various ways you can use urine to cast a love spell. Some people cast the love spell with urine and sugar. While some other set of people uses the urine jar spell for love spells. So let us view simple love spell with urine that work fast.

1. Love Spell with Urine and Sugar

Casting a love spell with urine and sugar is a simple love spell with urine that works fast. You actually do not need the urine of the person you want to enchant, rather you just need their picture, and your urine would work fine with the spell. Casting a love spell with urine is excellent, but when you combine it with sugar, it sweetens the love even more.

For this simple love spell, just a few easy to get ingredients are needed. You will need a glass or plastic container of any size that has a lid, the photo of your lover and your urine. They are quite easy to get ingredients, isn’t it? Yes, I thought as much too.

To perform this love spell with urine and sugar, grab the container and place your lover’s picture inside the jar. You may want to ensure that the container you make use of is small. The small container is required because you have to ensure your urine completely covers your lover’s picture in the jar.

So after placing your lover’s picture in the jar, add your urine into it and ensure it completely covers the photo. You do not want your lover’s love to be incomplete by not completely covering the picture. Winks! Then add some sugar to the whole concoction and cover the container with the lid.

After that, take the concoction and bury it underground. You are burying it underground because you need to keep it away from sunlight. Just a ray of sunlight that glares on this concoction can neutralise the whole effect of the spell. Therefore, bury the spell and then wait for this simple love spell with urine that work fast to take effect.

2. Urine Jar Spell for Love

This urine jar spell is another love spell to view if you are in need of a simple love spell with urine that work fast. Generally, if you want your lover to come back to you, the urine love spell is what is usually being used. There are various ways to make use of the urine love spell to bring back your lover, and urine jar spell for love is one of them.

The urine jar spell is also a very powerful and easy to perform love spell that is very effective. And an interesting fact about the urine jar spell is that there are no side-effects. So you can be sure that anytime you cast the urine jar spell for love, it is perfectly safe.

To perform this spell, you need a few drops of honey, white candle, a glass jar, paper, and urine of cause as it is the basic ingredient for this love spell. Before we proceed I would like to be clear that your mind has to believe this love spell would work for you if not, do not attempt it.

First of all, grab the glass jar, and add a few drops of honey into it. Then add your urine, just a little quantity of your urine in the glass jar would be just fine. Light up the candle and pour some candle wax into the concoction.

Take the paper and write the name of the person you want to enchant and what you want from the person. Then place it inside the glass jar and close the lid of the jar tight. Then your urine jar spell for love is ready. It is quite simple and straightforward, no need for too much hassle.

3. Urine Freezer Spell

So lastly, let us consider the Urine freezer spell. The urine freezer spell is quite different from the rest of the love spell I have given. Maybe you have an ex that would not just seem to stop harassing you. Or perhaps a lawsuit that just does not seem to want to stop, then you can make use of this urine freezer spell to freeze it all.

So if you want to view simple love spell with urine that work fast in freezing a lot of problems, then this urine freezer spell is just for you. Basically, what this spell does is that it freezes the energy that is causing problems in your life. Thereby the urine freezer spell makes the good energy flow back into your life.

In performing this spell, great care should be taken as this spell is a very powerful spell. You are literally going to make use of ice, and as such, the spell should not be undertaken lightly. So, having this at the back of your mind, I believe everything would move along pretty easy.

You will need some ingredients like a container, a glass jar would be just fine. You will also need a photograph of the person you are trying to freeze out or a document that you need frozen out of your life. And lastly a black candle, urine and a freezer to keep the whole concoction frozen.

When all your ingredients are ready, take the glass jar and place the photograph of the person or document you want to freeze in it. Add urine into the glass jar and make sure the urine covers the picture or document completely. Then close the glass jar with its lid.

To magically seal anything so that other magical forces cannot penetrate into it, use the wax from a black candle. Light the candle, and drop a few drops of the wax on the lid of the glass jar and say this chant, “I freeze you with fire and ice.” Repeat this chant seven times.

Make sure a drop of the black candle falls on the lid of the glass jar the seventh time you say this chant. Then immediately take the glass jar and keep it in a freezer to get it frozen. Then sit back and watch the magic work. As soon as you notice the spell has taken effect, you can toss the glass jar in the trash, and that problem would remain frozen forever.

No one is perfect, but that is not an excuse to keep suffering in any relationship. So, use any one of these spells to either get back into your refined relationship or to get out of one. And as usual, I hope the forces of the universe grant you your heart desires. Peace out!

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