How to Cast Free Wiccan Spells for Love That Work Fast

Learn to How to Cast Free Wiccan Spells for Love That Work Fast

Wiccans are in great communion with nature. Most Wiccans are loving and caring people, active in their community, always there to help others.

Their rules are stating loud and clear that a witch should be careful not to affect anybody with her magical workings accidentally or without being mindful of the consequences her spells might have.

This article will teach you the basic principles of Wiccan love spell casting, as well as one powerful love spell with easy to follow instructions and few ingredients. You will learn how to cast free Wiccan love spells that work fast. Our simple and powerful Wiccan love spell is easy to cast and requires few ingredients.

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1. The God and The Goddess

The Goddess symbolizes fertility, growth, abundance. She is the archetypal Goddess, containing in its essence all the aspects of all ever existing Goddesses. She is the moon, the ocean, the rain and the Universal Mother of all living things. The tools representing the Goddess in Wiccan rituals are chalices, cauldrons, mirrors, seashells, pearls, silver objects, a green candle, etc.

The Wiccan God is the sun, the ruler of the wild kingdom, the desert, the mountains, and the stars. The tools representing the Horned God in ritual work are the athame, incense burner, wand, and anything with a phallus shape.

The Wiccan practitioners work with other deities concomitantly. They don’t limit themselves to one pantheon. A Wiccan witch, besides the Wiccan Gods, can work with Aphrodite or Cupid for a love spell, or with other gods and goddesses from different cultures.

By doing this, you can channel your energy more effectively towards your goal. By evoking The God, the Goddess, as well as Aphrodite during a love spell, it will be easier for you to concentrate on your intent, considering the fact that Aphrodite has been a symbol of love for centuries.

2. Herbs in Wiccan love spells

Some common plants used in Wiccan love spells include olive leaves, cinnamon, daisy petals, iris flowers, apple, elderberry, vervain, orchid, carnation, rose, cedar, lily, mistletoe, pine, quince, cypress, sugar cane, and violet.

To stock up on magical herbs you just have to collect, dry, and store them in airtight glass bottles or jars. Be careful with plant identification, as it can be difficult for a beginner.

We recommend you to use these useful apps:

  • FlowerChecker
  • PlantSnapp
  • Plantifier

You can organize your plants alphabetically, label them, and create a beautiful witchy apothecary.

Wiccans treat nature with respect. They ask for permission before harvesting a plant. They are careful not to cut off too much of the plant so it can regenerate. Often they leave offerings on the ground, near the plant.

3. Crystals in Wiccan love spells

Wiccans consider crystals to be more than semi-precious stones. They treat crystals as if they were sentient creatures, with personalities and feelings. For love spells, it is very common to use rose quartz, and other pink and red crystals. Following color correspondences in choosing the right tools for a spell is very popular in Wicca, among several other witchcraft traditions.

Another method of using crystals in Wiccan love spells is charging the minerals with your intention. For example, you can designate a selenite crystal to help you attract love and wear it as an amulet.

Another way to amplify your Wiccan spell’s effectiveness by using crystals is the crystal grid. Usually, multiple crystals are placed over a print of a pattern designed by following the rules of sacred geometry, but this can be overwhelming and overly complicated for a beginner.

If this is your case, you can also improvise and make your own crystal grid. For example, you can use little pieces of rose quartz and arrange them in a heart shape to help you in your magical endeavors of attracting love in your life.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong in using crystals in Wiccan love spells, if you follow your intuition along with some simple, universal principles and rules.

4. How to set up an altar for a Wiccan love spell

The Wiccan ways intersect with many traditions. There’s nothing new under the sun. They use the same herbs, crystals, magical tools as all the other traditions. Even though it has a lot in common with other occult systems, it has its particularities. The tool placement on the altar, unique tools, different ritualistic scripts, are differentiating Wicca from other traditions.

A Wiccan altar has it all! Items to represent each element, statues or paintings to represent their God and Goddess, one candle for each God, offerings, a chalice, a wand, an athame, a bell, and an incense burner, are all present on a standard Wiccan altar. It’s quite cluttered, compared to other traditions advising to keep only the unquestionably necessary items in a witch’s working space.

To set up an altar for a love spell, you will place the depiction of the Gods at the brim opposed to you. Put one candle in front of the object representing the Goddess, and another one in front of the symbol of the Horned God.

Between the Devine representations, place a goblet or a cup and a plate with offerings of your choice. Common offerings in love spells include apples, sweets, honey, and roses. In front of the offerings place a large pentacle, or draw one with chalk.

In the right side of the pentacle place a bowl of salt, a bowl of water and a bell. In the left side place your incense burner, your athame and your wand. Follow the example in the picture below.

The remaining surface should be populated by the specific ingredients for the love spell, such as rose quartz crystals, love herb mix, and other items of your choice.

5. Powerful Wiccan Love Spell

Cast this spell during Waxing Moon, in a Friday night.


  • Red candle
  • Rose quartz
  • Selenite
  • Goblet
  • Moon Water
  • A piece of red velvet fabric
  • Golden string or cord

We kept the ingredients at the minimum for this spell, but feel free to add more. You can choose some of the herbs mentioned in this article to enhance your spell’s effectiveness.


  • Gather all needed ingredients and begin by lighting the red candle. Imagine how you meet the love of your life, how happy you two are, how your honeymoon will be, etc.
  • Close your eyes holding in the rose quartz in your left hand and the selenite in the right hand. Visualize how you are introduced to your new lover, how the passion sparks instantly between the two of you. You start to get closer to each other, and as you walk towards your lover, bring your hands together and put the selenite in the left hand, together with the rose quartz.
  • Pour the moon water in your goblet. Drop the stones in the water, being mindful of the powers of the primordial waters. The element of water is associated with love, emotions, and healing. Keep this in mind and visualize how The Water is giving you a new, passionate lover, emerging from the turquoise, crystal clear sea.
  • Now glare at the fire of the red candle. In your mind’s eye see how your lover has the burning passion of the red candle. Imagine he would do anything for you, the love of his life.
  • Leave the goblet containing the stones on the altar for 3 nights.
  • Remove the crystals from the water, form a little sachet from the red cloth, place the stones inside and tie the fabric with the golden cord.
  • Wear it as a love amulet for 3 months.

6. How to cast a Wiccan Love Spell Steps

1. Clean your space

2. Take a ritual bath and clear your mind

3. Altar setup

4. Grounding

5. Casting a circle by drawing a physical circle with chalk or salt, or by simply drawing it in the air with your finger. Begin your drawing facing East and continue clockwise until you end up in the starting point. Verbalize the purpose of the drawn circle. For example: “This circle will protect everything that is within it.”

6. Calling the Quarters (Elements). Starting facing East again, invite the elements in your circle, lighting a candle for every element. While doing so, think or speak about the qualities and powers each Quarter is bringing inside the circle.

Here is a simple outline of the elements and their corresponding direction, candle color and power:

  • Air- East -Yellow- Intellectual power
  • Fire- South – Red – Bravery and determination
  • Water- West – Blue -Emotions, love, the subconscious, feminine energy
  • Earth- North – Green – Manifestation, palpability, materiality

7. Evoking The Gods. This procedure is similar to calling the quarters. Simply invite the Gods to assist you in your magical endeavor.

8. Reise energy by chanting or dancing

9. Casting the spell

10. Thank the Quarters and the Gods with offerings, dedicated poems, songs or any other form of art.

11. Dismiss the Quarters and the Gods

12. Open the circle by mentally stretching its boundaries far in the universe

13. Grounding (again)

14. Clean your space

7. A piece of advice

This article contains only some basic Wiccan knowledge so we advise you to do your research, practice with a lot of caution, and be aware of your actions and of all consequences that may follow. Start reading and be constant in your practice and you will become a very powerful and wise witch.

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